Monday, July 3, 2017

A Lesson Learned from Johnny Bago

Several years ago there ran a very short-lived weekly network TV show called Johnny Bago.  The series, exploring the realm of dark comedy, was almost doomed from the start because, predictably, anti-defamation pressure groups condemned the show as an unfair portrayal of Italian-Americans (the clueless need only start with the title, which, by the way, originated from the presence of a Winnebago vehicle in an early scene, when the title character fabricated a name for himself as he went on the run. . .so pronounce the last name as bay-go and what have you got?  Sounds like. . .oh oh). 

Aside from the outcome of a swift and unforgiving cancellation, the show had its moments, and for me one of the funniest was an event where an obviously transvestite (man as woman) news reporter showed up, feverishly asking questions and intruding upon a scene to get video footage, no matter what.

Beyond the comedic element, I started thinking, yeah, in some ways journalism does have its moments when it dresses up as something different, flavoring some news stories in a way contrary to reality. 

Despite my pedestrian TV ruminations then, no way could I have imagined the current media, so hating of a President and so dreaming of progressive rule in the country that its string-pullers would go to any lengths to bring him down.  If new revelations about frightening doings at CNN intended for ratings, but ultimately resulting in job losses and embarrassment, don't drive the point home, I don't know what will.  Is a progressive, right wing-hating media willing to push a fictional Trump/Russia connection all the way to the brink of war for ratings?  Apparently.  I think maybe CNN stitched itself together with too many transvestites.  Oh well.

The best gift to TV media last week occurred when Trump and the "Morning Joe" folk at MSNBC engaged in a war of sorts, assuring that at least a few more people might be added to a dismally unattended viewership.  National Enquirer intrigue?  We wish the N.E. would skip celebrities and get back to an era of UFO reporting, when they did their best work.

Congratulations to the State of Illinois, first to reach the we're-finished  finish line:  Flat broke?  No lottery payments, no school funding, no, no, no.  See what years of progressive Democrat rule accomplishes?  Now we await more belly-up results in California, Connecticut and other states ruined exclusively by agonizing years of Democrat failures disguised as yes-we-can.

The even darker side of this chaos spotlights state pension funds sinking into financial oblivion, a tragedy which will eventually force the federal government to step in and prop up with national tax dollars.  Yes, the government employee unions bear ultimate responsibility for holding let's-go-on-strike guns to heads of easily accommodating state officials, but why would union bosses care about this predicament?  Like standard progressive wish lists for "single payer" health "insurance," surely unions would be overjoyed with federal taxpayers picking up enormous pension tabs all over the country -- as unions continue to dictate the terms. S.E.I. who?  S.E.I. you.  Hello national socialism, what took you so long?

NY Physician tells Hippocrates to go to hell:  Disgraced NY doctor Henry Bello entered a Bronx hospital with a hidden AK-47 and blew away another physician, probably randomly   Not content to stop there, the good doctor shot and wounded several other hospital staff members before taking his own life.  Good grief, and we thought the hellish qualities of Obamacare in the hospital were bad!  The performance of ultimate physical examinations by air-conditioning human bodies with AK-47 blasts is not recommended under any medical insurance plan, so far as we know. Anybody who still promotes and believes in "safe zones" on campuses, in hospitals or in any facility that comes to mind is full of crap, and the only "cure" for blind violence is one's ability to confront it with the proper tools.  The father of an infant forced to hide his family as hospital chaos ensued later proclaimed that a hospital "should be a safe place."  Yes, and people "should be" able to defend themselves anywhere, anytime, but a well-placed cadre of leftists in control of too many lives consistently decide otherwise.

The Fyre Festival:  Unfortunately, I didn't have the money to invest in a trip to this epic failure, but it was sure fun to watch the well-heeled cry and blubber on TV news shows about their attendance at something akin to swamp property lacking promised amenities.  Anyway, we already know there was no food or entertainment at this luxury party -- but seriously, how was the sex?

Animals on the attack:  Sharks on the East Coast, sharks on the West Coast, sharks everywhere.  Supposedly, they're closer to shore because the yummy seal population is close at hand, as, unfortunately, are human legs and surfboards.  Even in the ocean, you take what you can get.

Peter Baker of the New York Times has written a book about Obama.  We don't know why he bothered, because soon enough Obama will spew forth a personal narcissistic account of his life -- missing, of course, the part about how he weakened and crippled the U.S.  Watch Obama cultists do all they can to promote a legacy built largely of fluff, invention and ignorance or twisting of key events.  They're already hard at work pulling out all the stops to make sure that the name Obama and the term health care are not torn asunder from one another as Congress muddles through repeal (?) and replacement(?).

Congress and health care:  For freakin' God's sake, Mitch McConnell -- throw the damned lobbyists out the door and tell the insurance companies to solve this thing by themselves, making sure to incorporate some good old American competition as insurance possibilities materialize across state lines for many different competitive prices.  Get rid of legislation prohibiting competition and let the free market work without government hands all over the pie -- particularly in view of the obvious fact that congressional representatives and senators don't know jack about insurance. 

Tranny crisis at the Pentagon:  It's a little late, but the war room warriors decided to delay transgender military enlistments for six months.  Sorry, but we outsiders still harbor concerns about the sex-and-gender change folk because there are evident just too many mental/emotional problems before and after.  And no, I am not a doctor -- and if I were, I'd probably be fashionably shooting up hospitals in the Bronx, so it's just as well.  Change your gender, change your sex, change your life, change your phone numbers, but don't change the military quite so much at a time in history when its traditions are paramount.  Isn't it enough to welcome gay people whose stability is generally accepted?

Fidget Spinners on the attack:  All was well until somebody decided to include electronics and charging abilities.  Now, enhanced versions catch fire and melt during a charge.  What's with these toys?  I've decided to market my own brand of children's toys, and I'll be right up front with consumers, because bags filled with little multi-colored pieces of plastic emerging from my factory in China will carry the brand name, ROBERT'S CHOKING HAZARDS.  Am I not a marketing genius?