Monday, June 15, 2015

Officer, Draw Your Weapon

The Obama administration's recipe policy of coddling fellow street thugs and restraining local law enforcement officers via its big jackboot known, no longer honorably, as the Dept. of Justice is, predictably, a disgrace.  At another time in American history, goons currently basking at the top would be removed from the White House in handcuffs with a very real potential for some serious prison time.  I believe historical documentation will one day reflect that the crimes and outrages of this administration put the United States, and arguably the world, in immense jeopardy.  The thing is, in order for truth ever to endure the future, Americans need to speak up and speak out now, decrying the White House's apparent goal of furthering, or at least doing nothing to end, racial tensions; hammering police agencies; embracing the Muslim Brotherhood (certified as criminals in Egypt and much of the rational Middle East); walking on eggshells whenever the word,  Islam  comes up; and a host of other issues. associated with this bunch.

So "on top" of outside threats is the Obama bunch that they couldn't even keep crucial information regarding  every  federal employee from, it is suspected, Chinese hackers last week -- even after years of repeated hackings leading the way toward something big.  But who cares about devious Chinese communists, when the Obama folks know that the real segment to keep under observation is American people of legal status.  True citizens. And, of course, the cops.

For this president, the only time I want to use the word  race  is when I wish his own party would get together and "race" him out of town before he does more damage.  As if.

Methodically, case by case, local police agencies are being hobbled by this administration of radical theoreticians, well-dressed men and women whose pod-like minds ooze from brain-rotting universities of the highest caliber, breezing into city after town in official vehicles, armed with rules, regulations, menacing letters assuring compliance and fear-mongering tactics, the likes of which we have never observed in our communities.  Accompanying them is more than just a whiff of United Nations-style big brotherism.  It's like the mob all over again.

Supposedly, they come in the name of civil rights, civil rights being something that applies to one's race or ethnicity, surely not to any other ideal.  Strangely, in the majority of recent well-publicized racial (e.g., white on black) cases involving police, the alleged perpetrators were indeed disobeying police orders by fighting, running away, etc. to begin with.

Was it right to shoot and kill a 12-year-old black child in Cleveland, Ohio who carried what appeared a handgun, but was actually a pellet gun?  I don't know  --  particularly when early news reports indicated that guns which are not the real thing in the city were supposed to be displayed in bright colors so cops can tell the difference, but this one reportedly looked like a real gun in black.  In addition, and witness accounts differ, the boy was supposedly told to drop the weapon, but did not comply.  And now he is dead.  That's why cops' actions are sometimes called snap decisions.  Very little time exists to determine intent, and sometimes they get it wrong because options are few and available only at lightning speed.

In Texas, police officer Eric Casebolt quits his job after public (?) outrage (among extremist outsiders for the most part, we suspect) over his roughness in subduing a teenage black girl.  An uncooperative teenage girl.   No matter that he may have felt his life in danger as he was rushed by at least two more of several young people apparently trespassing on private property.  And wow -- how quickly his own police chief gave him up!  If you can't show some initial support and fairness for your people under what may have been dire circumstances for the officers, why bother acting as chief?  Looks like there may have been more than one "hothead" on the force.  Then, of course, the media absolutely had to go bonkers to obtain and report Officer Casebolt's name so the usual suspects among the unemployed, uneducated and born-stupid-and-proud-of-it could threaten him and his family's lives.

The way these incidents are going, what officer isn't in constant fear for his or her life now?  I suggest a revision of laws so that cops can withdraw and carry their weapons when confronting any situation whatsoever, and if pointing guns at unruly morons who refuse lawful orders or are poised to go postal on cops at a moment's notice is wrong, maybe it shouldn't be wrong to put police weaponry right up front anymore.  Otherwise, the thugs will keep on coming.

Disrespect for police personnel is on the rise, in no small part because the Dept. of Obama Justice, in coordination with the White House, has done everything BUT foster cooperation between cops and the public.  If you think  diversity training  is a thing of the past, watch out, because forced love and respect intended for one or more ethnicities over another is about to get much worse, unless those affected negatively stand up and say they aren't taking this bogus nonsense anymore,  The key words currently are "white privilege," and when you, your family or friends are intimidated by the blatant racism in that term by people dedicated to instilling guilt or fear, you need to stand up and set them straight.

Yet, even organizations professing "diversity" may not be hot for embracing the concept.   There's a woman out in Spokane, WA who heads up the NAACP, and she claims to be at least partially black, with black family members.  Her black family members, however, turned out to be white and tend to disagree with her pronounced heritage.  If the NAACP and the Al Sharpton race-baiting thuggery league allow her to remain, we'll be very surprised.  Diversity only goes so far, depends upon one's color.  In fact, Bruce  Caitlyn  Mr.  Bruce  Ms.  Caitlyn  Bruce Caitlyn  that Jenner person should go for the full shot, lose the organ and then get a brown skin coloration like when Michael Jackson decided to be white -- then diversity will be complete and who will argue?

Diversity works in prison, though.   We're told that one-third of inmates in American prisons are illegal aliens.  Somebody is paying the bill for these folks to hotel with us, guess who?  You.

And national diversity couldn't be better,   especially when author Ann Coulter discloses in her new book that 25 percent of Mexico's native-born currently reside in the United States, both legal and illegal folks -- with maybe a little more emphasis on the latter, I should think.

But don't despair, diversity will be new and improved soon  because Obama's bunch wants to build low-income housing in wealthier areas all over the country.  Forget the American dream, the part where you can live anywhere you want and  away  from anybody you want,  Yep, keep on voting for Democrats, whom you'll continue to serve and pay for and pay for and pay for, as people who aren't you and never will be you receive all the benefits of your hard work.  This extreme leftist bunch won't quit until everybody except their elite family members and friends ends up in equal misery.

Another military chaplain was reportedly kicked out of the service for actually using and showing his Bible, causing others (?) or more likely one other person with a last name which may not quite stack up as adherent to Christianity to complain.  No details at the moment, but we hope the mother of all lawsuits is directed at the military officer wimp division -- Obama supporters one and all, most likely -- for pushing this outrage.  Is this what the intended innocence of allowing gays in the military has progressed to?  Communist agendas?

Good going, President Obama.  For starters at least 450 more U.S. troops are off to Iraq, thanks to this president and Hillary Clintons's profound incompetence the first time around.  American moms and dads are pretty sick of their children being caught up in the spider webs spun by these intellectual American bunglers.  How can this Middle East trauma not expand, now that Obama's professed "JV team" called ISIS has been allowed to grow and prosper through care, feeding and fertilization by the most vile portions of the Koran?  Never forget that if this president had been wise enough to listen to his advisors and left enough troops in Iraq, the coming nightmare would probably never have been on the horizon.

And thanks, Mr. Prez, for releasing hundreds of Cuban criminals from prison directly onto U.S. streets because Cuba won't take them back.   That's okay, 'cause the criminals I'd most like to see in prison right now are the ones currently infesting a residence on Pennsylvania Ave.

"Dracula Has Risen From the Grave" was one of his motion picture titles, but British actor Christopher Lee is now forever down for the "count"  at age 93 in London.  As a kid during the early sixties, I still remember going to a movie theater to see a double-feature (theaters generally presented two movies at a time, can you believe it?) of Alfred Hitchcock's, "The Birds" and a Hammer Films movie entitled, "The Horror of Dracula."  I thought Hitchcock's movie was great, but Chris Lee as Dracula scared the hell out of me, and I don't believe sleep came easily later that night.  Despite his many roles as horror movie monsters, clever villains, and later as an actor in the evolving world of high-tech movie magic & wizardry, Lee, a World War II pilot and true hero, was always described by interviewers as a kind and charming man.  I think I mentioned before that Alexander Soma, reportedly a very ill young man when he died, put out at least a couple issues of his personal labor-of-love zine,  Horrors of the Screen  and Lee kindly contributed something for him, and this was around 1959 or so. 

The great old actors disappear faster and faster, and assuming their place under the lights are a preponderance of folk whose solitary talent is either looking pretty or having the questionable talent of moving in sequence with digitally enhanced effects.  It's little wonder why studios seem so determined to turn out animated movies whose digital characters exceed what lurks before the camera lens as flesh and blood.

Hillary Clinton finally announces  and free-range cattle fart after midnight, it's all about the same to me, 'cept free-range cattle don't want more government and the gilded opportunity to create more taxes while redefining individual rights.

Jeb Bush finally announces  and. . .oh, this becomes so-o-o-o-o boring.