Thursday, July 10, 2014

Tea & Sympathy & Handcuffs

Whilst the deeply compassionate amongst you spent yesterday, and doubtless will for the rest of your lives, expressing sorrow and concern for thousands of invaders "surrendering" at our Southern border, as you simultaneously place blame on the U.S. for all evils, I was busy on a (yes, corded) telephone, calling public officials.

Why?  For starters, the Feds are shipping illegal "children" and others all over the country now and, having worked in military health care once upon a time, I'm only too aware of how diseases spread and epidemics begin --  the innocence of a cough, for instance, from a tuberculosis carrier to you and your kids.  It's already a fact in California schools.  I realize that some prefer to dismiss certain inconveniences in life with the phrase, people are people, and yes we are, but we're also Ma Nature's perfect incubators for a host of diseases.

So, it was inevitable that the Feds came to town with plans to bring hundreds of these criminals, their kith and kin to my corner of the universe, and I'm not taking it lying down.  Therefore, the morning brought my phone calls of outrage to local officials, as well as to offices of members of Congress, warning them about whose heads public contempt will fall upon, should things go terribly wrong.  And though several presidential administrations have played the borders game, I couldn't resist assuring congressional staffers, in addition, that my dreams would come true if the current White House occupant could be led out of the people's house in handcuffs, since I'm way, way beyond mere visions of impeachment by now.

President Obama could have stopped this border incursion in a day, and he still hasn't.  Won't --despite the fancy speeches, and in the end speeches are the only thing the Obama bunch knows how to pretty up successfully.  Who deserves more comfortable prison cells, certain IRS officials or the Obama bunch?

Mexico deserves more than an ass-kicking because our Marine still languishes in a prison, his unwarranted stay occasionally interrupted by an absurd session in some chicken-scratch Mexican court.  Take President Obama's total lack of concern or action on this situation together with the Mexican president's alleged agreement with a Central American president to allow safe passage for our current crop of border jumpers, and the math becomes clear:  Our Marine must go free and two world presidents should be sharing a prison cell.

World Cup Soccer:  Omigod, why does anybody care about this juvenile foolishness?  If I'm asked one more time what team I'm for. . .All of this proves only one thing, a whole planet full of people has congealed into one freakin' moron.  Soccer and gay wedding cakes are all the same to me, thank you.