Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Jailhouse Rock, 2015

According to reporter Fred Dicker, the "Albany Insider" who writes a column for the New York Post,  sources close to NY megalomaniac governor Andrew Cuomo tell him that the governor is hovering somewhere near what I would designate as bonkers and paranoia land these days.  While Cuomo, understandably, has been engulfed by grief following both the recent death of his father and the double mastectomy experienced by his live-in significant other, the major force alleged to be affecting him these days is a U.S. attorney currently investigating and arresting members of Albany's legislative body -- arguably the most corrupt senate and assembly in the United States.

According to Dicker's contacts, Cuomo  --  full of himself  and  presidential aspirations, many have long assumed -- may well also be somewhere on the feds' list of persons of interest in this regard, and because of the distinct possibility that some of Cuomo's actions are about to be seriously microscoped, both his psyche and so-called leadership as governor have taken a dive into near-paralysis.

Nowhere were Cuomo's bad choices more apparent this week than when he quickly made his way to Dannemora’s Clinton Correctional Facility, a state prison, not far from Canada, scene of a masterfully executed double-prisoner escape.  Conducting himself before the national TV News cameras as if he were a museum curator guiding people through the route of departure and method of excavation used by the two escaped convicts -- each a murderer -- Cuomo appeared more like somebody playing C.Y.A. than a governor. 

But this isn't the first time the arrogant Cuomo has shot from the hip -- immediately after that loony and/or violently autistic young man in Connecticut blew away a whole classroom of kids after first taking out his mom (and we don't mean to dinner), NY's Democrat governor and his purring legislative sheep herd went to work quickly like vultures to rip apart what remained of the Second Amendment in NY, coming up with the absurd  SAFE Act.  This legislation, obviously waiting for just the right moment to jump out at law-abiding citizens like a jack-in-the-box (and these boxes are pretty much always operated by Democrats), severely curtails gun rights and effectively pronounces the innocent guilty.

So while many viewers across the nation, unfamiliar with Cuomo's ruthless brand of managing a state and determining its people's choices and destiny via his own and his willing legislative accomplices' whims, probably saw on TV only a governor taking charge of a horrible situation, I spent my TV news time measuring him up as he stood outside the prison, imagining just how fantastic he would look in prison garb himself -- though, sad to relate, should the feds grab him for something major, he would set up residence in a federal pen, not anything with state accommodations.

While everybody awaits, we hope, a safe apprehension of the two murderous prisoners whose  breakout may ultimately result in a takeout,  it's worth mentioning that the governor, among others, noted that this drama might make a good movie.  We agree -- but the governor should understand that this prison break stands firmly upon his shoulders, and whether this event evolves into either a movie or just history, Andrew Cuomo isn't going to come out of this mess looking like the hero.  Far from it.  Buffoon and Co.  is a nice motion picture title, don't you think?

Word has it that moron Republicans will attempt to "fix"  the Affordable Care Act, should the Supreme Court decide it a corpse this month.   We think the better road to travel -- without delay -- would be to re-engage in original discussions whereas insurance companies would be allowed and would have to compete, compete, compete for customers across state lines.  Not only should good ol' stiff American competition  -- capitalism is the dirty word involved here -- take hold, it would almost definitely decrease insurance rates, co-pays and such dramatically.  As things currently stand, insurance, pharmaceutical corporations, etc., have a pretty cozy relationship with both Congress and "Obamacare," and it's high time to give the American people a real choice, instead of the health insurance tyranny currently in force.

A brief return to the Dennis Hastert news:   Yep, not two days after I blogged a tad tongue-in-cheek about swim team members probably being gay -- and I could just as well have said wrestlers -- we discover that Hastert allegedly had an affair with a high school wrestler (among others?) whom he coached.  Again, I say there is nothing new here, and these things have gone on since ancient times.  However, I would emphasize that, for all his faults, Hastert (1) did not "turn" now deceased student and wrestler Steve Reinboldt gay, because he was already gay, and (2) he obviously did not give Reinboldt AIDS.  Maybe somebody should inquire, age aside, how gay people seem to find one another and, for either short or long periods of time, engage in activities apparently mutually satisfactory.  Yes, at this point in the discussion people start twitching uncomfortably in their seats, choosing instead to bring in antiquated laws and antiquated legal representatives to solve the unsolvable.

Female "Viagra," the new drone in town:   If you ladies believe you need this stuff, Flibanserin, just because men have theirs and you want yours, my only job here is to say, oh great, one more drug to be excreted into the public drinking water system.  Enjoy.

Beau Biden deserved the grand funeral procession awarded him.  We just wish the president could have found it in his heart to attend services or  do something  regarding American hero Chris Kyle after his murder on a rifle range.  To paraphrase all too conveniently from the book,  Animal Farm,  are all soldiers equal, but some soldiers are more equal than others?

A cop descends upon a 14-year-old girl at a pool party of loud morons in Texas:   The cops were called to intervene, and from what seemed clear on the cell phone video is that both she and surrounding moronic youth were not about to cooperate with the officer's instructions.  What are these cops supposed to do?  The growing number of instances where police are taunted, set up and their lives and careers threatened will eventually result in no cops and/or really bad cops.  The only cure for this despicable situation will be a change of leadership in the White House and Justice Dept., where, dare we hope, fairness and unbiased truth will prevail.  We currently have no such critter in the mix, regrettably.

President Obama should perform at Carnegie Hall  because I really do think he believes himself the real-life equivalent of Klaatu from  The Day the Earth Stood Still.  Every time he makes a speech where he talks down to us and tells us how it's gonna be with climate change, health care, immigration and other dangerous or insane Democrat policy declarations he seems other-worldly.  And that's not a compliment.