Friday, December 4, 2015

Last Exit to Wake-the-Hell-Up Avenue

 Today or tomorrow, but don't wait too long, go out and buy a gun, or procure several.  Of course, it's best to do this through legitimate, legal channels -- but, you know, I'm starting to weaken in my old age, forcing myself to remember that, to paraphrase during the Christmas season, yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus  Second Amendment.  Progressive governors and legislators, most of them Democrats who apparently desire a Constitution amenable only to their ideology, as they strive to take self-control and destiny out of your hands, want you virtually weaponless, powerless.  The first leads to the other, as history demonstrates.  What are we supposed to do?  Only a moron would deny that Wednesday's San Bernardino murders and mayhem had the word,  Islam  written all over them.  Anybody  -- ANYBODY -- who spent some time listening to conservative talk radio or seeking truth at reliable Internet sites INSTEAD OF relying upon a plethora of deceptive TV "news" outlets knew in two seconds or less that radical Islam was the story, the whole story and nothing but the story. As usual, the chosen location was a gun-free area, and adding insult to Islam-initiated injury was the fact that the location also served developmentally disabled people.  We might suspect that this was intended to add to public outrage, in addition to fostering fear.

We have the right and obligation to protect and defend ourselves and that which we hold dear.  No government agency or police entity can provide you protection every minute of every day.  If that isn't clear by now, what will it take?

Clearly, we're at war right here at home.  For the moment, Islamic terrorists choose locations of large groups and institutions for their death campaign.  Tomorrow, next week, next year -- their gunfire, knives and bombs may indeed come to your neighborhood, your street -- your house or apartment.  You, your family members and your pets, dead.  And what?  You're going to worship at the altar of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and others expressing a cacophony of nonsensical rhetoric regarding "gun control?"  None of the above names will wander on by to save your life, and the police will show up just in time to draw chalk lines, take photos and initiate the collection of body parts for the busy morgue folk.

Funny, isn't it, how the Islamic front group, C.A.I.R. (saddled with an unindicted co-conspirator charge on other matters, we seem to recall) and other Muslim "authorities" are beginning to show up in the defense of Islam publicly almost as quickly as Sharpton materializes to avert our gaze from black-on-black crimes to white cops who dare to so much as sneeze in a predominantly black neighborhood?  When obvious Islamic chaos occurs in the USA, I suspect the last people you would want on TV to "explain" and deny would be C.A.I.R. representatives and other folks whose heads graze happily somewhere up the butt of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Instead of entertaining madness, just tell them no thanks, and don't forget to mention that Israel has a right to exist, Sharia went out shortly after the dinosaur age, ours is a Judeo-Christian nation, and what the hell fantasy was Obama talking about when he mentioned Islam's contributions to NASA?

Extremist Islam wants it all, the whole planet, and we're not part of the plan.  If you want to force Muslim bakeries to make you gay wedding cakes so you can find out if they get pilloried and sued like Christian bakers when they refuse, I wouldn't put your desires off much longer.

Those who study such things as the "religion of peace" relate that the Koran references killing the infidel -- um, I guess that means you and me, if we don't follow Islam -- in more than 120 different passages.  When the Koran is the only book on your shelf since birth, how does one not become an angry monster for centuries past and future?

By the way, where is the Million Muslim March on Washington, in support of condemning Islamic violence?  There may be two answers:  The common Muslim fears retribution, and/or a high percentage of that "silent majority" approves of Islam's actions and actually desires Sharia Law in the U.S.  Polling allegedly confirms the latter.

Legislation is now proposed in both the U.S. House and Senate to declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization.  Ted Cruz isn't getting any support in the Senate, while the House at least exhibits a flicker of interest.  Why is this not the popular legislative ice cream flavor of the day?

President Obama, the deplorable pseudo-intellectual fraud perpetually lying and working against the common interests of the American people (for one more year), should do the right thing and resign before he makes one more delusional speech in which he leaves out the term, radical Islam.   Me, I would have to grit my teeth, but I guess I could manage to tolerate Biden as president for a few months. 

If not Obama (for either his deception, incompetence or both), at least those advising him on decisions which betray our rights and flood our country with Islamic criminals, illegal people, their diseases and enduring inability to be employed should one day stand trial and face heavy convictions.  If this country would vote conservative, maybe the necessary things could happen.

Still -- there is a tool called impeachment.  The fact that nobody in Congress is arranging such festivities, even as our wicked anti-leader promises us high energy prices (think Obamacare rate increases) per his involvement in a junk science climate summit, ranks beyond belief.  Oh, to reclaim those lost days when common sense ruled.

Good News Media:   I really like former CBS-TV reporter Sheryl Attkisson's syndicated TV news show, Full Measure.   Each weekly half-hour program effectively explores major issues, and Attkisson, who made a national splash upon revealing that her computers were apparently bugged by probable government spooks and/or members of compromised media when she worked for CBS, is perfectly in control here.   A recent show explored  those 28 pages of congressional intelligence testimony the public doesn't get to see -- so far -- because it may allegedly list names of Saudi royal family members having a connection with 9/11's Twin Towers massacre.  Check out the show, which seems to show up on weekends.