Friday, June 19, 2015

And on the Eighth Day the Pope Rose to Endorse Faulty Agenda-Ridden Science

I've always marveled at the Catholic Church's ability to do good things, and how it finds a way to make somebody else pay for its good deeds.  For instance, shipping "refugees" and questionables in by the ton, people of whose mindsets and eventual intentions we have nary a clue -- and U.S. taxpayers get to pay for the whole fetid national gate-crashing, which repeats itself over and over again, thanks primarily (though not exclusively) to the Catholic Church.  In this respect, the late Sen. Ted Kennedy was a good Catholic, having pushed, as we now know all too well, legislation to fill the USA with people who wouldn't be here at all, had clearer minds prevailed.  But it was the charitable thing to do, particularly if your religion tells you that good deeds are great additions to one's individual pre-Heaven resume.  But we all pay for somebody else's good deed-doing, even though we never drove drunk over a bridge and drowned a car passenger in our lives, unlike some lucky folks who both legislate AND avoid serious criminal charges because of their protected station in life.

It seems a fair number, a growing number, of Catholics have become alarmed that their current pope reflects more than a modicum of Marxism in his philosophy, especially now that everything has been tidily wrapped up in his new Encyclical.  As if Americans haven't already experienced a belly full of  perpetually negative crap about America's history and status  from our dangerously agenda-ridden president, now we have the pope's interference as he pretty much condemns the USA and capitalism, taking great care not to forget about the evils of fossil fuels.  For good measure, one gets the creepy impression that the U.S. should just let anybody in who wishes to come.  Aren't we already far ahead with that one?

When the pope visits the USA this fall, he'll be welcomed by all variety of leftists and societal outcasts, but the most unfortunate hug of all will come from the White House, which apparently has much in common with this politician pope whose religious messages appear certain to conflict with a crazy political agenda -- which cannot be justified when one looks at the latest data regarding the pitfalls of "man-made" global warming / climate change.  Yes, the science is in -- for now -- but it's not the science the left wants.

The only thing rational minds can do is wait, then endure the pope's visit as one endures a circus show replete with clowns, dogs and ponies, and then  pray for this self-politicized hack disguised as a pope to leave the country as soon as possible. 

The right to exercise one's religion is sacred with me, true enough, until your faith makes me pay for your good deeds or requires me to interact with entities undesirable, or requires the execution of humans or animals to placate demonic gods.  A foreign or religious leader currently pushing and shoving his way into America's political system, however, is likewise not cool.

The 15 dollar minimum wage is such a great idea for entry-level workers  that we shudder in anticipation to watch small businesses and franchises fold into oblivion after prices rise dramatically, leading to an unsustainable profit margin, even in moderate terms, because the customers won't abide by increases.  It's a shame that the (primarily) Democrat legislators who embrace this idea won't tell the truth -- that the reason people can't survive on current wages has everything to do with radical government spending and growth, which hampers businesses and individuals in their quest for a secure future.

We hope Donald Trump doesn't become the new Ross Perot because once you start messing around with a third political party, which all but assures a presidential victory for the sleazy and undeserving Hillary, you're finished.

Teenage surfers lose body parts to hungry (or bored) sharks and the enthusiasm of young people causes them to forget that every wave they ride belongs to critters who call the sea their home.  While some humans put up "Home, sweet home" signs or display floor mats which read,  Welcome, subsurface ocean residents would endorse Guests will be Attacked  signage.

A wispy little blond white thing called Dylann Roof allegedly murders nine people at a church in South Carolina, and as racist as the 21-year-old's crime appears to be, how peculiar that his Facebook page indicates that he has or had black friends.  By now, we're almost expecting the facial expression we see on a young shooter -- a blank stare, apparent detachment, yet hiding the mental faculties to plot and plan the extermination of others.  And, of course, it appears he was medicated with typical maybe-I'll-kill-everybody drugs.  Pharmaceuticals can be such fun for those who don't take them.

True to form, it didn't take the president long to go before the TV cameras and blame a lack of gun control on this and all the gun crimes of the universe.  What?  President Obama, the very "leader" who consistently allows virtually any and every illegal alien to cross the Southern border, carrying who-knows-what armaments into the U.S. blames current gun laws for the country's firearm ills?  The president whose release of illegal criminals from our prisons who go on to rape and murder American citizens, adults and children, again bitches about domestic gun "control?"  Yes, we wait impatiently for this White House fraud's term to expire, as one waits for rats to abandon a sinking ship of state.

The Trade Bill and its components:  This latest evidence of spineless Republicans willing to sell out to lobbyists, the Chamber of Commerce and foreign interests requires that John Boehner must step down as Speaker, and come election time Republican turncoats must be sacrificed at the ballot box for true conservatives, independents or libertarians. 

The U.S. makes plans to include a famous woman on the $10 bill:   Hmm.  Well, looking far into the future, this gives us a perfect reason not to elect Hillary Clinton as president, because one way or another she or Bill will find a way to get her mug on paper money -- and if that happens, I say go ahead, that's an emergency reason worth ridding ourselves of paper money::):)