Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Donna Brazile: Why Does the UNcaged Bird Sing?

Go get 'em, Donna Brazile, we might be inclined to shout.  She was fierce during her interview by George Stephanopoulis, who, no matter how hard I try to picture him otherwise, consistently reminds me of little more than a former feminine hygiene pad for the Clintons.  Anyway, G.S. aside, one feels her rage when Brazile announces her intent to tell disparaging Democrat stories, adding that anybody who doesn't like it "can go to hell."  Neither Hillary nor Obama come out smelling like roses in her book -- yet, surely she's up to something more in the long run, something more than pointing fingers.  Obviously, Brazile won't be invited to old-boy/old girl DNC beach parties anymore. 

Trouble is, as days go by she appears to soften and distance her tone a bit from the rage exhibited in her new book.  But never mind, the lady is definitely peeved.  Brazile, whatever alterations she makes in the days ahead, may have helped plant an acidic goodbye kiss on whatever Clintonian influence yet infests various segments of the political left.  Then again, even a jack-in-the-box generally pops back out sooner or later, no matter how rusted the spring or faded the colors.  If her rant also assists in pushing the Obamas back into the Marxist closet, never to be taken seriously again, that would be a miracle.  Still -- what the heck does Brazile plan for the future?  Vitriolic payback on the national stage is fine, but there's generally an after-party agenda floating about.

God wants you to shoot back:  A mass shooting at a church in Texas.  Prayer is nice, but the in-house ability to return fire answers some prayers and saves lives with more expediency.  Had my Air Force been in tune with its own regulations and provided disturbing details to a federal registry about the man it imprisoned and then kicked out, a violent psychopath may not have laid his hands on firearms equipped to satisfy the urges in his squirming brain.  Too late now. 

Churches and other gun-free zones seem to be excellent places for human hunting, and while the deluded blame the National Rifle Association -- whose members, by the way, have never engaged in a mass shooting -- for everything gun-evil, carnage will continue on the part of firearm-toting psychopaths and murderers.  It's just so easy. . .

Particularly when you pop antidepressant pills like candy.  A childhood friend of the deceased Texas gunman allegedly stated his parents made him take such medication as a kid.  Is popping illegal pills on the street any different than consuming the poisonous mind-blowing stuff prescribed nice and legally by people either impressed by their medical/pharmaceutical degrees or assisted into wealth by doing the bidding of chemical manufacturers?