Tuesday, December 5, 2017

ABC-TV, Rat-ings, Brian Ross and the Premature Emasculation Gang

Back in the ancient seventies I wrote a brief article for one of Argosy magazine's Argosy UFO issues in which I compared UFO subject coverage among what were then the three major TV networks -- ABC, CBS and NBC.

Clearly, ABC's interesting and fair reporting won the day, and so it was until cable TV became popular and fostered an ever-altered grab bag of new networks and channels.

In recent years, by the time ABC got around to offering additional UFO "documentary" productions -- consisting essentially of a hack job hosted by Ju Ju Chang and then a rehashed version of Peter Jennings' earlier UFO special repackaged for David Muir -- it became more than obvious that the bus from Sucksville had arrived and unloaded little more than time-fillers in search of ratings at any cost.  Why?

Ratings.  Say it out loud. RATINGS.  Ra-tings.

No, make that rat-ings.  Rat-ings.  I like that one best because one can quickly find the rat in ratings.

Which brings us back to ABC.  And Brian Ross.  And rat-ings.

Brian Ross has a bit of a history on tipping events just a bit, just enough to make matters conservative or Republican appear suspicious or condemned by his own words.  Last week, he was wrong about Flynn and Trump, so wrong in fact that the stock market temporarily tanked and investors lost billions of dollars, we are told.  His profoundly error-drenched reporting did, however, seem to provide performance orgasms for some ladies on The View, who ate up and regurgitated Ross's words like starving rodents on a sinking ship, insistent upon proclaiming "told ya so" just before the final submersion. 

Televised excitement over a lie job.

Poor Brian Ross, instructed, once ABC execs apparently realized that leftist crap-grinding as usual wasn't going to fly this time, to go home without pay for four weeks.  Fired?  Hell no.  He's too valuable because "everybody" knows that Brian Ross exemplifies the highest of journalists' standards at ABC-TV.  In the industry.  Yes, a rare broadcast news icon indeed.

We are in hell.  Hell lives in TV news administered by the Big-Boy networks.  Hell and rat-ings tend to broadcast hand-in-hand these days.

Nevertheless, we see the left crumbling all over the country, with a preponderance of those accused of sex crimes inured with leftist values; politics, Hollywood, recording artists, the whole basket of Democrat deplorables (Hillary was right, except she labeled her basket incorrectly), the gang's all there.  To whom shall the Democrat faithful run as shadows run deep?  To black Lives Matter and other dedicated socialists with mayhem on their minds?  The fetid flower path masquerading as mere protest grows shorter.

As rat-ings and viewership for major TV network news divisions continue to plummet, one shouldn't be too quick to add the TV faces of Brian Ross (crimes against journalism), Dan Rather (the George W. Bush military service fiasco), Charlie Rose (wha. . .???) and Walter Cronkite (Vietnam and UFO reporting) to Mount Rushmore, because one really mustn't emulate emasculators disguised as journalists.  Truth is, I used to have lots of respect for all of these folks.  But that was a long time ago, before I fully realized how the game plays out.

General Michael Flynn:  Fine, let investigations proceed -- but don't we detect, along with all the hoopla, customary leftist hatred for anything or anybody related to the U.S. military?  We currently seem to have the FBI, the Dept. of Justice and Congress all fighting with one another, and we firmly hope that U.S. military readiness remains immune to cultures determined to take military resources down with the rest of the nation. 

A most significant event would occur if the Republicans could empty the government of a large percentage of upper echelon federal employees brought in during the Clinton and Obama administrations, many of whom probably do everything they can to defeat or hold hostage fragments of Trump's agenda for America.  Good luck with that.

Assessing the future:  What future?

Trump's Environment :  We aren't willing to swallow whole the Trump agenda, by the way.  We hope somewhere along the way he realizes that conservatives were also conservationists once, and they should grab that golden ring and hold it close again, particularly where newly open lands and wildlife may be in jeopardy.  For a Few Dollars More wasn't just the name of a Clint Eastwood spaghetti western -- it's also what some in the corporate would would sacrifice precious national resources to gain, we fear, as the President opens up land out West  (yes, we know Obama did the close-down deed before Trump just reversed it, but let's not now go "hog wild" in the flower bed, if you know what we mean).