Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Too Much Too Late

So John Kerry gave a graduation address at Northwestern University and told the grads, their heads already filled, cemented and sealed with progressive tomfoolery, that ours shall be a world without borders.  Kinda like what we already have way down South and up North, except Kerry seems to think a borderless world would somehow be a less bad idea than what the U.S. currently experiences thanks to the efforts of the something-in-chief, who just lets happenings happen.

Despite assurances from the White House, we still cringe at the thought of one B. Obama going to Hiroshima next week to NOT apologize for America's role in bombing some 80,000 Japanese citizens into oblivion during World War II.  This president seems incapable of passing up every opportunity to blame America for the world's ills, so I think we'll be a tad pessimistic about the optimism projected so far.  But why even go to Hiroshima in the first place?  There are plenty of places where dead U.S. military personnel could be honored by a president with WW II on his mind as Memorial Day approaches.

Then there's Obama confidant and speech writer Ben Rhodes (re NY Times article), along with other Obama speech writers, who casually and with pride admit to hoodwinking the public with words to get "Obamacare" and the deal with Iran passed.  To read their words and see some with Charlie Rose, actually taking credit for and laughing about lying to the public to leap difficult legislative hurdles makes one's mouth drop in awe and disgust.  Where is Congress?  Where is justice?

President Obama did not disappoint those among the "white privileged" when he spoke to black graduates at Howard University and played the race card the way he does best -- just a tad under the radar, but playing the them-vs-us race card without actually stating the message in detail.

Medical errors in the U.S. are now the third leading cause of death -- and you thought it was smoking?  Some call it incompetence, some call it an excess of drugs and some call it Obamacare's future.

Allegations that Facebook ignores and/or deletes postings by political conservatives have yet to be hashed out, but I'll happily continue to avoid its entrapments.  One only wonders how deep is the damage done to young people who get their "news" only from social media sites and members of academia whose minds swim in rivers of deceit and fantasy.

Going bonkers over the Zika virus:  Wow, aren't we?  Might the Olympic Games feature an insect-swatting competition?  Folks will be huffing cans of Raid way down there. . .if the entire affair doesn't collapse before it even starts.