Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Obama Bunch Goes Pasolini

The slender figure, reminiscent somehow of a wispy Marxist ghost, and his willing, indeed fawning, hand-picked associates and advisers who currently infest the White House, have casually -- and progressively -- discarded administrative masks concealing the lizard countenance underneath.  This week?  Now it's a decree requiring mixed bathroom facilities in schools across the land in a bizarre quest to continue blurring the lines between male and female.  One's biological sex cannot be undermined, and therefore bad government chooses instead to focus upon gender, defined to suit the beholder's eye.

Decades ago, there was another Marxist of note, but at least his accomplishments were based upon movies, novels and poetry, not just the privilege of race, circumstance and political favor.

Pier Paolo Pasolini (1922-1975) had already "gifted" his native Italy and the world with films, beyond moderation's norms, beginning in the 1960s.  By the seventies, the director was churning out a trilogy entitled Arabian Nights, Canterbury Tales and The Decameron, before making his final movie, Salo`, based on the Marquis de Sade's 120 Days of Sodom.

would be Pasolini's final cinematic effort, for in 1975, the motion picture's year of release, the openly gay Pasolini was murdered by a young male prostitute, who ingloriously topped off life's tragic cessation with the disfigurement of Pasolini's body.  In the end, the tabloid press did pretty much what they do to any star corpse, featuring gruesome front-page photos of the horror.

Why do I incorporate Pasolini into today's entry?  It's because I've been wondering about something to which the Obama administration's actions can be compared.

Pasolini's Salo` is, in the words of writer and reviewer John Powers, "a one-of-a-kind project that takes no little defending, and may indeed be indefensible.  It's the cruelest, most obscene, and most intellectually toxic work ever made by a major director.  Once seen, it is forever remembered."

Which is to say -- even if your neighborhood video store still existed, they would rather go out of business than carry something so vile.  However, I'm pretty sure that between the seventies and the current day a lot worse has graced visual media.

In basic terms, Salo` takes place in Italy during World War II's final months.  Four aging fascists, endearing of immorality and corruption in every form, retreat to a country house, enticing and bringing along for their every toxic pleasure an unsuspecting assortment of innocent young men and women from the streets of Italy.  Subsequently, we witness a number of disgusting scenes involving male and female rape, forced "marriages" between the old male fascists and young males, sodomy aplenty, an elegantly-set dining room table where young people are impelled to eat human excrement (relax -- the actors were actually given exquisite chocolate made to appear as. . .well, you get it. . .), and as terrible events progress the entire experiment in debauchery ultimately ends in the now corrupted youth meeting a horrible end -- again quoting John Powers -- "in which skulls are smashed, eyeballs sliced, and victims ritualistically slaughtered."

Again, you ask -- why do I mention this film today?  Because it's relevant to the dangerous social interference flowing from this tainted White House, its Dept. of so-called Justice -- and now HUD, which plans to conduct further social engineering by relocating undesirables to government-built housing deep within what remains of middle class neighborhoods -- just to, you know, make everybody "equal."  Not to mention home values, destined to dive equally.  Unless funding is cut by Congress -- always the perfect solution, yet so often ignored.

As my father once advised me in a distant year, as I tried to train a house cat to be a bit more gentle, "Robert, you'll never make a lady out of that cat."

He was right.  And by hook or by crook, or by wishes or by surgery, you'll never make a lady out of a man or a man of a lady.  Medical histories alone show the transgender thing, especially when surgical intervention is involved, to be a very risky business for mind and soul, bodies notwithstanding.  Disappointment and suicide levels soar, even as psychiatrists and surgeons pat themselves on their wallets. 

Unfortunately, today we prefer to concentrate on the gender one feels like, rather than one's sex at birth.

And there's that nagging little point indicating the percentage of trans folk is incredibly small.  So the Obama bunch, the USA anarchist entity,  really wants to screw, so to speak, everybody else of the vast majority?

Like the fascists in Salo`, the Obama bunch defies reality to create a world of make-believe, a world over which the individual possesses no control whatsoever, while the elite dine on their own vanity.  Skull crushing isn't in the mix yet, but how many bat-poop crazy D.C. decisions must come before we reach that point with this bunch? 

Yes, we, too, are the fascist experiment, modern day progressive style. The Executive Dictator issues an order based only upon a bastardized reading of sixties civil rights legislation, an absolutely bonkers decree creating everybody equal under the "law" and atop the toilet.  But, Mr. President, the male and female equipment is different, it's. . .Hey, don't say that!  You're wrong!  Shut up and conform! they respond in so many words, shaking tentatively endangered federal school funds in our faces.

When your eight-year-old needs to visit a public bathroom facility and discovers a more-than-interested adult of, apparently, the opposite sex following closely behind, that's likely to cause more than "bashful kidneys syndrome" -- it's scary and invites tragedy. But that's the 2016 version of  Salo`, Obama style, and we are not anxious to find out how much further rule by Queen Hillary Clinton would transport this policy.   Little by little, O's administration freaks will push all sorts of idiocy until the people revolt, a practice most haven't been very diligent about in the last seven years.  Lawsuits mounting across the country over the bathroom edict are not likely to abate soon.  Is that outrage we smell, as yet another presidential administration's progressive experiment crashes to the ground.?

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals will no longer supply drugs used for lethal injections.  Well, I'm puzzled.  What of drug companies continuously getting sued for supposedly non-lethal drugs which allegedly kill non-criminally convicted people, a.k.a. patients?  Why bother banning the witches' brew used for lethal injections when the "normal" stuff can't even guarantee success, "success" defined as non-death?  I say, if you drug company folks are going to do it right, put it all out there on the market, the more the merrier.  Quick, somebody fetch me a couple diazepam and a cup of water. . .and bring along some oxycodone, too, just in case.

Is John Miller really Donald Trump?  I don't know and I don't care, but even in the old days of the National Enquirer and competing publications analysts subjected audio tapes to the PSE -- psychological stress evaluators.  Surely somebody, right now, is running audio of both Trump and Miller on sophisticated equipment to determine once and for all if voice patterns indicate they are one and the same -- though perhaps not one and the sane:):)

Most discouraging thought of the day:  Our society, overwhelmingly enamored with celebrity, probably includes enough morons to put any celebrity into the presidency based on name alone.  And don't worry, that variety is already mulling over the possibilities.  Somehow, I won't feel very secure when White-Housed by somebody who runs and wins only because they can sing, dance or read lines from a script (in anticipation of brickbats here, let me just say that Ronald Reagan was an exception -- a disturbing portion of Hollywood's human real estate probably can't even speak coherently without a little help from the medicine cabinet, local drug dealer or friendly liquor store).

Hel-l-l-l-o-o-o-o-o-o-o Saudi Arabia -- Lookin' as though the U.S. Senate just cleared the way for 9/11 families to sue the towels right off your heads.  Fortunately for you, unlike in your country, nobody will actually LOSE heads, just the head wraps.  Wait for Obama to go ballistic over this option, muttering something about how other countries will sue the United States in turn for alleged crimes and abuses.  Unfortunately, we have enough America-hating attorneys and organizations right here at home who would more than gleefully participate.