Monday, July 28, 2014

We Did Not Elect the United Nations as Our President

Now and then, I donate money to a chapter of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), but considering the state of the world, I'm sorely tempted to reconsider. Perhaps instead I'll start donating to some international organization dedicated to the rehabilitation and return to the wild of animals born to kill and eat humans.  Anyway, let's get on with the rest. . .

Yes, I did think about UFOs the other day when I heard an old Ray Stevens comedy song entitled, "The Great Mississippi Squirrel Revival," and lyrics (repeated several times) place the location as a Baptist church in Pascagoula -- home, of course, to the alleged Hickson-Parker UFO abduction. . .and make no mistake, as I've written on previous occasions, the Hickson-Parker case is a favorite for me, and even the late UFO-"picky" national radio commentator Paul Harvey gave this one a fair airing coast to coast on a Saturday morning.  Bizarre, yet somehow vital to learn more about -- and apparently well-witnessed at various interludes as an airliner-sized object descended to an area where two fishermen ended up as the "catch."  Something's catch.  And still the world sleeps on. . .

Wow, try to follow this:  A Philadelphia psychiatrist, licensed to prescribe psychotropic drugs, shot an illegally armed mental patient apparently intent upon pursuing a murderous rampage, and either was or was not on drugs, with a gun he, the doc, wasn't supposed to be carrying in a hospital, but everybody's glad he did because he probably saved lives by bringing the crazed shooter's violence to an end just after a co-worker was shot dead by the madman.  I anticipate that the nation's wussies, who would rather die than fight, will blame this successful outcome on the NRA, and call for the implementation of an organization like Doctors Without Borders, except this one shall be called Doctors Without Guns.  How dare any Constitution-loving American ever attempt engaging in self-defense?  The very idea!  And doctors?  Every physician worth his  sphygmomanometer knows that nothing beats the threat of gunfire like a No. 15 blade scalpel held at arm's length in a threatening or surgical manner.  Everybody knows that.

Barack and Hillary's excellent misadventure:  "We came, we saw, he died."  Yes, Hillary, Libya's dictator, like Egypt's dictator, is gone, way, way gone, and as we take a good, close look at everything you and the boss did to help along that aptly-named Arab Spring, it's painfully obvious that you folks own no small responsibility for the human firestorm continuing to rage from country to country, having repaired not one damned thing.  Hillary Clinton has moved on to other matters, but her actions and words remain behind to soothe a new Middle East, particularly that of this Administration's making.  We long ago forgot about "the shores of Tripoli," but as (for a change) well-planned mass evacuations of U.S. personnel took place in Libya, surely some during departure had visions of whistling through the darkness of Benghazi's ghost yard.

WARNING!  WARNING WORLD ROBINSON!   Professor Obama too often seems to consider America the United Nation's personal concubine.  That's why I shake with some trepidation, waiting for this increasingly predictable dolt/non-dolt to make a pronouncement that, shucks, the Southern border intruders from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador (transported with Mexican cooperation, thanks a lot) aren't illegal at all, they're actually refugees -- and that's exactly the fateful word those manipulative U.N. bastards will prod him to use, as La Raza  ("The Race") and others who are plainly racists in their own right continue their push to legalize one particular group of people on this side of our border -- no matter what.  Then comes the dreaded Executive Order.  At that point, Congress will have no other choice but to impeach or take some legal action against this president, and I suggest they aim high for established law-based justice, not the "social justice" familiar to the president's progressive and community-organizing comrades.

Meanwhile, the Israel and Hamas musical chairs cease-fire (party off, party on. . .) continues.  Silly Israel -- don't they realize that those tunnels from the Palestinian side were actually intended merely to shuttle radical Muslim comedians, bawdy song singers, nude female dancers and Hamas go-go boys, other entertainers and members of the Palestine National Women's Synchronized Swimming Team to the Israeli side to provide a few laughs?  Hey, anybody can misplace missiles and bombs in tunnels, or in schools -- I think we've all done that at one time or another, right?

TV news on the national networks has become mortifyingly sucky.  Save yourself, David Muir and others, before it's too late!  There's just gotta be pod people conversions of good reporters at the major networks -- there's no other rational explanation for a nightly fascination with human interest crap-o-rama and little in the way of actual  n-e-w-s, as the world burns hotter and brighter than even the networks let on.  IMHO.