Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Bigmouth -- Trump Shuns Window Dressing

 The stunning attribute about corporate reactions to Donald Trump's comments regarding illegal aliens from Mexico is corporations' seemingly blanket, coordinated refusal to put the word, illegal  in front of the word,  immigrants  while condemning Trump's criticism.  Instead, they posed him as unfriendly to immigrants, period.  I've noticed this little but significant tweak almost instantly as condemnations spewed forth from Univision, NBC, Macy's, Serta, the City of New York -- and, no doubt, from others yet to come.  What Donald Trump has done, and you can discuss his ego or political chances on another day, is to clobber Americans over the head with something we're not used to getting anymore from either politicians or big business interests -- the naked truth -- and the corporate world and special illegal immigrant interests don't like it one bit.  Such folks want and demand illegal aliens of all stripes crossing the border, both as potential workers and customers, American laws be damned, and they are a major reason why law enforcement for border-jumpers has become lax and anemic -- with particular thanks to Washington's bloated ruling class, of course.

So there's old Trump, on TV, radio and in print, calling the border alien invasion what it is, and he's not prettying things up, the way media consultants generally insist.  Wow, we gasp, did he really say that?  Drugs?  Crime?  Rapes?  Murders?  Prisons full of illegals?  Is he allowed to say that?  Isn't that something like a wardrobe malfunction and he'll get in trouble with the FCC or something?  Truth.  Truth hurts, and we in the United States are not to offend or to be offended.  Isn't that written into the First Amendment, the thing about you can't offend and to just shut up and be quiet, as thieves, the disease-ridden and the drug pushers from Mexico and other countries way South of border hell take over our lives like pod people?  No matter, Trump blew the lid, refusing to cloak his meanings in political double-speak.  Gosh darn, what should we make of that?  The truth?  The truth and no window dressing.  Imagine, right here in America.  And corporate America and presumably those in Washington who get paid off big time to play nice are not happy today.  We're supposed to embrace their ad agency fantasies and carefully scripted edicts and ignore what's real, right before our eyes. 

Screw them, we want our country returned from Mr. Obama and his diabolical minions of fundamental transformation.  Too bad  all or nothing  truth-telling hasn't caught on with the other presidential candidates, save for Ted Cruz, who spoke up in Trump's defense with the afterthought that he would have worded the state of illegal affairs a little differently.

As punishment for expressing his opinion in America, Donald Trump slid immediately to the bottom of all national polls.  Oops -- wait a minute.  Correction.  Trump soared to the heights in the polls.  Hmm.  Now, just how could that be?  After all, he dared to tell the truth.  Usually, one ascends the polling process with beguilement and words powdered and painted up for all occasions.  In any case, one must choose words carefully.   Except Trump did not select words from a politically correct teleprompter.  Outrageous.  Is Ripley's Believe it or Not still accepting stories, I wonder?

Embracing the guarantees of free speech in America anymore can be hazardous to one's ambitions.  Maybe we just need a little more  diversity training  to put the proper people in their proper place, so they'll know better than to speak the truth.  Fortunately, say what you will about Trump, but he refuses to be cowed by the sit-down-and-shut-up bunch who have had a pretty good ride of success in recent years.  The fact that it's especially the Republican machine blowing a gasket over Trump speaks volumes about the political party system in this country.  Mark these words, there are already good ol' boy Republicans working to keep Donald Trump out of the debates and, most assuredly, off the ticket.  Funny how these folks play the game until somebody comes along to rock their comfy little boat -- then they show their "true" colors, and for many that's as close as they ever get to truth during their bloated political careers..

We must take steps to fumigate so-called "sanctuary cities" all over the country, and insist upon having accommodating mayors and other government sympathizers arrested, tried and, we hope, convicted for blatantly flaunting some very clear laws regarding illegal immigrants.  If last week's shooting murder of an innocent woman in San Francisco by the scummiest of illegal immigrants, who holds a lengthy felony arrest record and violation of deportation on numerous occasions, wasn't enough to tip the scales on "sanctuary" madness, what is?  Let's start enforcing federal laws already long on the books, because enforcement will put an end to sanctuary cities and the illegal/criminal street trash festering within them once and for all.  If we truly believe in a "war on poverty," then the battle really needs to become instead a war on phony and fraudulent "sanctuary."  Are we not already at war on several fronts, not the least of which has domestic roots?

The Empire (State) Strikes Back:   National news junkies may have thought that New York's megalomaniac governor and doubtful presidential wannabe, Andrew Cuomo, was all about finding out the why and how of that daring duo prisoner escape in Upstate NY.  Maybe so, but his main focus appeared to be making certain his face appeared before the cameras as news updates occurred.  With all that camera exposure, one might almost forget it was Cuomo's own prison corrections system that allowed the escape in the first place, and that means the heaviest load is his to bear.  Because Cuomo himself may well be under the investigative microscope of a U.S. attorney currently uncovering NY corruption as if there's no tomorrow, things could get interesting, and maybe there will yet be another prison cell or two or three to fill with new faces.  Without TV news cameras watching from within, of course.

Unwrapping ourselves  in  from the flag:   Folks seem to be obliterating a particular flag of the Confederate states quicker than you can blink, and the latest participant is -- a famous owner of an original  Dukes of Hazzard  "General Lee" car?  I guess he plans to somehow atone for somebody's ancestors or something by replacing  the Confederate flag on the car's roof with an American flag.  Well, that's absolutely brilliant.  Shall we also take all the TV episodes and digitally remove the flag?  Nothing says  crazy  like the way this flag thing has taken off, because the flag was about far more historically than slavery, and its place in the rise and defeat of the South must never be forgotten.  Yet, we see one well-intentioned (or otherwise) person or group after another attempting to take a giant eraser to history.  Isn't that exactly what ISIS is doing when it blows up ancient artifacts?  Are we going to be like ISIS?

Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to  drink  surf, swim or kayak in.   The sharks of North Carolina should organize a team and call themselves. . .The Sharks, because they are definitely on a winning streak when it comes to attacking humans.  The big news to remember here is that, sometime in a past millennia, we humans allegedly wiggled our way out of the wet slime of murky seas to escape our watery bonds forever, thus leaving that expansive piece of ocean real estate to all the critters who stayed home and didn't wander off like naughty little beasties.  Sorry kids, the oceans belong to the fishes now, and what you can't catch by hook or net obviously feels justified in catching  you.  So -- ever try suing a carnivorous fish sporting heterocercal caudal fins for pain and suffering ?

All on the same day, I read about  Mark Zuckerberg's plans to introduce more artificial intelligence into Facebook's  future operations; Elon Musk's worries about AI's dangers to human survival -- causing him to set up a project to study potential hazards yet to come; and then that bit of news about a worker killed by a robot at a Volkswagon factory in Germany a few days ago, though we're told this was just an accident.  Aren't they always?  Oopsie.  I wonder if China or Iran will be selling adorably cute little killer robots in time for Christmas. . .

From  The Daily Caller  of June 15:  Data from America’s most advanced climate monitoring system shows the U.S. has undergone a cooling trend over the last decade, despite recent claims by government scientists that warming has accelerated worldwide during that time.”   Unfortunately, by the time the pope arrives in the United States, his minions and the Obama bunch will have had time to twist science to their liking.  Please, GOD, let’s hope enough Catholics of profound faith refuse to believe everything their leader tells them, because he’s getting some really, really bad advice which has little to do with science.  There is NO consensus regarding man-made climate change, and absurd claims that some 98% of scientists embrace  bonkers science on this matter are simply false and set forth by the usual internationalists craving power over the rest of us. 

And now we hear that Al Gore  is also exploring presidential chances.  Wouldn't it just figure?  An inconvenient goof.

Bargain basement philosophy for the masses:   If one is expected to hate the abortion doctor, one must also despise the fertility physician.

Could be I'm one, too.    Thinking back on those old  Dr.Pepper TV commercials -- the ones chanting, "He's a Pepper, she's a Pepper, I'm a Pepper, too."  Well, all these folks wanting to be called African-Americans came to mind, and I wondered, ya know, if the cradle of human civilization can be traced back to Africa, may I not also refer to myself as an African-American?   One gets so-o-o-o-o tired of just being a "cracker."

Did Jared replace those lost pounds with video images?   Oh Subway,  PLEASE  stop with the eggshell-walking regarding long-time spokesman, Jared.  As I recall, you folks fed the nation sandwiches whose bread contained the same stuff used to make gym mats and the like -- and as if that weren't enough, you ripped out a perfectly good customer card points system and drove customers to the Internet to gain sandwich points, asking for personal information (date of birth IS personal info) to boot.  As for Jared, I have no idea as I post this what's up with him and cops in his house, and I don't buy your food now, anyway.  If I get hungry enough, I'll just go chew up a gym mat as I fondly recall the old days.