Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bits and Pieces for September 2014


How clever of President Obama to put off immigration "reform" -- new legislation which he has no legal ability to produce, let alone enforce -- until after the November elections, so as not to remind voters that their leftist Democrat members of Congress are poised to crush rational definitions of the words, American citizen.   Politics at its most odorous.  Me?  Still way beyond impeachment and hoping for prison -- a prison without a golf course.  The (sigh. ..) impossible dream.

I'm writing this about nine hours before the prez is scheduled to speak to the American people (legal and illegal) with his (obviously) quickly cooked-up (like instant rice, "ready in minutes") Middle East strategy , and I'm thinking, what a jerk, he couldn't wait to rush us out of  Iraq (as numerous archived speeches aptly demonstrate), and after he and Queen Hillary finished adding fire to the Arab Spring,  apparently in full expectation that life would be good again, here we are as both the Middle East and the rest of the world burn in defiance to everything the Obama/Clinton duo and their willing moronic minions did.  As a military veteran, I can't possibly express the degree of outrage I feel over the sad truth that so many fine and honorable active duty folks continue to toil and suffer under a degrading and  pathetically weak conciliatory appliance disguised as a world leader.

Here's a loony idea, how about the sons and daughters of Saudi princes and Kuwaiti royalty, and in fact the whole able population of such countries get out there and use all that military hardware accumulating in their countries to handle this hell on earth themselves?  No, they always expect the U.S. to do it and lose our young people's lives.  Let the Middle East's pampered dignitaries get off the beaches, off their asses and out of the casinos to fight  the war they should fight themselves.  Sorry to be so shallow here, I always get that way when some aura of common sense emerges.

Having said that, enough diplomacy already.  If we're going to send air power to reduce ISIS to an ash, don't hold back.  To hell with the Bush approach and to hell with the Obama approach.  Bomb the extremist Islamist population and keep bombing until every last one is dead, man, woman and child.  It's all the same monster. Will innocent people die?  Yes.  But that's the crazy little thing about war. War is war, and war is accomplished with neither cookies nor kindness, only with speed and death.  Unfortunately, the Obama bunch will probably not call this the war that it should be, continues to have their heads way far up United Nations butt, so anything the prez says tonight with his public face will likely be far different from the things he says to those behind closed doors whom he wishes to appease.  A real American president would start by kicking every vestige of the Muslim Brotherhood out of both the White House and Washington, but thanks to the grand collaboration the whole MB thing is apparently imbedded throughout the intelligence community, with plans to stick around.  This must change, but that will be up to voters whose minds remain yet untouched by Common Core, which replaces common sense.

Oh, and when the mission is finished, don't put our U.S. military members in federal prison for performing the jobs they were ordered to do.  Word has it, there are a lot of military folk in federal pens who don't belong there.  But don't count on Obama diplomacy, which can't even be bothered to get an American Marine out of a Mexican prison -- and Mexico is as much of a friend to us as Iran these days, providing fairly safe passage to those of many foreign lands who invade our borders.  Not a friend.

Next, close the borders and don't allow one more Muslim into the U.S. until we get a handle on the national threat.  Other countries have caught on to the horror, why are we so far behind?  Oh, of course, it's spelled O-b-a-m-a and the leftists.

New virus in town.  Children in 10 states and growing are infected with a serious respiratory virus (Enterovirus 68) rarely seen in this country, often requiring hospitalization, and as the epidemic proceeds it's worth harkening back to all those illegal alien children who began storming the borders months ago, and who continue to do so.  TB cases reportedly are also "mysteriously" showing up in the USA.  Yes, by all means, keep letting anything that can walk across the border attend school with your children.  Diseases progress, the government won't admit to their source, and we have no right to question or get straight answers from anybody.  We need government whistle blowers more than ever.

CVS pharmacies pull the plug on cigarette sales in all their stores.  Well, that's nice -- but you guys do realize, don't you, that you're still peddling, for a hefty profit, dangerous / poisonous drugs behind the medicine counter?  I mean, all the stuff in TV commercials where they warn viewers of potential and  serious complications and even death if taken "as prescribed?"  And last I checked, I don't think smokers excrete stuff into municipal water supplies that could affect aquatic life and people the way traces of some drugs detected in water samples might.  Now, I understand that  pharmacies  drug stores sell medications intended to help people, but if you're going to discontinue the cigs, shouldn't drug stores of any ownership also carry a corporate logo displaying a skull & crossbones?  Really, tobacco, marijuana, cocaine, meth,  generic and brand-name drugs -- choose your poison.  And label it all as the same critter.

Wow, a new I-Phone!  Exciting!  Amazing!   Stupendous!  Extraordinary!  A dream come true!  Dumbing you down!  Requires no common sense or thinking!  Its colorful and shiny allure shapes your attention span into making you the perfect victim for a thief on the streets!  Subject to instant uselessness when encountering an EMP!  Wait, the next I-Phone is almost ready!  Be the first on your block, kids, so you can tell everybody you have one. . .!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, a new smart watch!  Wonder how long it will be before carpal tunnel syndrome becomes widespread due to repetitive wrist movements?  Get ready, orthopedic clinics. . .

Did I hear this right?  That some 160 coal-fired power plants are closing to date per order of Obama's EPA?  If the coming winter meets or exceeds last winter's chill, one wonders how the power grid will cope. Last time, the grid was reportedly hovering near collapse.  If power problems present Americans with disaster this winter, all the public officials who thought disemboweling "king coal" and firing thousands of industry workers was just marvelous for The Environment must be held criminally accountable, and that certainly includes this White House and other communists intent upon American "transformation."  Trust me, slavery is not dead.  Different masters, different plantation, global influence.

And speaking of such things, ABC News, hell-bent upon featuring weather "extremes" almost every day on its so-called news programs (totally ignoring anti-global warming news, natch'), often reveals a fact even they probably overlook:  Their weather reporters will usually say something such as, "This is the worst rain event here in 30 years," and by so doing this indicates that, indeed, severe weather has struck in the recent past.  It's not something brand new.  Yes, climate change exists, with an ebb and flow set in place long before we showed up as latecomers, somehow mysteriously imbedded with the responsibility to explain and  "do something" about climate alterations over which we have no control.  The U.S. Senate must shoot down any and all international climate treaties intended simply to steal our money, and that means telling the current president and his intellectual (that may be a vastly insignificant word) twins at the U.N. "no."

Automobile technology prides itself on the development of electric cars and the like.  Tesla Motors, in fact, is building a battery factory in Nevada.  I'm still betting on hydrogen vehicles, myself, but at any rate the problems to be overcome aren't merely the propulsion and energy systems.  Because roads and highways are routinely washing out due to heavy rainfall -- weather extremes, ABC! -- it kinda seems as though something needs to replace tires, and more likely a something which won't even need a road upon which to travel, since roads may become too cumbersome, expensive and obsolete to maintain and replace.  I know, this sounds like a beam-me-up-Scotty moment, and, as you know, I never much cared for "Star Trek." 

Going Up!  Ray Rice, wedding rice, instant rice, who cares?  Hey, you want football thuggery, this is what you get -- and you want it, you know you do! Violence against women  and men is epidemic, I guess, but I had a different take on the elevator's security cam video regarding that football player / future wife incident.  What may have happened is that the elevator was moving quickly and as Rice was attempting to push a button the force of either upward motion or gravity moved his arm, resulting in his hand smacking the girlfriend and knocking her out.  I assume this is the sort of thing intended when beautiful women are referred to as "knockouts?"  (So, my instant analysis is any less credible than barrels of tripe shared among TV's talking heads?)

Who knew?  The late actor Steve McQueen was among a very few asked to assume the lead role in the movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, a relatively meaningless little notation I discovered while reading about his life.  I did find it interesting that McQueen, who seemed to have a troubled childhood (as so many of the best actors did), rejected the role which ultimately went to Richard Dreyfuss because he allegedly didn't feel comfortable dealing with emotions required for the part.  While McQueen's reputation on movie sets depicted him as often difficult to work with, he also did whatever he wanted to do and felt that, if others had a problem with him, that was  their  predicament, not his.  Good for him!  By the way, grandson Steven R. McQueen has a recurring role (evidently a role which requires him primarily to show up, hang around and model for the cameras) on TV's  Vampire Diaries, a program whose premise, continuing existence, scripts and very inception continue to puzzle me, much as I'm puzzled that fruitcakes persist in showing up as legitimate Christmas gifts year after year for people who don't actually want or need them, but can't resist opening the wrapper to determine the staleness of the product.