Monday, November 30, 2015

"Klaatu" Obama Lands in Paris, Warns World

 Oh, it's creepy enough, those times when President Obama stands before a podium or camera, mouthing warnings of future climate turmoil and chaos, appearing for all the world as if he just exited a spaceship in the persona of Klaatu, interstellar traveler, bereft of either Uranus jokes or Venusian cookie recipes.  What -- still no public alliance with the robot, Gort, or is Obama-style, beaming caution-light Gort secreted away in the White House?*

Even as satellite data -- the most dependable indicator of all regarding climate alterations -- shows no degree of "global warming" worthy of concern for years, and even as Rep. Lamar Smith (Texas) continues to be rebuffed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in obtaining what may be crucial "insider" information casting doubt upon much-ballyhooed climate horrors, Obama yet persists.  He's offering what -- three billion U.S. taxpayer dollars toward some clouded international effort intended to nebulously solve a nebulous junk science (seance?) problem?

Seems as though those three billion dollars should stay put in the U.S. (Hello, Congress?  Anybody there?) and the president firmly be told to return to his spaceship and fly away.  If anybody thinks that China, India, a wealth of other cheating nations and all those troublesome volcanoes around the globe which spit up toxins like nobody's business (literally like) will be part of this madness, they are freakin' bonkers.

The Colorado Planned Parenthood shootings:   Here, I'll save the analysts some time and money.  Look at the photos of this idiot.  What do you see?  Crazy, drugs, crazy, booze, crazy, even Krazy with a K.  Just nuts.  Politics and abortions would appear to comprise a second thought in this instance.  Hmm -- looks like a real fun guy for parties, however.  BTW, we hear he has no political side, but liked to involve women in S & M activities, which certainly seems political to me.   You kinda get the feeling that all the women he has known in ?? years would describe him with one word at the end of each sentence:  Loser.  Now confirmed.

And we still have ISIS, and after just a few more days I have no idea who is the good guy and who plays bad in this turmoil.  Any among all sides may not be whom we think. 

(*Klaatu and Gort,, of course, were characters in the movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still -- original version much preferred over the remake, of course.)