Saturday, October 28, 2017

Our Execrable-tronic Media

The darkest clouds and the greatest storms -- when we're not talking about the weather -- organize when the U.S. news media come together to ignore, bury or substantially fine-tune stories to the liking of some political agenda.

We appreciate the New York Times making an issue of the DNC/Clinton/Obama/FBI  "dossier"scandal.   We also quake with wonder at a national give-away wherein 20 percent (take a little time to let that soak in -- TWENTY percent) of America's uranium was sold to Russia, allegedly resulting in millions of dollars going to the Clinton Foundation -- among others.  The "dossier" revelations were bad enough, but the uranium scandal mixed into this fetid pie would appear ammo enough for future indictments of some very prominent people, if allegations reach confirmatory rage stage.

The usual TV media coverage has been scant to nearly non-existent, probably with hopes for a quick six-feet-under burial.  But as we've learned from earthquaked graveyards and dogs with a remarkable sense of smell, it's sometimes hard to keep things buried.

ABC-TV, not surprisingly, as we've come to expect, allotted only a few seconds to the blockbuster dossier incident, a prime example of Big Progressive Democrat Media's dedication to keeping the whacked-out Democrat party and its politburo safe and sound, untouched by horrors always of its own making.

Yes, we now know that a conservative organization started the dossier ball rolling, but abandoned its efforts just in time for the Hillary Clinton/DNC folk to latch on and blast off.

But getting back to nuclear issues, a question:  If everything in the uranium scandal is as it is reported, right down to Hillary's incredible denials about knowing anything about it, does this make Bill and Hillary Clinton -- and friends -- the modern-day equivalent of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg?  And if so. . .well, you, dear reader, can finish the sentence.  And what of Eric Holder and the FBI?  The Obama Justice Dept?  Where does this put "old hand" special prosecutor Mueller, poised to name names Monday?

Few would know it by watching the ABC-NBC-CBS-CNN-fellow traveler accommodated and amalgamated electronic media, but our country, our way of life bask in dangers sufficiently under-reported every day as "news" is managed with all the expertise of members of the body politic swinging sledgehammers selectively in a slaughterhouse (I think I just wrote a follow-up to she sells seashells by the seashore. . .).

Things being what they are, it's amazing how sponsors continue signing on to support the daily electronic debauchery of what used to be called journalism.