Monday, August 4, 2014

White House Kills

Our borders are stuck open as if with a giant doorstop, but alleged government leadership cares not.  President Ebola  Obola Eboma Obama could easily have secured most, if not all, border entry points almost overnight, but he chose to ignore the crisis both for political reasons as well as, it appears, for pursuit of something more than party politics. As the border hemorrhages, so goes the nation, flooded by illegal individuals of young and older ages, born of countries far away.  Sometimes very, very far away.  Assimilation is the last thing on their minds.

Blame extends throughout the political rats' nests of Washington, but fingers can easily be pointed first at the White House, where already established immigration laws are ignored wholesale.  This is nothing less than criminal in practice.

Yes, there are killers in the White House -- killers of real hope and opportunity, killers of the American spirit, killers of the individual's pursuit of happiness and attempts to innovate without government interference. 

Regarding the Southern border, it's numbers of people, not people as individuals, storming in, bringing with this locust invasion diseases, ignorance, no skills, non-English speaking youth and, worst of all, unyielding masses of humanity merely seeking free stuff.  Our stuff.  Free education, free housing, free living.  Adults and children have heard the call, and the call from Obama's specifically directional megaphone echoed masked words of come and get it. 

Speaker John Boehner says impeachment of Mr. Obama is off the table.  Methinks  Mr. Speaker needs to procure a new table and seriously consider changing his words, even if that doesn't occur until after the November elections.  The people who should and could restrain this president are clearly the Democrats, but they aren't touching this lawless Administration with a ten-foot golf club.  They're having too much fun basking in expectations, rational or not, of future voting blocks suggesting  all Democrat, all the time.  Apparently,  blue dog  Democrats who wouldn't stand one moment for the lawlessness in this White House have all gone on to their eternal reward and disappeared from the Earth's face.  Pity.  Tragic, really.

Self-appointed diplomat Robert wishes to apologize to Israel for my government's condemnation of Israel for the latest bombing of a United Nations building in Gaza.  Well, you know, s*** happens, and the oft-ignored fact that the Palestinian people chose Hamas to provide security is hardly insignificant.  If my neighbors consistently lobbed rockets at me, I doubt I'd chalk it up to terrorists will be terrorists and return to my crossword puzzle without a response.  Yep, a good many Palestinians want no part of the violence, and it's no secret that a respectable number of them can get along just fine with Israel, but until Hamas (and Hezbollah and other Muslim Brotherhood parasitic lice infestations) experience utter destruction, Israel will continue blowing up tunnels and killing its enemies.  Go for it, Israel, and if the damned useless U.N. gets in the way, well, as we said, s*** happens.

The Southern U.S. border needs quick and concerted attention, and that means getting these well-organized gangs of "children" and adults out of here quickly.  We have laws on the books now, so use them.  President Obama has neglected to protect Americans by failing -- willingly -- to secure the border.  From coast to coast, our very existence as a nation and our lives are in more jeopardy than ever because the borders are virtually open both to terrorists and the concealed weaponry of their choice.  For the current White House bunch, and we're not forgetting Eric Holder and we're not forgetting the ill-named Homeland Security, impeachment must be an option in the road ahead, and trials and prison most assuredly should be an option in some circumstances.  It's high time to dust off the old books and re-familiarize the courts with terms such as tyranny, tyrants and treason.  One need only listen to law enforcement personnel and others in the legal system whose voices have grown weary of open-ended lawlessness exhibited without consequence in high places.  The status quo will not endure, Nancy Pelosi.  Reacquaint yourself with reality, Harry Reid.  Will Democrats continue to pursue banana republic status for the United States in conjunction with labor unions and other socialist entities?  Will Republicans persist in digging their own grave as the party carelessly sits on a hamster wheel ride to nowhere?  Good luck, Tea Party, Independent and Libertarian voters, you'll need it.