Wednesday, July 2, 2014

One Nation, Under Embitterment

When we spend too much time watching TV fantasies or reading way-out fiction, it's probably not uncommon for some to believe that reality merely reflects the world of pretend. 

Case in point:  Early episodes of the series, "24" on Fox-TV gave us an African-American president (Dennis Haysbert), a strong, rational president portrayed so efficiently by the actor playing him that Americans in large numbers begged for that kind of black president.  Uh huh -- forgot about that, didn't you?  Obviously, Obama would be  that  kind of president, as seen on TV, just give him time. . .

Even the TV president would have called the president of Mexico and insisted that our U.S. Marine, currently stuffed away and forgotten in a Mexican prison, apparently because he took a wrong turn and ended up in that country, be released to our custody at once.  But Obama is not the "24" TV president.  In fact, the reality president lets Mexico walk all over the U.S. while Mexico insists that we do as they say, not as they do, especially when it comes down to border issues.

Yeah, so here we are.  At  least  as long ago as January, this Administration knew that "unaccompanied" children (make that "children") were on the way in large numbers, and now we have not only thousands and thousands of children and moms parading across our borders as border patrol agents busy themselves with day care and diaper duties -- but gang members and likely terrorists are sneaking in unobstructed.

We are, indeed, being played by a government way, far out of control.

Meanwhile, as U.S. military veterans die for lack of care at corrupt VA institutions and public health care in general becomes both hideously expensive and difficult to access, Lord Obama's government rushes to treat border entrants like royalty, striving to make them feel fuzzy, warm, fed, housed and medically checked out to a degree your Aunt Florence will never experience, as she languishes in some rat-infested nursing home administered by people who shudder at the mere thought of even having to feed her two or three times a day.

Further, it's more than creepy to see the government housing these "refugees" at military bases, where just one diseased person carrying something deadly which our country conquered decades ago could cause an epidemic of gigantic proportions among valuable military personnel and the families they love.  Some states and a growing number of communities have had the sense to refuse entry to this dangerously conceivable game of pandemic viral Russian roulette.  How bad is it?  When physicians are warned -- threatened -- not to tell reporters or anybody about the perhaps fatal diseases they continue to encounter from this mass importation of illegal people, that question is answered.

Everything's going to hell in this country, and all Obama can do is blame the Tea Party -- which, not at all strangely, currently seems quite likely the only option employable to preserve and protect the U.S. before it slides into becoming a depressing Third World nation.  But it's easier for Americans to luxuriate in TV fantasies and drool over "heroes" in the sports and entertainment world, as the glitter mesmerizes one and all -- and don't think for a moment that powerful forces behind mainstream TV networks don't know what they're doing, schooled as they are in keeping a ravenous audience hungry for more intellectually worthless escapist crap.  The stuff of which sleep and ignorance are made, so's ya don't notice your country burning to the ground while closeted agendas are rolled out in the dead of night.

President Obama and former Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano are on record as assuring us that the borders were secure.  They weren't merely misinformed -- they lied their asses off.  The proof rests on the borders today,  We are being invaded, proper enforcement lacking because this Administration did not want enforcement as per established law, and this is the result.  Much of this travesty could have been stopped in its tracks, but the president, the Democrats, a significant number of Republicans and corporate types wanted none of it.  And yes, to be fair, it was under George W. Bush when absurdly liberal immigration standards regarding children from countries NOT directly adjoining the USA went into effect, essentially requiring us to not deport kids from such nations.

Trouble is, Mr. Obama's policies and statements were interpreted as open invitations in Central American countries.  Come one, come all.  Amnesty, rumored to be handed out like cotton candy at a circus, all you gotta do is come and get it.  Why not just ring a damned dinner bell?

And here we are.  Even the mentally disturbing Nancy Pelosi visited our newfound border-crossing "child" friends and damned nearly seemed intent upon making new U.S. citizens with a wave of her hand and words of welcome.  One hopes the electorate will at last know her for what she is.

I well remember President Nixon's resignation (and because I served under his Administration during my Air Force years, I received one of those nifty little "thank you for your service" certificates bearing his signature. . .) and Bill Clinton's impeachment session, so it's not as if we're entering uncharted political waters as chaos ensues via the current day.

My message, perhaps your message, too, but for any variety of reasons you are neither willing nor able to put your face or name out there publicly, is that impeachment is warranted for the president, and not just for the president.

Increasing masses at the border, which the president belatedly promised to do something -- something  -- about are costing big and will cost money we don't have, will use up rare medical and educational resources the wily invaders don't deserve and will, oh  hell  yes,  fundamentally transform  this country, even as they drag long-forgotten diseases to community doorsteps.  Excusssssssssse me, but I didn't spend four (reluctant, draft-driven, but profoundly successful) years in the Air Force to watch invaders of any age group jump the border, and certainly would never have guessed these well-orchestrated throngs would almost be greeted with flowers and candy per the negligent actions of a president who takes little to no responsibility for anything happening under his watch, unless it's something with which he can blame America whilst speaking in foreign countries or striving to impress United Nations thugs.

Plain and simple?  Okay.  Mr. Obama took an oath, more than once, to essentially defend this country and its borders.  He failed and, in fact, embraced this failure with an ongoing progressive tantrum because he couldn't get his way, and his clouded associates couldn't get their way, at  least not yet.  In the meantime, we are at high risk and border personnel are changing diapers as the world walks in with multiple agendas. 

The president,  no doubt getting away with so much because detractors are called racists by radicals who consistently choose skin color over any other attributes,  broke his oath, damaging the country to an extent yet to be determined, and apparently remains intent upon continuing to exercise powers he does not have, as the courts are showing over and over again.  Impeachment is sometimes necessary, but when one puts the nation's people at risk, prison is a far better option.  When and if common sense prevails in this country, no thanks to the Byzantine ineptitude being spoon-fed to growing minds via Common Core  as we write this, there's a man in the White House right now, and a lot of people perched just below him (can you say Eric Holder?) on a powerful rung, who deserve legal attention, the likes of which we haven't seen in our lifetime.  

Stick a fork in this Administration because it's almost "done?"  I would like to think so, but one never knows how much crazier radical politicians will go when cornered in a pile of their own manure.

Facebook  lovers received a shock this week, enlightened with the revelation that a "harmless" psychological experiment had been conducted on a multitude of subscribers.  Again, I profess my intent  never  to become a  Facebook  member.  In the words of  Facebook  critics on other occasions, these folks have been "Zucked."