Friday, December 18, 2015

Rejecting the Cure for a Feel-Good Disease

 Sure, after more than 50 years keeping abreast of the UFO subject I would be tickled ice-blue to know once and for all just what the phenomenon/phenomena is/are all about.  Will it happen in my lifetime? In anybody's lifetime?  Because we're forced to look at issues through a human-driven perspective, even with the assistance of computers programmed, nevertheless, by humans, I tend to doubt it.  But I could be wrong.  I've been wrong a lot.  As if you haven't ever been wrong?

The Washington Post  of December 11 featured a piece about seasoned UFO lobbyist Stephen Bassett.  As a Hillary Clinton presidency again approaches a dark horizon of possibilities, Bassett comes off as absolutely vertiginous over the mere thought, giddy beyond a child's excitement of attending a Christmas performance of  The Nutcracker.  Why?  Because the Clintons and Friends expressed an interest in UFOs, way back.  Bassett fondly hopes that the time for government UFO information  "disclosure" may be near.  The downside for me?  Democrat Hillary needs to be elected president for miracles to happen.

Unfortunately, Mr. Bassett, I'll have to curb any vestige of potentially misguided enthusiasm.  As I said, I'd truly love to know what the government has on UFOs (and I think what usually happens is, files get stuffed upon files and everything just builds up over time like a clogged sink drain, and nobody wants to deal with it -- particularly when they don't even know what heterogeneity constitutes the clog).

I'll make it clear right now:   To vote for Hillary simply because you think she's going to take charge and somehow give up the goodies would be an error supreme.   Knowing what we do about her escapades in the Middle East, in addition to the fact that she's done virtually nothing positive during her "public service," makes her unworthy to so much as sit on the desk in the Oval Office.

President Pathetic Obama and Hillary Clinton, as secretary of state, are intimately responsible for ill effects of the "Arab Spring" and considerable trauma brought to The U.S.  as a consequence.  They destroyed any chance of peace in Libya when Qaddafi fell (Hillary:  "We came, we saw, he died."), and by insisting that the cursed Muslim Brotherhood rule Egypt (unsuccessfully, as it turned out) they generated intense turmoil.  By pulling the U.S. out of Iraq so Obama could look good, thus leaving a wide space for ISIS to move in -- which Obama called the "JV" squad or team -- he and Hillary caused yet another blunder.  And is there any point in revisiting the Benghazi incident and Hillary's involvement (we recently learned via released documents that there was indeed military firepower which might have interceded fairly quickly, yet orders were given again and again to stand down).

Again and again, questions have been raised about Hillary's ability to tell the truth.  For instance, ALL families of deceased U.S. government and military  personnel at Benghazi recently disputed her claims about what she did and did not say to them following the tragedy.  All of this is documented elsewhere.

I know I'm way beyond relevant in the current political atmosphere, in a nation whose know-nothings, do-nothings and care-nothings may well elevate another consecutively lying fraud to the highest position in the land, in order to continue the dismantlement of the United States we once knew.   But even for a slim, lottery-style opportunity to know everything the government may hold secret about UFOs just isn't worth it.   Stephen, let's not trade chances bordering upon a national political cure for even more of the hybrid disease we've experienced for the last seven years.  The stakes are high and it's just not worth the bother, certainly not when we're messing around with the U.S. presidency.