Monday, July 10, 2017

Solar Living Room Elephant

Maybe it's a human attribute, that it's so much easier to look askance than to look up.

For every misguided or debatable scientific article extolling the horrors of human-initiated climate change, very little time seems to pass before another appears to refute the whole idea.  I guess that's just the way it is, particularly regarding a phenomenon simply not understood or pinned down in every possible way.

Yet, as all the spin and bluster continues non-stop, few "experts" seem willing to ponder strictly the effects of the sun on climate.  This may be a key issue, as the sun is apparently ready to assume a "solar minimum" effect, a normal occurrence by way of the solar clock which can have profound effects on the Earth.  What wasn't anticipated, however, are new scientific measurements allegedly indicating a never before encountered disturbance in the sun's rotation speed, evidently slowing in some possibly significant manner best described by scientists.  Nobody really knows what's in store for our fragile planet, but as months pass we're sure to find out, being there's no place to hide.  Anyway, if one intends to push the climate change thing, they might want to contemplate the sun's power to screw with us before awarding the trophy of total blame to human history.  We're responsible directly for a lot of bad stuff, but I'm still not ready to embrace the Al Gore & friends religion, where updates can't possibly make up for past -- unfulfilled -- frightening promises of doom.

That stated, I'm pleased that President Trump didn't fall in with the (human-caused) climate hoax perpetrated by other countries -- and even if they got it right, what could we do about it?  As neither Republican nor Democrat, I see only a money grab here, and the USA would pay handsomely for this con.

Which reminds me. . .goodbye Obama, thank God, good goodbye Obama. 

Um, except we see he's returned to politics as we slept.  Bad things always happen while we're asleep.

A few weeks ago we recall that NASA announced a peculiar little discovery -- that certain radio waves generated by us on Earth create a kind of barrier around the planet out in space, something NASA assumes might actually be protecting us from solar and space radiation.  Just in time for that unpredictable solar minimum?