Wednesday, November 1, 2017

I Collude with the Russians, I Guess

Breaking:  President Trump is absolutely right about our collapsed immigration system, and if Democrat voters -- especially those in New York City -- don't understand the trouble we're in, the only reachable conclusion is that they are either misinformed or dined excessively over the years on an abundance of their party's own destructive mind poison.  How long can safety be assured when law enforcement personnel spend their days consumed by the kind of stress we've never before encountered, perpetrated by a dangerously deluded parade of humans allowed to invade our country by both political parties?  I've continued with this at some length way below, but suffice it to say, I am appalled by NY City and state politicians who dust off and re-play the same old speeches time after time without implementing the necessary "politically incorrect" action. And leftist wussies need to face reality, not Hollywood-style political fantasies of their own making.  One more display of candles and teddy bears in a public square will not -- repeat, will not -- heal a damned thing.

There's more a few paragraphs down, but for now here's how I originally started out with today's entry:

My confession:  First of all, I have to get this out of the way.  Maybe you've read about Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey, but as long as we're all into a grand tell-all about matters of sex, I can no longer hold back.  Here it is:  When I was about 10 years old, a dog humped my leg.  I might have enjoyed it.  It was pretty hot.

Now, on to equally serious matters, and it all comes down to Google statistics.  You see, when you blog away the best years of your life in order to commit to the screen words and ideas that most people with real lives could not care less about, there's a bonus:  We bloggers who use Google can call up a stats page and get some idea of how many readers check in and their countries of residence.

Truth seems to be, I have a far bigger number of readers from Russia than from any other country, including the USA (yeah, thanks a lot USA).  I thought, well, maybe this takes in Ukrainian readers, who might be more in tune with American ideas.  But nope, Ukraine is listed separately, and this blog attracts only a few readers monthly from that specific area.

So I'm left with a mystery.  Why so much interest from Russia?  Have they picked up on my unique brilliance and view me with considerable reverence, or have I been found out and Russians gaze upon my blog curiously because they discovered my intellectual finesse ranges somewhere between that endowed within a tadpole and the brain of a paramecium?

Could it be that gangs of Russian spies have infiltrated my readership, ever on the search for key words or nuclear secrets I might disclose unwittingly?  Actually, I don't want to burst that bubble, but as an Air Force medical corpsman stationed stateside during the Vietnam years, I wasn't exposed to a great deal of classified material.  None, actually.  But hey, if it's spies, keep on spying because I really could use the readership numbers.

Unfortunately, I'm more suspicious that my Russian folk might be predominantly of the hacker class.  Great.  I've already gone through this hacking stuff with Yahoo! and Equifax, so I can only assume my personal life information is an open book, a hacker's treasure chest.  What really infuriates me about these hackers is, they just take, take, take and never leave anything of value.  Not even a bitcoin.  Bastards.  Is that my entire Russian fandom?  Hackers?

Or are these merely, one hopes, stalwart, curious Russians themselves, faithful members of the blogosphere who stop in routinely just to find out wha's up?

In any case, having checked the Google stats, it seems undeniable:  I'm colluding in some way with Russia.  Thing is, I didn't know it right away because I thought everybody was talking about collodion.  As a teenager, I messed around a bit with theatrical makeup, and the substance collodion, appropriate as a wound dressing back then, also dried on the skin such that one could fashion realistic bodily scars of any size.  Well, just imagine how surprised I was to learn that frantic TV anchors weren't referencing collodion in the White House at all -- no, they were saying collusion.  Turns out that's a lot different than collodion.

The only other reason I can think of why so many Russians would be reading my blog is because a friend took a guided tour through Russia a few years ago, and upon her return gifted me with a Russian-style fur hat (I don't think the fur was real, but that's okay because I would rather have the beaver/bear/sloth/yeti go free) and a key ring attached to a gem sort of thingie, and I suppose it's within the realm of possibility that one of these gifts is embedded with a listening device, and the mere fact that I speak in its presence commands a legion of Russian spies to check my latest blog entry in case something of substance appears. 

All I can say is, keep reading Russians, don't stop.  It helps my numbers.  And if perchance somebody in Russia translates this blog entry for ol' Vlad, be sure to tell him I only said nice things about him.  Yes indeed, calling somebody a douche is a compliment in my country, and Vlad is the very essence of a douche.

Terror in New York City:  Once again, a bearded flea-ridden member of The Religion of Peace has mowed down, injured and murdered innocent people.  And what did the people of NY get from socialist mayor Bill DeBlasio and self-assumed presidential hopeful and megalomaniac governor Andrew Cuomo?  More hollow words, of course.  Remember -- these folks rank among the sanctuary city class, lovers of everything called immigrant.  And the murderous Islamic moron from Uzbekistan was surely a model immigrant with no red marks on his life.  Thing is, he was brought in under some government program that has the word diversity in it, the "Diversity Visa Lottery Program" or some such rot, meaning automatically that we basically had a good chance of welcoming a piece of human trash, and we did.  This rat-bastard, as seems to be the usual case, left behind a wife and some kids.  I'll bet she's something to behold -- totally innocent, of course.  Maybe they can live at Senator Chuck Schumer's or Obama's homes while her darling hubby languishes in prison until pardoned by some future progressive ass of a president.

But guess what?  This lottery program, sponsored by Sen. Schumer and late alcoholic and negligently homicidal Sen. Ted Kennedy was signed into existence by President George H.W. Bush.  So let's be sure to thank both Democrats and Republicans for the fruits of their immigration compassion, because immigrants chosen from the bottom of the international barrel are more inclined to breed children faster than flies can make fly specs before contributing anything remotely positive.  As we just observed in NY.  Again.

Censorship on the Internet:  Google (host of Blogger), Facebook and other entities seem so on the verge of censoring words and thoughts at times.  The question has come up -- are these actually public utilities, rather than simply social media outlets?  Will Congress propose legislation watering down our freedom of speech and blame it on terrorism Web sites?  The issue is complicated, but at some point the courageous among us absolutely must ascertain that the Internet remains free and open.  Too many global and domestic players wish to make it otherwise.  And have.