Thursday, July 24, 2014

An Offer Israel Can't Refuse?

I haven't had much use for the United Nations since Grenada's UFO stamps were issued in the seventies as a result of the eminently controversial Sir Eric Gairy's UFO interest.  Presumably, the series remains a favorite of philatelists, which sounds an awful lot like philanderers.  But to each their own.

Make me president (no, don't, please. . .) and one of my first endeavors would be to convince both the nation and NY City socialists to kick this worthless, America money-sucking group of United Nations thieves and thugs out of the country, turning every square inch of former  U.N. property into either an animal shelter or prison space for U.S. government officials proven to have screwed us all.  Not sure we'd have enough space for the latter, unfortunately.

But in the meantime, send John Kerry back to the Heinz ketchup tomato patch and let me be Secretary of State for a few days, encountering no interference from the pathetic Obama bunch.  First thing -- pat Israel on the back and tell 'em to go kill every Hamas-lovin' Palestinian who even looks like they want to shoot off a rocket.  When you live near a civilization of mental defectives perpetually intent upon killing every Jew in sight with the goal of Israel's utter destruction, there is no other solution.  The "peace" thing was and always will be a failure, and if Hamas continues to call the "shots," the pathway should be clear -- no thanks to the Obama bunch, which the annals of history can't wait to record  as the thuggish political cult administration it was from the start.  Democrats, how did your party become infested with this variety of anti-American, yet foreign punk ass-kissing toadies?  Looks like a real bad case of Democra-sycophantitis.

Oh, what a diplomat I would make. Just how does one grow peace in a world populated increasingly by warlords and kooks?

Meanwhile, radical Muslim goons persist in obliterating every Christian and Christian church they can find in Syria, Iraq and other parts of the Middle East and beyond.  France and the whole of Europe itself are catching on, perhaps too late, to stop the carnage and subdue those who methodically plan to conquer governments with the throwback religion of death and ignorance.  The USA must do the same, because our worst nightmare will materialize in decades ahead simply though the strength of numbers -- numbers of people who have not assimilated and will not assimilate to the American way, even as they procreate and populate in extraordinary numbers as if by plan, and the plan is the horror of shariah law.  To paraphrase from Love Story, the old cinematic tear-jerker, Caliphate means never having to say you're sorry (um, because in this respect you won't be alive to apologize if you divert).

The Southern border currently remains the best reason for putting the Obama bunch in prison, because their decisions and lack of same have violated and endangered Americans everywhere with a continuing barrage of  illegal diseased persons, young MS-13 gang members and others who may eventually wreak more havoc than ever.  The maddening knowledge here is in knowing that our government knew at the beginning of 2014 that this chaos was on the way, yet apparently decided to let it happen.  I guess the Admin figures these illegal folks can wander on in and stay forever, and the rest of us will forget about them because our memory spans are short.  Too true, unfortunately.

And a U.S. Marine remains in a Mexican prison because President Obama apparently won't even try to get him, a man who merely took a wrong turn and ended up in 'ol Mexico, released.  How in the world can anybody among military or security personnel in this country have even a modicum of respect for this president who solves all ills with personal golf games and vacations?  Is anybody running this country?  I mean, anybody remotely American in philosophy?  A hedgehog couldn't do a worse job.

By the way, is Major Hasan ever going to be executed for his Fort Hood jihad murders?