Monday, July 21, 2014

Cuteness on the Decline

The incursion of profoundly illegal immigrants (not to be honored with the designation "migrants," a currently deceptive term almost equivalent in the public mind to innocent seasonal visits by flocks of birds) at the Southern border supports my occasional warning that your babies aren't cute anymore.  It's not the faces, folks, it's  the numbers.

Numbers lead to health risks, expenses addressed to unwilling taxpayers and schools overrun by children who speak not a word of English and, in many cases, have no desire to do so.  Do you think the MS-13 gang members cross the border because they can't wait to achieve citizenship and fight for the U.S. flag?

Border invaders, whatever their true motivations individually, are having the time of their lives, anticipating amnesty and (your) wealth beyond their wildest dreams for one reason -- President Obama's speeches and reassuring words did everything but bid them welcome, a free education and riches tossed out like candy.  Your  riches.  Ah yes, to  The Dreamers  go the riches.  Your riches.  Your candy.  Your food. Your schools. Your children?  Well, they'll just have to sacrifice a little more.  Nancy Pelosi embraces the surge and Harry Reid assures us the border is secure.  We squirm in a psychotic nightmare from which not even a witch's brew nor antibiotics can awaken us as time goes on.

Meanwhile, the lawless prez won't budge, assumes responsibility for nothing, as usual, and Congress sits on its collective ass as the border experiences an invasion by  dreamers,  seekers, drug pushers, the worst criminals and terrorists, all with a single goal:  To get inside. The Trojan horse freely gallops along the countryside.

What this Administration is calling upon its border agents to do is beyond belief, subjecting them  to gunfire, disease and humanity in utter chaos.

Your babies aren't cute anymore. Understand?

Our government is sworn to provide security to its people.  It's not, and instead its renegade sector has orchestrated hell on earth via children and adults from far away, and some of our "leaders" of, for and by the people need not only to be impeached and thrown out of office -- prison time needs to be a part of their lives, too. 

Murder over Ukraine:   The Russian "separatists" can hide all the evidence they want, but corpses will tell the tale, imbedded as they must be with missile fragments and minute traces of probable Russian "fingerprints."  Putin and co. are not simply savvy business people, they're thugs and killers.  Who knew?  So, like we don't have the Russian mob in this country?