Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Diseased Borders, Diseased Nation

As Senator Charles Schumer of New York stepped before the lapdog news media this week and expressed concern about Ebola and the need to track and screen potential carriers, I wondered to myself, well, that's real smooth of you, Senator Chuck -- but how come not one word from the distinguished representative from NY about the Southern border invasion and all the diseases, drugs, "unaccompanied children," Korans and prayer rugs crossing illegally on a routine basis, per the negligence of the president, Eric Holder and other Democrats of a socialist mind?  We suffer a national government of lies, misrepresentations and CYA (that's cover your ass for the uninformed).  If we've learned anything from the likes of the departing Secret Service chief and the former IRS queen, it's that our national government leadership appears composed uncomfortably now of egotists, narcissists and ignoramuses who serve and protect their agendas stubbornly, while the rest of us dwell out of sight and out of mind at the bottom of a long self-serving list stamped OFFICIAL BUSINESS.

Meanwhile, the Ebola patient from Liberia who knowingly jeopardized others by lying about his status and flying to the U.S. remains in critical condition in Dallas as I type this, and I must say that if the bastard gives up the ghost two minutes from now, good riddance.  He may as well have threatened people he encountered along the way with an automatic weapon or knife.  I'm not being racist, I'm being practical.

All of this, as The Medical Establishment puppets (the face-saving folk who say things such as, "well, I don't know exactly what's wrong with your daughter, but. . ." or who write the all-encompassing million-dollar word cop-out, etiology unknown, instead of offering a flat "I don't know") continue to assure us all is well with Ebola, and the prez harmonizes with them by refusing to stop flights from African nations.  Yet, other professional voices protest that there's so much we don't know about Ebola.

And then there's the "mystery virus," known otherwise as Enterovirus D68 or some publicly meaningless number, and our ears strain to hear medical representatives or members of the political class admit the obvious -- that allowing thousands or millions of disease-carrying human vectors to cross our borders without restriction has not only put our population at risk -- the situation now results in the death of young children quite likely exposed to infectious strangers in their neighborhoods.  The blame most likely sits squarely on the president's desk, and also upon the heads of his government partners who approved ignoring the human rodents illegally crossing the borders.  Do presidents ever deserve prison sentences?  Well, just what is appropriate for one who defies his oath of office (to defend our nation) and takes actions resulting in the deaths of innocent Americans and their children in the homeland?

Anybody at any level of government, national or local, should promise in their oath of office that any intentional betrayal of public trust or criminal activity will assure them a solid no-deal 20 years in prison, period.

The paralysis seeming to accompany Enterovirus infections of young children reminds me so much of Guillain-BarrĂ© syndrome, which I observed in several patients during my years in Air Force physical therapy.  My youngest patient was a 13 year-old girl who apparently started out with mononucleosis, but her symptoms quickly progressed to the GB syndrome, leaving her totally paralyzed from the neck down. The syndrome, a variety of peripheral polyneuritis -- basically a neurological manifestation -- generally involves pain, weakness and said paralysis.  The therapist's role is to keep major muscle groups and joints passively exercised until and even as the patient regains control, and in all of the handful of GB cases I experienced way, way back, the patients eventually and slowly took back motor control.  The process consumes months, however.

Yet, this appears not to be the case with children affected by the Enterovirus, as their symptoms are compared more to those of polio.  Truly, a frightening state of affairs -- and, again, I blame the president and supporters of his incredibly boneheaded decisions (and lack of them) regarding the border and invading peoples from Central America and, to be honest, from all over the globe.

To portray one's self as President Cool and act laid back in the White House while simultaneously wrecking the country is not an asset, nor is the promise to override Congress and bestow amnesty upon the undeserving.  The courts should get ready for this outrage.