Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The First Day of School OR Go to the Head IN the Class

Go To The Head  Of  In The Class

News Flash:  The Obama bunch has turned a blind eye to thousands of illegal strangers, extremists and criminals coming over the border, but insists that they attend our public schools -- and asking for their ages is forbidden, even as aliens obviously in their thirties and perhaps forties invade the classroom.  Want your 12 or 14-year-old daughter exposed to sexually promiscuous adults masquerading as children?  Or perhaps the worst nightmares begin here. . .

The dream. . .

It's a sixth grade classroom stuffed with American boys and girls, and a disturbing number of illegal aliens of questionable age. . .suddenly, three burley young men who could fit a description as members of any of several races jump to their feet, throw chairs against the door, forcibly pull a young boy from his desk, throw him to the floor and cut off his head with previously hidden cutlery as he screams, all the while shouting something about Allah.  The horrified teacher and her students freeze in the realization that political religious extremists – Islamofascists --  disguised as curious students with little knowledge of the English language have taken over the classroom with promises of death to all nonbelievers who dwell in the land of the Great Satan. . .

The amazing thing is that schoolteachers across the nation, though complaints have begun to trickle in, aren't collectively screaming to the heavens about the newly government-forced foreign invasion composition of their classrooms.  And what of the teachers' unions?  Don't teachers pay union dues with the expectation of receiving something in return?  Oh, silly me, I almost forgot --  the unions are too busy campaigning for more socialist Democrat **ck-ups who help keep the union finances and power flowing.  But somewhere in the dues mix, aren't those powerful unions supposed to protect their members, and maybe even the students?

Not at all surprisingly, socialist Democrats may have convinced the faux-clueless president to take no executive action regarding immigration "reform" until after the November elections, and if Tea Party sympathizers are smart they'll take full advantage of this typical socialist ploy to reveal amnesty-lovin' political candidates for the scummy critters they are. 

Meanwhile, public schools and the teaching of American values  have now become jeopardized as never before, and unless major changes occur to send a clear message during the November elections, we may as well sew a new  national flag displaying 50 stars and a banana to denote our new  republic  democracy.  Something that even the ghost of murderous racist monster Che Guevara would love (Better choose your T-shirt revolutionary heroes more carefully, kids. . .).

Love that cloud!  I've never made a secret of the fact that I'm no computer genius, and to me the whole "digital revolution" increasingly places us in more danger, and societal thought processes and daily abilities into more decline.  Okay, call me a moron, but then there's this: Celebrity nude photos hacked from the "cloud?"  Say it ain't so!  But, but. . .but isn't a cloud like something, some Wall Street-style vision way up in the sky, keeping either water or digital information and pixels safe from wandering eyes?  Didn't the gurus on TV commercials essentially promise that  The Cloud  was privacy incarnate for our deepest secrets? 

Um, I'm the moron?  Okay. . .

So let's see if I have this down:   Now, the FBI has to go on the hunt to prosecute those responsible for stealing online nude photos from Hollywood's Obama / socialist Democrat donors while the rest of the world goes to hell, in no small way because of   he  He to whom those donors donated?

The horse and the cart.   The president made some lame comment about not wishing to put the cart before the horse when dealing with ISIS (ISIL to him).  I don't know, I've seen horses easily kick over carts placed behind them.  Perhaps in this instance the dilemma occurs when a horse's ass shows up in front of both the cart and the horse. 

The world.  Oh, to be a globe-hopping, credentialed American diplomat with free "reign" to piss off and help destroy international relationships like the president does, but additionally  I would insist upon portraying the United Nations as a flophouse for foreign thugs instead of kissing their butts.  Anybody thirsty for a nice big glass of phony global warming, that beverage just watered down a bit more with the revelation that the Arctic ice pack has again increased?

Which brings us to Australia, whose Australian Bureau of Meteorology was just caught manipulating temperature data to indicate global warming where there is none (per James Delingpole, Breitbart, August 25). When it comes to truth vs. big money and power, truth easily becomes a disposable commodity.

Raise the minimum wage?  There's a clear reason why some jobs are designated entry level, and if the federal government continues to interfere in what businesses have to pay employees, prices will go up for customers and soon there won't be customers -- and when businesses close, government bureaucrats will be the first to blame employers for the situation.  If there's any place where minimum wages should be dished out, it's the White House -- but I would opt not for paying, but for assessing fines.  Yeah, prison sentences, too.

That's all for now, time to shut down the computer, go outside with the umbrella, and hold out my hand to determine if I can feel any EMP effects raining down yet. . .