Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Seven Years a Slave (to Administration Tyranny)

 At least black, brown, white and not so white folks have endured the last seven years sharing some level of equality per the influence of one B. Obama, president, master manipulator and avowed transformer of whatever he feels is wrong with America.   One of his accomplishments, with an apparent jaundiced view toward the Caucasian aspect of U.S. life, was his transformation of the DOJ into, essentially, the Dept. of Black Justice, perhaps intent upon ridding the nation of both white privilege and local law enforcement control in one fell swoop.   For black citizens he went even further, allowing a flood of illegal immigrants and refugees into the country, bodies whose presence can't help but lap up potential African-American youth jobs.   And nobody, but nobody, has a flair for criticizing and demeaning the very nation he took an oath to protect and serve -- particularly when speaking publicly in other countries -- like the Hope & Change president.  Dunno, maybe he's just afflicted with that nasty  affluenza  thing.

Well, anybody who doesn't "get it" by now is a lost cause, and  progressive  liberal minds aren't about to alter their thinking with facts, anyway.   I walked that side of the fence a long time before realizing there are many ways to poison minds, and political elitists are generally the first ones on the scene to spoon-feed us the brew while singing a lullaby. 

Nevertheless, as 2015 wraps up I wanted to offer a brief potpourri of important subjects I didn't have an opportunity to mention in past months, as they nonetheless hovered in screen files displayed right in front of me.

Glaring among the nation's problems is a spiral in the collapse of "Obamacare" co-op plans, surely a nightmare ready and waiting to pounce upon the next presidential administration, whatever form political aspirations assume next time.  "Cadillac" health insurance options have become too expensive and, as many Americans have discovered, even bargain basement plans offer few viable or even affordable options  -- forcing an increasing number among the sick and injured to forego medical care altogether.

Just fast enough would be great:   The man-made global warning religious sect warns us that melting planetary ice could make Earth spin faster, perhaps even shifting the axis upon which the planet rotates, and affecting time itself as the Earth either slows or hastens its spin.  Eventually, however, even the hardliners are forced to admit begrudgingly that such changes have occurred many times over the millennia, without our help.  Still, I wouldn't shed any tears if the planet would spin fast enough to thrust climate change cult members, who want to put "climate change deniers" into prison, far out into space, where even in death their flash-frozen bodies could enjoy an eternity of near-constant temperatures.

What's in a face?   In a world where bullies seem to dominate crimes of violence -- though I've come to believe that maybe we need a few old-fashioned bullies in society to toughen us up -- new research indicates that such behavior might be easily modified.   Back in the July 9   New Scientist  reporter Jessica Hamzelou revealed a study indicating that youth involved in violent crimes, when exposed to visualizations of others whose facial expressions denote fear, pain and other emotions, can be trained to become cognizant and emotionally aware of the distress they cause victims, thereby apparently cutting down on violence.  Though these young criminals may continue to engage in thievery, they were far less likely to engage in bodily aggression.  I kinda doubt this approach would work for ISIS loonies, though.

Then again, CBS-TV in Atlanta reported on July 28 about a new study conducted at Simon Fraser University, indicating that actions perpetrated by bullies gain them higher self-esteem, social status and a lower rate of depression than their non-bully peers.

Crazy like a fox:   A tad disturbing it was last October when John Schindler, a writer for The Daily Beast,
claimed that an unnamed European Union official (specific country not disclosed) stated that his government believes President Obama is "quite mentally unwell."  Interesting, but I don't exactly think that Obama is driven by lunacy.  The diagnosis might be closer to, oh, I don't know -- maybe socialist delusions?  Non-Groucho Marxism?  America-hating conversion reaction?

They can't really be stopped, can they?   Earlier this month, high-tech romancer Elon Musk announced basically a partnership with other wealthy folk to assure that artificial intelligence won't become a threat to humans.   Wouldn't we be better served by finding out what kind of intelligence lurks behind the UFO enigma?  Okay, I digress. . .anyway, does anybody really think AI can be stopped from taking over and extinguishing human life sometime in the future?  Because AI devices are already programmed to analyze and, as they say at New Year's Eve parties, ring in the new and ring out the old, of what possible use would advanced AI find us, the human dodo birds of a future era?  Say what you will, tech gods, but you're currently laying track for the dark side.  The darkest.

Mr. Obama, tear down this (stone) wall:    Back On August 5,  The Washington Times  (Rowan Scarborough) reported that the Obama administration was refusing a judge's order to hand over documents regarding the August 6, 2011 shooting and crash of a U.S. military helicopter which just happened to contain members of SEAL Team 6, the elite group which just three months previously had killed off Islamic thug Osama (trash) bin Laden.  As far as we know, the drama continues and Obama, the DOJ, CIA and other agencies are still in violation of a judge's order to produce the documents.  Too bad that we have to sit on our hands and hope like hell that we can get at least something resembling a non-corrupt administration in Washington next Election Day so important questions such as those related to the SEAL Team 6 mystery can be answered.

No French kiss here:    The emergence of France's top weatherman (who paid with his job) and various French mathematicians in October to condemn so-called facts pointing to man-made climate change helped put a clown hat on all members of the proponent class, although it didn't stop world leadership's finest morons from participating in a United Nations-sanctioned sleeper fest destined to cost willing idiotic participants trillions of dollars eventually.  The only difference between highway robbery and what went down at the climate dumb-it summit was the use of absurd computer projections instead of a gun.

An award just because you're you:    Meghan Bartlett of  The Washington Times  wrote on September 16 that the former director of Norway's Nobel Institute for 25 years "regrets" the committee's move to award the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize to President Obama (ya think???).  In his new book, Geil Lundestad
revealed that the committee agreed to give Obama the award right after his election because they hoped it would help embolden him in efforts to disarm the world of nuclear weapons.  To say the least, they were disappointed in short order, and Lundestad admits that “Even many of Obama’s supporters thought that the prize was a mistake.”  Oh, calm down Geil, we all make mistakes. .  .even colossally stupid ones, sometimes. . .

High school nude photo athletics:   That's right, from Colorado to North Carolina and everywhere else, administrators, teachers and parents are discovering that Billy and Mary and their friends have been trading and saving naked photos of one another on hidden apps as enthusiastically as kids from an earlier era who traded off copies of Playboy and other naughty magazines with their peers.  Photo sexting seems as common as e-mails anymore, and why wouldn't it be so?  Why anticipate morality from young people who can scarcely spell the word?  Oh yeah, times have changed and the only response from legislators and law enforcement agencies is threats of prison and sex offender lists.  Nor do the old arguments hold up.  For instance, you can't tell young folk that they need to stop sexting because somebody will recognize their faces in 10 years -- not true!  Truth is, in 10 years they'll be less appealing, fatter or thinner, lacking hair where they want it or possessing hair in places where they don't want hair.  Nobody's gonna associate those new images with the old ones.  Nudity, sexual nudity, dog nudity -- who cares?  It's almost 2016 and we're still hung up on banning photos by age, posed position or gender.  Don't plan on that old church down the block to instill a morality pill in your kids -- that place has been empty and on the market for years.  Times have changed and the kids know it.

My favorite current and former Muslims:    Want to get a fresh, perhaps not altogether complimentary  perspective on Islam from those who know it from experience?  Use your favorite search engine to discover opinions and warnings from people such as Walid Shoebat (, Walid Phares (, Brigitte Gabriel ( and Zuhdi Jasser (  These names represent the "good guys."

"No, I said it's time to change your socks!"   Attention must be paid to a piece in  USA Today  of August 16 about transgendered people.   The newspaper quoted research showing that an amazing four out of 10 sex-changed individuals try to kill themselves.  For better or worse, there's always a willing rubber-gloved hand holding a scalpel somewhere, equipped and ready to cater to one's every desire.

Everybody talks about the weather but nobody   some nobodies don't  wants to release any information that lessens the quality of an already weak case.    Multiple news sources reported near the end of October that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) refused to respond to a subpoena from a congressional committee.   Some scientists suggested that Rep. Lamar Smith, who chairs the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, had issued the subpoena purely because of his discontent with a NOAA study on climate change.  To date, Smith's demand for NOAA's internal communications regarding climate change research appears to remain denied, just as Smith and others continue to question the very foundation of such studies.  One suspects that because satellite data is far more precise than numbers obtained from ground devices, information from NOAA's  taxpayer-funded instrumentation would provide the best figures to help determine predictions of human-caused climate change vs. normal planetary climate cycles.  Since evidence from other sources indicates "fudging" of data among some researchers, further documentation from NOAA would certainly assist in sorting out what seems increasingly to be little more than a soothsayer's vision of human-influenced climate chaos.

Professor Dershowitz on university student protestors:     Wow, music to my ears.  Prominent Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz has gone on the attack against students going bat-poop crazy in their determination to unseat white administrators and others from their positions simply because they are white.  Abby Jackson, writing for the  Business Insider  of November 17, quotes Dershowitz, who refers to students' hypocritical demands:  "The last thing these students want is diversity," he advises.  "They may want superficial diversity, because for them diversity is a code word for 'more of us.'  They don't want more conservatives, they don't want more white students, they don't want more heterosexuals."  The professor had plenty more to say, encompassing all the inane prattle and actions perpetrated by these folks.  Me, I'd be interested to know just how many of these street thugs dressed in college clothing can even write a legible, intelligent paragraph about anything of substance.  They seem to have forgotten that they have the privilege of attending college and becoming whatever they want to be, and by now the rusted chains have been cast off for a very long time.