Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Mythos for Every Occasion

Hillary Clinton's Newspeak?   A news report states that some of Hillary's little helpers allegedly received one to three million dollars to visit Twitter and other online sites to "alter" negative views about her -- an extremely large undertaking, it would seem, considering her history "serving" (think server) America and, especially, her own self-interests.  We hope that what remains of good and brain-functioning Democrats quickly comes to realize exactly what they're supporting:  Lies past, lies future, lies in cunning wait.  Honest presidential candidates would simply not pony up funds to scrub truth from the Internet.  Do some of you really think it's worth electing Hillary solely because she and her minions promise to release information regarding UFOs?  Do you young folk believe she's like your kindly grandmother?  I rather doubt the families of Americans murdered in Benghazi feel that way about her.  A vote for Hillary Clinton, in my opinion, is a vote for the most closed administration in history -- and we know all too well that Obama's admin was promised to be the most open, instead becoming secretive enough to quench a madman's paranoia.  Does anybody actually want a President Hil-lie-ary?

Donald Trump's win in Northeastern primaries looks impressive, but pales when one unpleasantly reviews the latest polls which continue to show that a very large number among GOP voters feels unwilling to give him their vote -- and another significant percentage actually fear Trump.  Fear.  No trust. I tried to give him the benefit of a doubt from the beginning, but, despite the rhetoric, he appears more and more the bully, and a progressive bully at that.  Just look at his history, as opposed to the carefully sculpted "now."  Ted Cruz might have done  himself a real favor by choosing Carly Fiorina as his V-P running mate, particularly when one contemplates that Hillary Clinton could very well choose Elizabeth Warren as her choice.  Imagine a nation in tatters with that combination.  Where are those Hillary indictments when you need them?  In any event, my nightmare vision is a Clinton-Trump debate where The Donald's big mouth swallows himself into oblivion on national TV as he says stupid things and the viewers finds nuggets from his past as indefensible as Hillary's.  Hint:  This guy is as much a conservative Republican as a chicken egg.  You hate Ted, and you'd rather drop dead than vote for anybody but Trump?  O-kay. . .and, by the way, if Trump ends up debating Queen Hill' on TV, if she looks like the victim and he the verbal abuser, the ending at polling places probably won't be pretty.

No, I haven't yet hit the Internet to discover how many times Prince saw a UFO, and I think I'll pass up an opportunity to scour the tabloids to discover "exclusives" regarding how UFOs may have changed his life.  Seen it all before, other names, other times.

Nevertheless, I took some time to go scratching and clawing my way through old recordings of black artists in search of Prince, and along the way re-discovered my long-neglected music of Bessie Smith, Alberta Hunter, Ma Rainey, Robert Johnson and so many others whose names are forever remembered by historians.

And there it was:  A triple-CD released 23 years ago with Prince's face on the cover.  Entitled, Prince:  The Hits/The B-Sides, this was a little cased CD set purchased during an era when record companies had all but given up on vinyl and cassette recordings, as the march toward digital music quickly replaced old technology with new.  Of course, prices remained high because record companies weren't about to sacrifice the obscenely high prices demanded for their product.

But who would have guessed that vinyl records would make a dramatic comeback a couple of decades later, once young audiophiles caught on to the already well-established fact that digitally-enhanced music sounds like enhanced chicken scratch when compared to the true, revealing sounds produced while phonograph needles ride turntable grooves, dramatically summoning both music and voice forth in all the magnificence sought since even the early years of the Victrola?

Yep -- and now vinyl prices are higher than before in many areas.  The industry would say, that's the cost of needing to rescue old vinyl record pressing equipment from landfills and warehoused piles of junk.  Uh huh.

And what of Prince, whose purple rain has tragically washed purple pain down the purple lane drain?  Yes, even old white guys can appreciate his music, if we give him a chance.  Trouble is, for all the hoopla on TV and radio celebrating his life, proper media reps aren't about to offer a complete play list of the titles.  That is, we aren't likely to hear 'em announce or blare Prince's "Sexy M.F." or "Scarlet Pussy" on your local FM or AM station.  It's the FCC itch, you see.

Too bad Prince is gone, for this was a musical artist of true eccentric genius.  At the extreme risk of being called a racist (what's new. . .), I'll add that it's also a delight to watch society honor a black man for his musical talent, rather than for some vague basketball or football "prowess" simply because he was able to transport a ball from here to there.  Skill, shmill.  Yeah, I know, Prince played basketball in high school.  Fortunately, he grew out of it :):):):)

Okay, enough about Prince and no, crazed proponents, Harriet Tubman beat him to the $20 bill, so it's too late for that to happen.  However, reaching forth from my old roots as a Fortean sympathizer, I will note that his song, "Let's Go Crazy" featured spirited lyrics which included an elevator.  How strange, that thing called fate, which declared that Prince's dead body would be found at home -- on the floor of an elevator.  Yes, by all means, let's go crazy.

Trouble in space paradise?  Mice recently recovered from an outer space experiment in weightlessness display severe liver damage, extending even to the phenomenon of "fatty" livers equivalent to earth-acquired disease.  NASA and science in general will need to keep a very close watch on astronauts' livers which, so far, haven't reached such extremes -- but what could this mean for our future in space?  Better get those robots in gear, folks, so they can do the cosmos explorations -- um, of course, that won't happen until after artificial intelligence kills off all the humans on Earth.  Gotta take the good with the bad, you know.

Robert Hastings:  UFOs and nukes.   For a small price, you can now access on the Net Hastings' new documentary movie about UFOs over nuclear missile bases.  I've not viewed it yet, but it's said to be quite good.  How government officials can continue to deny us the evidence is deplorable, but hardly surprising to those of us familiar with decades of governments dancing around the issue of UFOs doing whatever they damned well please over our most sensitive military facilities.  A little over four bucks procures your admission to view Hastings' movie at  and you shouldn't be disappointed.

Earth Day:   Sorry I missed it.  I was busy contemplating how many millions of birds have been shredded to date by wind turbines and flash-fried by solar panels around the world.  Anyway, I hope Earth Day revelers had an opportunity to pay proper homage to Earth Day "name" Ira Einhorn, whose warmth and kindness caused him to beat his girlfriend to death decades ago and hide her body in a trunk secreted in a closet within his home.

Still, the science remains controversial regarding human-caused climate change.  Are we not sick and tired of computer projections influencing our lives and predicting the future with no more expertise than a gypsy fortune teller?  Congratulations world, we now have science and computerization without a lick of common sense built in -- exemplified by the fact that a number of U.S. state attorneys general have now conspired to bring legal charges against companies which dare deny a human role in climate change.  Should these fancy-ass lawyers with better nameplates not be held accountable under anti-conspiracy legislation for their combined efforts?  Are there no brains left to function in this country among those we trust in government?  The science is NOT all in, but thugs with law credentials sure are.  We must reject the shape-shifters of questionable computer climate graphics.

A VERY far-left newspaper or magazine which I did not catch the name of, and I'm not near the Internet at the moment, reportedly performed a study regarding the smarts of liberals and conservatives.  Incredibly, this leftist source reveals that conservatives seem to be more intelligent than those on the left.  Hmm, maybe it's all the leftist inbreeding.  Well, I need to check this out, but certainly not for shock value.

Thanks, Hillary Clinton:  This paragraph makes a perfect transition from the last.  Looks like Queen Hillary wants to put a three-cent PER OUNCE tax on soft drinks.  For my money, I'm thinking that a bottle of soda would garner far more in Hillary taxes than the weight of a typical go-Hillary brain on the street.

Transgender bathrooms:  Well, I kinda parted company with the whole thing after going all out for gay people being allowed to serve openly in the military -- which I did because (hint, hint) they're already there and have been there all along.  But available literature regarding the transgender identity indicates some extreme mental issues, along with a high number of suicides and attempted suicides -- apparently abundant AFTER surgery, when perhaps expectations are not what one discovers.  Obviously, the only fair solution to this mess is single bathroom facilities, though I can't imagine forcing businesses to assume the high expenses of converting relief facilities. 

Truth is, the transgendered constitute a very tiny fraction of the U.S. population, and to start catering -- as we often do -- to the whims of the barely existent at every turn, we're going to be in serious trouble, weighed down in lawsuits and attorneys' bills like cement boots on a mob informer.     Good grief, if bathrooms are a dilemma, can't you tranny folks just "hold it" until you get home?  That's what I would do, because I despise the bacteria-incubating nature of public bathrooms.  ' course, I suppose businesses could just build tranny outhouses in the back yard -- that would be such fun, like going back to a time when outhouses accommodated everybody on the farm.  Excluding the black widow spiders and poisonous snakes lurking inside, certainly.  Ouch. 

Of course, the continuing concern is and should be bathroom patrons who fake gender differences only because they have evil in mind, and this dilemma should rightly exist as the only influence over this issue.  Unfortunately, tactless and common-senseless legislative lizards don't have a clue.

In the meantime, steady yourself in case we experience multiple incidents across the country of spontaneous transgender bladder explosions at shopping malls, due to indecision regarding where to "go."