Thursday, November 30, 2017

Sound Injuries and Where Were My Russians?

More?  Yes, it seems that additional possible ultrasound/infrasound/something sound injuries of personnel associated with governments are turning up, far beyond Cuba this time.  A while back, I dropped an e-mail to the U.S. State Dept., encouraging them to check out my old speculative 1976 magazine article (see visual) regarding UFOs and human injuries, perhaps sometimes caused by sound waves.

No, we were NOT suggesting that UFOs are behind the trauma directed toward diplomats and others, but only that sound is flexible and capable of many uses in the modern world -- including, as military minds of the world well realize, weaponization of tragic potential.

Unfortunately, I neglected to maintain a calm head, once again oblivious to the fact that government agencies consider people like me part of the lunatic fringe, and there's no way a reasonable reply would float my way -- and it didn't.  Looks as though one has to be conventional to be mentionable.  Otherwise, out of sight, out of mind and off to the loony box goes one's e-mail.  Nevertheless, should sonics be involved with recent brain injuries, we suspect and predict the rattling encephalon gymnastics  will continue until and unless the mystery unravels.  What do we really think?  We really think that U.S. government scientists already know much more than we little folk are allowed to absorb.

Russians, Russians, where were my Russian readers?  Yes, I was increasingly curious that my rude comments (and likely the cartoon) regarding Putin of November 1 may have chased them all off. They had all disappeared by three or four days after some kind of sweeping process -- but a few have returned.  Where were you?  Why have you returned?  Where are the others (and their numbers were considerable)?  Are they busily hacking Equifax accounts and, if so, since mine is probably exposed out there, would they kindly procure some free bitcoin for me?  Shall I blame (1) Russian censors, (2) Google, which owns Blogger and may well have its own "politically correct" watchers, or (3) my government, or (4) the weather or "climate change" or (5) radioactive Russian mushrooms, which the French are apparently complaining about today?  And while we're on that subject, what the heck's up with that mysterious radioactive cloud thought to originate in Russia which may have, we suppose, caused reports of radioactive mushrooms? 

But I digress.  And it's a really, really good day to digress.  Anyway, welcome back Russians!  Welcome back, I presume, Vladimir Putin and Ed Snowden.   The more the merrier.