Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Hanged by the Accusations Until Dead

Let's start at a different place, unlike members of the drooling mainstream media, who can't seem to wallow about in the swine trough enough during this era of political and social witch hunts.

Let's start here:  Boys don't matter anymore.  Everything is about the girls now.  Watch the TV commercials, watch the TV shows.  Check out the local TV "news" shows.  Visually, it's overwhelmingly about the girls.  And the women.  Local news show increasingly drip with estrogen.

Estrogen good, testosterone bad. Very, very bad.

Girls excel in sports.  Women excel in business ventures and tend to populate government agencies more and more.  How about colleges and universities, where women inhabit academia as both professors and students -- and currently dwell high among the many for education as physicians?  "Human interest" stories and features focus, if not completely, at least from the start on female accomplishments.  Great -- but what happened to boys?  Must they suffer and disappear from public view because some men -- like some women -- live their lives as, to quote somebody very naughty indeed, a basket of deplorables?

I have spoken with women who feel the same and themselves ask, what happened to the boys?  They've frequently been swept under the carpet of invisibility, save for video of athletic events.  But science? Mathematics?  Scarce.  It's the girls portrayed with the biggest brains.  Boys and men, we should think, maneuver throughout their daily lives with few or no brains at all.

We are sympathetic toward the girls and women set upon by men who wield power via sexual demands, and we would express the same about men savaged by women with similar powers.  However, as a flood of accusations continue to rock both the entertainment and political world, often by alleged victims who said not a word for decades, we're seeing what looks increasingly like a case of "the more the merrier."  So what are we supposed to do?  Shall all males be saddled with a modern version of "The Scum Manifesto?"

I suspect a lot of this is whipped (no pun intended) up by the left, which apparently has little tolerance for either boys being boys or men exhibiting masculinity -- especially of the conservative Caucasian variety, if I may be so bold to suggest it -- and during this political season digging up alleged sexual improprieties just seems the thing to do, to ensnare male prey.  Where and when does it stop?  Does anybody on the street really care about unreported predatory events said to have occurred decades ago?  If so, why?

Such revelations appear to have been particularly of interest to the leftist media ever since Donald Trump, the consummate villain of the left, assumed Office.  Much of the current climate has grown from the carefully planted seeds of alleged sexual harassment, always a crowd pleaser for agitators with an agenda.  Is public hysteria the agenda this time around?  Why so many allegations suddenly coming to light?  Was Harvey Weinstein really the match that lit myriad fires?  Or is it circumstances of convenience?

Once again, I'm reminded of the motion picture, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, but this time the pods spread allegations.

We really wonder, though, if something went awry, because the left has ended up taking bigger bites out of their own people than from people on the right.  Yes, maybe Roy Moore should be Roy less, but the bulk of accusations are also falling upon Big Lib actors and comedians -- names everybody in the Democrat Party knows well.

Yet, despite the allegations, how does anybody believing victimization submit proof?  He said/she said doesn't hold up very well in court, and the apparent tendency not to report incidents for years, even decades, does not help.  Still, the court of public opinion -- when a sex-bloodthirsty public prefers emotion over provable facts -- chooses hysteria and pitchforks from the get-go.  As usual.  And then. . .

Everybody goes Taliban-ish:  We're always intrigued by the way some people "punish" others by destroying any memory of their existence.  Of course, we saw this with the ISIS folk when they destroyed a huge ancient statue of the Buddha, and whatever else they could get their knuckle-dragging hands on, in order to obliterate any and all remnants of religions other than "the religion of peace" according to radical Islam's standards.

Similarly, did we not have a "solid citizen" who bought up with intent to destroy all of (executed) sexual predator John Gacy's clown paintings?  One can talk about good or evil, but attempting to defeat one's personal devils by demolishing inanimate reminders of another seems a betrayal of history itself.  Why not keep such "mementos" as a perpetual reminder of what some people do -- of a human potential from which we only cower and whisper in our quest to think of ourselves as the best form of life on the planet? 

Trump's tax plans:  Highly-taxed states such as New York and California would do better to focus upon their own government representatives than to blame Trump for their own tax dilemma.  Year after year, these mostly Democrat-run kingdoms have perpetrated hefty tax raises in order to fund their idiot pet programs -- and now that the cost of stink-tuary cities is taking an economic toll, it's high time to place the blame on state governors and legislatures -- the same ones currently blaming the Trump administration for trying to do the right thing for all states.

New blood pressure standards:  Oh, please!  Now the American Heart Association, and no doubt progressive loonies and opportunists in the drug industry are hard at work making sure One Size Fits All by dictating new blood pressure numbers.  Now, 130/80 is considered high, and just wait until Big Pharma gets another infusion of money.  I'm not a doctor, and I don't play one on TV, but I did have enough contact with the medical field as an Air Force medical corpsman (or, as Obama would say, "corpse man") and afterwards to hold a lot of the conventional medical stuff in question.  When these blanket numerical figures come out, knowing how different each of us is medically, genetically, etc., I just want to scream.  Trouble is, somebody would be right in my face, offering me a no-more-scream pill or injection.  Let's do this:  Don't be such a pushover when somebody with medical credentials wows you with their brilliance and insists something is "for your own good."  You're the one who has to swallow it, get injected with it, be radiated by it or be chemically infiltrated with it.  Lawsuit fears?  Simple -- medical professionals should always be able to write "patient refuses" in patient notes and have the patient sign it -- though how this can work in an age where medical care is ruled by computer screens and not paper forms must be resolved.

The haze in hazing:  Once again, it's that time of year when college fraternity hazing episodes are in the news, and this time, if I have this right, two 19-year-old men drank themselves to death by either excess or to the degree of inability to handle stairways.  Yes, this is tragic -- but did anybody hold a gun to their heads in their quest to "belong" to an -- elite -- class of frat guys, all of whom obviously share the same disturbed brain function?  Who actually drank the booze?  Uh huh.  And now they are deceased and we grieve for the families.  But really -- 19?  Common sense used to be pret-t-t-t-t-t-ty well-established by age 19.  So now what?  So now this:  Everybody but the kitchen sink will be held responsible and sued out of their pants because somebody's darling sonny boy acted the moron along with morons of a similar collegiate age.  We say, let 'em have their fraternities, and instead of using Greek symbols and the like, just label them all The House of Darwin.

Democrats:  1.  They tell us what we must not do.   2.  They tell us what we must do.  That's about it for us, the sheep.  Yes, the GOP, too, but the left has it down perfectly in ways to shoot us up with misery as they simultaneously pretend to heal.

Why TV sucks:  I was flipping through the pathetic nonsense of daytime TV the other day and saw that The Young and the Restless soap still clings to life.  A good long look at the characters might entice one into suggesting they rename it The Old and the Rest Home.  Hmm, talk about truth in advertising vs. truth in televising. . .