Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Feel the Beat

What's the best time of year to beat your children?  There is no best time, and you should never beat your children, but that's not to exclude the occasional swat on the behind when it's deserved.

I started thinking about this beating thing only for one reason.  Seems to me that among all those young college grads associated with the Obama Administration -- the ones who think they're gods and goddesses just because they went to prestigious universities -- who nevertheless are too young, too inexperienced and positively too devoid of common sense to know the dangers of policies they're asked to carry out, a fair share probably never experienced so much as one spanking in their lives.  Imagine all those youthful White House  attorneys and social engineering psychologists raised with nothing but praise, trophies and a total lack of disappointment as they were given everything they ever wanted.

Now, think of them all working together as one in a White House hive, privileged worker bees happily distorting truth, manufacturing lies, half-baking presidential decisions / indecision and dispatching jars of constitutionally fetid directives throughout the land.

Yes, these are the folks who might have gained benefit from a good old-fashioned spanking now and then in their youth. Obviously, it's too late now.

3,000 Americans will reportedly be shipped off to Africa to somehow help deal with the Ebola crisis.  Sorry to be so insensitive, but I'd rather they head for the northern and southern borders of the USA and stop the other deadly diseases storming this country, the ones on two feet.  The White House Marxist continues to screw brave military members who were never intended to do the things this pathetic presidential failure and his cohorts insist upon.  We're told they won't be at risk of developing Ebola -- yeah, and ISIS was just "junior varsity" and not worthy of a second look, either.  By the way, the United Nations gang doesn't appear too interested in jumping into this sea of hell.  

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton continues the journey to remove herself from any vestiges of the apparently corrupt State Dept., and her monumentally destructive actions in the Middle East in collaboration with Boss Obama.  I guess her hitting the political trail exemplifies what's known in the working world as re-inventing oneself.  Hard to tell the difference between the re-invented and a chameleon.