Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Going Viral, Going VERY Viral

 I've been waiting impatiently for physicians to come forward in large numbers to question the origin of a respiratory virus currently engulfing children across the United States.  More accurately, I've waited for a few brave embracers of the Hippocratic oath to publicly shout from hospital rooftops their suspicion that this enterovirus (D-68) hails from somewhere way south of the border.  It only makes sense to consider this when a country is rife with the knowledge that its borders have been open to the whim of a president who seems more like a welcome-wagon representative than a constitutional defender of national borders. Unfortunately, a good many physicians and others probably remain silent because hospital administrations under whom they serve persistently cower in fear of staff members exercising First Amendment rights while the Obama bunch hover over the medical establishment like dragonflies.

But now the Breitbart news service reports that Dr. Jane Orient, Executive Director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, expressed her fears last week that illegal immigrants from Central America may be the likely source, during an interview with radio's Laura Ingraham.

May far more than one voice light the darkness of news distortions and White House lies as the president prepares, in all likelihood, to cheapen America's citizenry with the ill-advised amnesty which only the devious can offer via Executive Order.  Meanwhile, tuberculosis, head lice and a wealth of contiguous medical problems continue to cross the border, infecting human carriers who just can't wait to sit next to your kids in a classroom ordered to serve one and all equally by White House leftists.

Bring 'em here while we bomb 'em there:  Mr. Obama really should have had a session with Congress about his highly belated actions in the Middle East this week (his Middle East non-policies and errors pretty much assured that we would end up in this spot), though as luck would have it almost everybody but ISIS will probably agree that sending ISIS members to hell with bombs directed in all the right places is a hot and creative idea -- and sexy for all those dead homicidal Islamists, too, because each will finally get to have his (no, not her) way with 72 virgins.  Whew!  That sure is a lot of virgins, I hope there are enough.  Not that it matters, though, because as I've said before, I suspect all those virgins are elderly male virgins.  Or maybe even old male goat virgins.  Have fun, boys.

Yet, the bombing seems a tad  redundant, since the prez and co. seem perfectly pleased to let anything come over the U.S. borders that can ambulate. For months now.  Are "they" here among us?  Likely they and it. 

What makes little sense to anybody with sense, however, is Obama's apparent desire to remove Assad from Syria, especially when "we" may have made him out to be a worse bogeyman than he is -- a monster, yes, but at least a monster whose rule protects Christians and whose army keeps ISIS and its wanna-be's safely at bay.  Considering this Administration's failures following its helpful obliteration of several Middle East dictators, it should be keenly obvious to even the curious observer that Assad's anticipated goodbye will result in turmoil, utter chaos.  Again.  None would likely replace this dictator except a worse dictator (hello, Al Qaeda & associates) -- but since this is exactly the pattern the Obama bunch has foolishly engineered in Libya, Iraq and Egypt, thus exemplifying the oft-touted warning that insanity means doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result, the prez is almost certain to facilitate Islam's worst to gain a new foothold.  And not to be overlooked, we hope the Saudis and others (surprisingly) involved in stamping out ISIS are footing most or all of the bill for U.S. assistance.  Yeah, right.

Deja vu with the Roosevelts:  I struggled through the entire week of Ken Burns' "The Roosevelts" documentary, realizing early on that rumblings of The Great Depression have resurfaced and one can almost hear the song,  Happy Days are Here Again  playing in the background.  FDR battled the effects of polio, but perhaps our sympathies were mostly with wife Eleanor, unloved and betrayed, yet strong enough to pursue a quality life via other arrangements such as charitable activities.  I was with her right up until her re-embrace of Satan's playground known as the United Nations.  Eleanor, how could you!  Oops, oh, almost forgot, left, left left. . .

Just another fence to be hopped:  First of all, I wondered what the big deal was, because this is a president who cares nothing about the quality or background of those hopping the southern borders.  What's one more fence-jump to the most open Administration in history?  Besides, the intruder is a decorated military veteran with an important message for the president.  We are told that he had to meet with Mr. Obama personally to warn him because the atmosphere is collapsing.  Hmm, he should instead have opted to tell the prez that the sky is falling, because then everybody would know he's talking about the economy.  Where was the Secret Service?  Probably still busy deleting sections in the operations manual referencing Islamic terrorists to avoid irritating White House Muslim Brotherhood higher-ups.

Did Muhammad Exist?  That's the title of a new book by Robert Spencer, whose research and experience lead him to ask that very question.  Could the entire concept of Muhammad the man be based upon bits and pieces from widely-spaced historical accounts -- resulting in Muhammad the invention?  The little man who wasn't there?  I would ask, is that a way-deeper reason why Muslims believe there should be no visual depiction of Muhammad -- because he never existed and therefore could not be shown?  I suppose this dashes all my hopes to sponsor in 2015 a draw your best Muhammad and his nine-year-old wife contest for brave artists willing to lose their lives for art. . .

Climate changes of the rich and famous:  Yes, actors and actresses of exceptional intellect exist, but one may also harken back to the late writer Truman Capote, who said something during an interview on national TV to the effect that he found most of them to be stupid.  You know, the ones who repeat words and move body parts in unison like trained seals.

That brings me to Leonardo DiCaprio, and I don't know or care whether he's smart or stupid.  But he did speak before the global warming socialist crowd in NY's "People's Climate March" this week, fresh, I assume, from departing his private polluting jet aircraft and/or his ocean-voyaging, environmentally destructive yacht.  Amazing - from child actor to expert on how the rest of us must change our lives and suffer economically to accommodate and satisfy climate fantasies of the rich and powerful.

He wasn't alone, of course.  Matt Damon attended, presumably to spew out the same unsettled scientific crap which such folk promise from the heart has long been settled.

Robert Kennedy, Jr., no surprise here, additionally jumped on the bandwagon, warning that climate "deniers" should go to prison.  I guess he's an authority because he's a cause rebel or something, not an actor.  A shame, really.  I cherish letters I have from his father's office regarding UFOs (in the sixties -- I've scanned them for this blog in years past).  But RFK, Jr. might be considered a fanatic regarding the climate, and fanatics often cloak themselves in such a rabid manner that they prefer to wish detractors away to prison.  Yes, myself, I wish President Obama could go to prison, but I'm being realistic based upon his performance, not because of some pathological climate fantasy.

Need I say it?  There is climate change.  The climate always changes, it has before and will long after we're gone.  Climate change is not the property of fanatics bent upon holding terrible powers and expense over our heads.

DiCaprio?  I'll take a Clint Eastwood or Jon Voight over a thousand of him any day because eventually wisdom trumps whimsy.  But, hey, if one has a strong desire to worship at the global warming temple of Al Gore, isn't that special?  If Mr. Obama wishes to speak at the "Climate Summit," are we surprised?

The bottom line:  For me, every time one of these "notable" climate change personalities takes to the stage, I merely hear Klaatu impersonators playing off that farewell speech in The Day the Earth Stood Still, and it cracks me up.  The tragedy, however, is that people longing to influence our lives dramatically based upon computer projections and creaky science often successfully use their charisma to empower themselves while, in a manner of speaking, disemboweling the rest of us. 

The United Nations wants your money.  An international climate treaty must not be ratified or accepted in any form by the United States, and that means we badly require a Senate with independent thinkers unshackled from party and special interest bosses.  Good luck with that.