Monday, July 17, 2017

Journo Apocalyptica

Maybe, just maybe something good did come out of my being caught up in the Vietnam Era military draft:  It interrupted my course of college studies in TV-radio broadcasting, thus preventing me from any possibility of eventually becoming one of "them" -- the corporate-manipulated Washington media caboodle whose jobs involve licking the boots of Democrats and risking everything to keep Obama and Hillary Clinton lookin' good, while simultaneously digging for the tiniest shred of nothingness to destroy opponents.  How pathetic, to be charged or hired with a major responsibility to overlook eight years of White House corruption, to say or report nothing to tarnish the image of the already tarnished.  Put on a happy face, unless condemning the opposition.

The concept of painting one's self into an inescapable corner through carelessness or lack of forethought is not new.  The idea of a free press doing the same to its industry hardly seems possible.  Yet, just look:  The mainstream media has gone bonkers in attempts to shield what's theirs and destroy what's not, credibility be damned. 

Frantic, almost pathological clawing and scratching by major media to come up with the slightest hint of marrow in the bone yard of Donald Trump Jr's meeting where Russians were present ultimately serves only to remind us how cherries are picked in the closed shop of reportage.

Americans who might otherwise be upset with congressional lack of action have discovered an entity even more irritating:  The media.  If they've kept score.

How can we take this presumed deep, heartfelt journalistic concern for some nebulous Russia/Trump/Russia/Trump/Russia/Trump wrongdoing seriously when the very same media protectors of liberty allowed eight years of Barack Obama and (even more years of) Hillary Clinton's horrible foibles slide by?

Why would anybody believe anything communicated by a Fourth Estate which has demonstrated a consistent unparalleled loyalty to the Democrat Party and an obvious pre-scripted hatred of the political right, conservatives, Independents and anybody else walking a divergent path?

Did a survey taken several months ago not reveal that Washington beat reporters were almost all Democrats?

Look how the press just gobbled up Hillary Clinton's likewise failed V-P choice Tim Kane's comment that Trump, Jr. may have committed "treason."  He's kidding, right?  Probably not -- but nor did he bring up the probable treason involved with Hillary's e-mail server or Obama's actions serving to weaken this country militarily, economically, educationally and culturally (that is, illegal immigrants allowed to cross the border for either welfare train goodies or intentions involving pure terrorism).  Just how does one define treason?

Did Donald Trump, Jr. make a bad decision by even attending a meeting drenched with Russian frosting?  Maybe.  But if somebody told me they were holding a bag full of dirt regarding the already corrupt Hillary I'd have attended that meeting in a flash, were I involved in an opponent's campaign.  By the way -- what WAS flapping in the wind about HRC?  We assume there was some sort of there --  there.

As for President Trump himself, his goals and policies seem to differ from all the destructive, force-fed bull crap of the Obama Era.  In fact, we suggest that he's a patriot -- and, trust us, the modern media has no idea what constitutes patriot status in the USA.

That said, yes, the President should consider making a bold move and disengage his family members from intimate presidential operations.  Image is everything and polls, though proven essentially worthless again and again, do suggest concern even among Trump's ardent supporters in this regard.

But again, all things considered, it is not insignificant that the mass media sold its soul long ago by establishing a close, often wink-and-nod partnership with the political left and all the crazies, dangerously agenda-ridden and deluded who attach themselves like bloodsucking deer ticks to the Democrat Party.  One might intimate, albeit cautiously, that a substantial portion of the American media has become almost indistinguishable from Russian-style "news" reporting -- and that's not a compliment.

Alfred Angelo goes belly-up:  Bankruptcy is a terrible thing, and that's why brides-in-waiting all over the United States are upset over the whereabouts of wedding dresses for which they paid handsomely.  This white wedding stuff is most peculiar, despite tradition.  Why not just get married in jeans and t-shirts?  The happy couple's only going to shed clothing anyway, intent a.s.a.p. upon jumping into the marital sack and screwing like mud hogs at an animal farm, an occasion followed by childbirth, and then he soon leaves for greener female pastures, as she blames men altogether for everything, after which she takes women's studies classes at college and becomes a man-hating professor of female studies at some progressive university.  Then, of course, will come the mutual animosity-ridden divorce and Order of Protection, which he violates as he crashes through the front door of what used to be their happy home and murders her with gun or knife.  So, I ask you -- is a wedding dress really worth all the fuss?

The return of Al Gore:  Yep, same old Al with a new movie, probably as wrong as everything he featured in the first one (it's those pesky predictions that never come true, you know).  This guy is so in hell now with no wiggle room, and unfortunately he takes everybody engrossed in his now-irreversible mantra with him.  Does the climate change?  Yes.  Does the climate change according to Gore?  No, because if it did we would all probably be dead and/or drowning now.  Still, we give Gore some credit -- the tree-cutting required for publication of his previous sh** in book form was probably enough to cause substantial erosion somewhere on this beautiful planet.  So yes, Al Gore, you DO make a difference.

Additionally, we note that the EPA just received some new figures from a scientific study determining that ALL global warming numbers are bogus due to irrational statistical re-calculations.  Or something. 

Between Gore and Bill Nye the "Science" Guy, I'm not sure I can stand all this "science."

Interesting, too, is Gore's new assertion that Donald Trump is ruining America's standing in the world.  Sorry, Mr. Gore -- Obama performed that little chore every day he was in Office, and it's left up to Trump to glue the pieces back together, no thanks whatsoever to your political party.