Friday, June 5, 2015

The Vietnam Era UFOs

While I was tucked safely away as a cog among the medical staff in stateside Air Force hospitals  from 1968-1972 -- the Vietnam Era -- there were rumblings in the UFO investigative community about UFO reports out of Vietnam.  As I recall, at least one was prominently mentioned in one or more of the membership journals of those years, but I don't believe anybody really knew how widespread such military-UFO encounters were at that point -- though, thinking way back, this was a subject that Coral Lorenzen had perked up about and was keeping an open mind.  Indeed, she had asked me to keep an eye open in case I learned of reports erupting during the Southeast Asia conflict, because (1) I was in the military and (2) my daily contacts in hospitals included Air Force pilots and other flight personnel..  Obviously, this was also an era when airmen just didn't broach the forbidden UFO topic during or after duty hours, so even when I operated my own clinic at a pilot training base, as much as I wanted to inquire of these exceptional military people about UFO encounters, there was just no safe or routine way to do so.  And I had already had my own little strange experiences with officials as an Air Force airman, so rocking the boat -- or the fighter jet -- was out of the question.  Further, when you sign up for military service, all of your organizational affiliations must be listed, so I've little doubt that my membership in both NICAP and APRO were well-noticed and my activities were at least worth suspicion higher up.

Over the years since Vietnam's chaos, reports of other military UFO incidents trickled in, usually not with much detail, but official documentation discovered by researchers disclosed, at least, that the government was aware of these cases, and that, despite the official line, UFOs were still of much interest and reporting is still required via military channels.

But now, thanks to the masterful efforts of long-time UFO researcher and co-author of the book,  Clear Intent,  Barry Greenwood, surfacing are details regarding 16 important Vietnam Era UFO events -- and documented blatantly with that very term in military records.  Covering, so far, the years 1967 and 1969, Greenwood's findings actually offer dates and other details of precision, but he realizes there is likely a lot more information out there because U.S. military involvement lasted a good decade or so.

This is profoundly important stuff, a fact not lost upon our favorite UFO journalist, Billy Cox, and Billy has laid it all out in his June 3 blog entry, “The Hunt for Missing Pieces,” which I encourage you to read here:

At a time when inquiring minds are insulted by phony alien autopsies and our expectations dashed by slides of "aliens" that turn out to be mummies, it's great to find a researcher doing the work that actually means something.  Thanks Barry, and thanks Billy.