Monday, September 29, 2014

Oklahoma Head: Call it what it is

A grandmother's head in Oklahoma did not simply dis-articulate and fall off her neck because of climate change.  It took a man with a sharp blade, reciting words of Islam all the way, to do the cowardly job.  The FBI is (endlessly) "investigating" whether this was terrorism, while the president assures us for the seven millionth time that Islam is a religion of peace.  Hell no, we aren't at war with Islam. 

Let's see if I have this equation correct:  One radical Muslim plus one knife blade plus one non-Muslim grandmother with a head on her shoulders equals one beheading and one death, except when you add one person with a gun plus the will to use it that equals another life or lives saved.

That's the kind of math I like, and it doesn't come out of a Common Core lesson.

Arm yourselves if you can, with something.  They are here, and you need to be as ready for them as they are for you.  The government?  The government can't save you, it can only take pictures and samples of blood stains after the fact.  We call not for armed paranoia, but for common sense and self-defense, just in case.  Unfortunately.  Multiculturalism, extremism and non-assimilation will destroy the USA.

Eric Holder's Leaking Legacy:   Numerous media sources on the conservative side want Holder prosecuted for Fast and Furious, among other things, and if nothing else he will be remembered for acting profoundly partisan regarding Obama, for acting more than a tad racist, and for not enforcing immigration laws.  I would take that one step further and speculate that his decision to sue Arizona and interfere with others who tried to enforce immigration laws may be directly responsible for illnesses crossing the border and infecting American children from coast to coast -- and we're referencing not only the flu-like illnesses, but the occasional instances of childhood paralysis showing up in concert with the other diseases.  When you allow thousands of nameless every bodies into a country, you're just asking for trouble, and by all indications American children are bearing the early brunt of Obama/Holder border non-enforcement.  As they say in the TV police shows, Mr. Holder, don't leave town -- if congressional investigators have the drive and the evidence, your presence might be requested.  Resignation?  After years of abusing the office of attorney general?  It's the coward's way out, and Obama's televised praise of the A.C. was indeed no better than, per the words of Sarah Palin, putting lipstick on a pig.  Eric Holder, you are no Robert Kennedy.

Japanese volcano illegally blows up!  Now that's global pollution by the megaton, and the fantasies of "global warming" can't touch this beast's power.  Who youse gonna sue over THIS indiscretion, EPA?  Yo mama?  Morons.

ISIS won't play nices:  Interesting that Mr. Obama blames the intelligence community when it appears the relevant facts were ripe for the picking for months -- and did you notice how, for a change, he didn't use the word, "we" in dumping on the intel folks? If we can't bomb them to eternity in a few days, why bother bombing at all?  What -- boots on the ground?  OUR boots?  We did that once, and the worthless Iraq army turned tail and ran.  Here's what:  Congressman, Senator --  If it comes to boots on the ground (and it already has), suit up your sons and daughters and UPS 'em to the Middle East front lines to help out.

UFO propulsion as you've never considered it?   Hit the link for Billy Cox in the margin and check out his September 23 Blog de Void entry entitled, "Any Takers?"  If UFOs involve extraterrestrial travel via intelligent species' but one suspects distances are too great, dramatic new theories might provide a solution.  Per Billy Cox:

"For example, if a UFO were to go. . .only to the point where gravity is just one ten thousandth of its maximum strength. . . then the distance to Alpha Centauri shrinks from 25 trillion miles to just 25 miles!"

Read about the science involved with an exciting new potential pathway to space exploration and see if your horizons don't widen a bit.