Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Crowning Miss Uni-worst

 Seems I was a bit confused last weekend, when I somehow merged Saturday with Sunday and momentarily took pleasure in thinking somebody had crowned Hillary Clinton Miss Universe, but then Steve Harvey took away her bejeweled diadem because of some profoundly careless mistake.  Then reality took over, and I quickly realized that Hillary would never let anybody remove from her head the destined trademark of a true queen in waiting.  Not to mention that she probably wouldn't be inclined to appear in a bikini contest.  Perhaps both Miss Colombia and I would require psych counseling over visions such as this -- or was Miss Colombia the one who returned late to the stage after a prolonged bathroom break, during which she probably needed to review key sections of the book,  Rules for Radicals before resuming the debate?  Must be my age, I can barely separate external beauty from ugly socialism anymore.

Don't you just love these little TV appearances, more than ever, by Islam facilitator President Obama lately?  There he is, the very man who brings potential terrorism to our shores twenty-four/seven through open borders and apparent infatuation with his old buddy, Islam, telling us essentially don't worry, be happy -- and then he breezes away for another vacation, his plane flights destined to worsen climate change at any cost.

As he continues to remind us non-stop that "that's not who we are," as he couches every America-bashed statement in terms only a true nation-murdering Marxist can appreciate, I'd like him to know exactly who many of us ARE:  Many of us are just common folk who look forward to a day, not too far in the future, where a renewed sense of American "hope and change" will result in multiple arrests, trials, convictions, fines and prolonged prison sentences for the Obama bunch.  One can't take an Oath of Office and then twist and turn one's way out of its meaning without legal consequences.   At least not when rational thought leads to rational actions.  And to become complicit as part of this fetid gang, well. . .

Speaker Paul Ryan:   The current definition for a feckless GOP populating an anemic Republican House and Senate.  I get it -- Democrats are supposed to create new government agencies, tax people more and more and chip away little by little at people's rights by injecting rules and regulations through the back door.  Republicans, on the other hand, are supposed to follow behind, like butt-sniffing dogs, allowing the Democrats to do pretty much anything they wish.  By championing passage of an absurd national budget, virtually without boundaries, Ryan and his phony GOP cohorts in the House have demonstrated, indeed, that it might be time to close up the GOP tent and go away forever -- in exchange for a truly conservative party.  Didn't George Washington warn us about the damage political parties of any nature could administer?  He could not have been more correct.

Thanks, Catholic Charities and other religious "relief" agencies for stockpiling this country and the world with followers of Islam, also called refugees.  I always love it when these folks get the credit for their kindness, but then clueless taxpayers have to foot the bill for eternal welfare rolls to supplement human detritus and unencumbered flyspeck-like  births thereof.   The modern Trojan Horse is currently taking a hell of a dangerous poop within our shores.

Merry Christmas to all, most particularly to those who want nothing to do with it.   Also, if President Obama, Inc. can tolerate and ignore thousands of Christian murders in the Middle East so "we" instead can pay special attention to the U.S. importation of Islamic enemies-in-wait, I guess that's his own true meaning of Christmas.   What a pretty seasonal gift he has bestowed upon understaffed police and intelligence agencies everywhere, as the rest of us in (newly released) large numbers apparently feel that there's nothing like a shiny gun under the Christmas tree to convey love this week.