Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bits and Pieces for June 2015

 Gay Marriage Captivates the Nation,  depending upon who you are and, frankly, lots of people could not care less.  My only concern from the start was assuring that gay people could serve -- and continue to serve -- in the military, equal and open with every other member of the armed services.  Never did I think, well, now it's time for gay marriage and, by the way, be sure to throw all of this in everybody else's face to urinate them off.  Unfortunately, an elite minority, a very small elite minority, is driving all of the hoopla, and at some point they need to back off, otherwise our laws and values will mean nothing -- thus inviting the insertion of radicals and a takeover of American standards, much to the detriment of the freedoms we all take for granted. Not that this isn't already in progress.

You want to get gay-married, fine, get gay-married.  I think it's a bit silly and find the use of the words, husband  and wife absurd in a gay relationship, and find the whole concept of gay marriage as something akin to "playing house," but who cares what I think, so go do your thing.  I think gay people are better off when standing aloof and acting special and above the critical, hounding masses, and trying to be like that oft insidious element cheapens one. But whatever you do, stay strong and appreciate your country and be ready always to fight for it, because bad people and bad politics are eternally poised to clobber us over the head and destroy the U.S., whatever it takes.

And you transgendered folk -- lately, there has leaked out more and more about the post-traumatic results of going under that particular knife, that is, going for, if we may, the full surgical monty.  What seems free, new and exciting, to wit, collapses into fits of depression, unfulfilled expectations and even suicide more often than we apparently knew..  Look, there are all kinds of surgeons and gender advisers out there, and nothing influences the choices of some like money, big money.  Think twice, think a thousand times before going under the gender-alteration knife, monetarily enriching others while perhaps setting yourself up for irreversible emotional impoverishment. 

Gay marriage?  Yes, there are incredibly stable gay relationships that last a lifetime -- but if I had just one wish granted to me on this special Supreme Court occasion, I would wish to be a divorce lawyer.  Jealousy!  Mistrust!  Murders taken to a bloody, chopped up degree of which we can only imagine! I suspect gay business for attorneys is gonna be pretty good in years to come.  It's just the nature of the beast, and now a revised beast at that. 

Religious institutions and established religious beliefs must not be sacrificed as a result of the Supreme Court's decision on gay marriage.  Diversity, a word I've come to despise because I finally realized it applies to some, but not others, is supposed to work for everybody.  Funny, too, how a Supreme Court whose mission is to interpret laws now takes on Congress's traditional and constitutional role of actually producing legislation.  This tendency will not endure in the long run.

Oh, and I know this is just my crazed and immature mind speaking, but when and if ISIS ever catches on Big Time in the USA, after they finish killing everybody in Hollywood, they'll conveniently locate all the computer-recorded gay marriage licenses so they can murder gay people in the same manner currently employed in other countries -- blindfolded, hands tied and thrown from tall buildings, head first.  But don't worry, the ISIS folk, according to Lord Obama, merely constitute a "JV team."

Nothing reflects masculinity like a man with a beard and the ladies love 'em, too.  Unfortunately, some new research involving laboratory analysis of beards has discovered many of them, for some reason, contain fecal matter.  You might want to reconsider that welcome-home kiss which occurs just prior to the words, "Ready for dinner, dear?"

The lie of Obamacare is again honored by Supreme Court tweaks  and still this happens as people across the nation fail to benefit from Obama's promised $2,500 health insurance savings -- riddled instead by wildly increasing premiums, co-pays and deductibles.

A 21-year-old moron in South Carolina apparently has the ability to encourage other morons through his murderous actions, in that the masses are now on a campaign to tear down statues and ban the Confederate flag, and even corporations such as Wal-Mart and Amazon are on the bandwagon by refusing to sell the flags.  Isn't this America, where free speech is encouraged and protected?  The concept of free speech has become free speech except when offensive to morons, the easily offended and the agenda-encapsulated.  Attempts to ban or alter history, no matter how distasteful or tragic, is a momentous error destined only to hurt future generations which require history in order to either enjoy its benefits or avoid its pitfalls.

A side note:  Just because a 21-year-old moron murdered nine people in South Carolina and pictures showed him, at some time in the past, wearing a Gold's Gym shirt, should everybody avoid, condemn and insist upon banning Gold's Gym or, for that matter, all similar establishments?  The fools we are.

And, oh, the murderer had to reload his gun five times.  Had somebody in the room had equivalent firepower, the punk wouldn't have had time for the first reload.  Sorry, for my part I vote for more guns for almost everybody.  I mean, after you're shot dead, I guess when the cops finally arrive on the scene they can draw some pretty chalk lines, but beyond that. . .

Isn't ABC News, among others, particularly adept at featuring stories about bad weather almost every night, night after night?  The answer is a resounding YES, and it's obvious to me that this is their helpful (to the White House) attempt to brain-bathe us with fears of global warming and the drastic steps we MUST take or die tomorrow.  The freakin' communists couldn't be carrying this out any better with a propaganda campaign, which is exactly what I see here.  No wonder national TV network news is about to have had its day, when you can get different perspectives on the Internet.

Yippee!  New statistics reflect an aggregation of over 80,000,000 millennials in the United States, exceeding the number of baby boomers considerably.  Now, you folks can prepare for the next generation blaming YOU for the world's troubles.  Here, take the baton. . .

Donald Trump may not be on everybody's political radar, but his aptly stated comments about Mexico and its unfavorable influence upon the United States as its undesirables, uneducated dolts and other human debris sweep across the Southern border ring true with a plethora of Americans who feel all but betrayed while other political hopefuls dance around the words they fear to use when referencing illegals and other such undocumented criminals.  Were Trump president, be honest -- how could he possibly do anything worse than the prison-worthy frauds currently holding the country hostage in Washington?

Looks as though Trump has plenty of lawsuit material before him.  First, Mexican TV dumps its mutual association with those nonetheless archaic and pointless "beauty" pageants, and now crybaby NBC-TV is throwing him under the bus because he spoke naughty, yet refreshingly accurate comments about our uninvited Mexican border jumpers.  Apparently, the truth hurts.  So much for media institutions which traditionally are expected to cherish one's  First Amendment rights - even when the ideas expressed are opposite to their own.  Most major commercial TV networks are leaning so far left, I'm amazed they don't topple over, though they are destined to do exactly that in time.  How strange that NBC, angered by the utter lies told by former news anchor Brian Williams, also expresses anger at the utter truth told by Donald Trump.  Can't have it both ways. Or can they?

Let me get this straight:  Ryan Seacrest will host a new Fox summer TV series entitled, Knock Knock Live,  during which he travels from place to place, anonymously knocking on doors of people who have entered the contest in advance, and he awards various expensive prizes?  My thought is, what if domestic ISIS members enter and lie in wait for that fateful knock?  Then who actually gets the surprise?  Times have changed, friends. . .