Thursday, July 27, 2017

Dripping with Compassion, July 2017

Cruel intentions aren't really what we wish to sprinkle around this month, but I must confess that I've apparently misplaced my compassion badge as I mull over the following stories:

First of all, while I'm puzzled and far from pleased with President Trump's displeasure with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who seems to be tackling illegal immigration and related crime with all the enthusiasm conservative voters hoped for, I do agree with Trump's new policy against allowing transgendered folk into the military -- at least until the facts shake out.

Breaking:  The military services will take no action until the President clarifies his intentions.

Yes, it IS too expensive and dangerously resource-consuming to bother propping this minute segment of society up whilst a country worries about fighting current battles and wars yet to come.  Transgendered people often present with the excessive baggage of insurmountable mental problems and suicide rates many times above the national average for the non-transgendered population.  The military is not a game and is not a party for social experimentation -- and this is the very definition of social experimentation.  At issue next will be the disposition of TG service members who already entered the military under legendary progressive community organizer Obama.  Yeah, we know -- some TG people have served with no problems.  But probably not all, if one depends upon overall statistics for society in general.

On the other hand, it appears that gays serving openly in the armed services do not present a problem, which is personally satisfying to me because, as noted numerous times in these blog entries, I fully supported legislation to allow gay military folk to serve, as they have in other countries without difficulties.

Believe it or not, TG folk, the decision is simple.  If you want to join the military, which must be action-ready at all times without taking a step back to assure your hormone therapy, surgery or physical/psychological healing, don't go through the Big Change.  If, however, you're dead set on becoming a different gender, avoid military life altogether.

In any case, watch for activists to enlist the assistance of extreme ACLU leftists to overturn Trump's decision, and knowing how radical Obama era attorneys still, regrettably, wield immense power throughout society, don't be surprised if a reversal happens soon, based upon little but emotion.

From the If We Could Save Just One Department:  Attempts to bring baby Charlie Gard to the United States from England were dramatic, but I fail to sign on with Glenn Beck (whom I admire greatly) and other celebrities and politicians who elicited money and public interest to accomplish this essentially fruitless chore.  Is the world not filled with infants, children and adults who "deserve" to come to the U.S. for treatments, experimental or otherwise, of their illnesses?  My math isn't the best, but I suspect we could easily inundate our country with sheer numbers of those who qualify.  Further, since when does the U.S. tell other countries how they can handle their health care, no matter how lacking, opting to spirit out and bring in patients whose health apparently fails due to crappy doctoring, nursing or whatever in any nation?  If the supreme do-gooders wish to care for the world's growing and increasingly sick population, they need to buy tickets and go where they need to go -- and leave it all over there.

Even more compassion:  Moron teens  near Miami preferred to make a video, instead of doing anything to save a drowning man who soon met his watery demise.  Should they have at least called 9-1-1?  Yes, of course -- then again, in our litigious society, there are instances of victims suing the very people who save their lives.  Good Samaritans, like baby seals in Canada, can get "clubbed" just for trying to do the right thing.  Nevertheless anybody expecting heroics among a disturbing proportion of the up-and-coming, self-absorbed youth of today may have a long wait.

How much compassion can you take?  Then there's San Antonio, featuring a tractor-trailer filled with hot, very hot dead and critically dehydrated people un-fresh from Mexico and who knows what other countries.  First, gather up survivors and the dead and send 'em back, then have a speedy trial, allowing an obviously guilty verdict and a quick death penalty for the driver who "didn't know" he was hauling human cargo.  The next step should be deadly serious government actions to shut down and ban the very concept of "sanctuary cities" in a country where laws allow for no such foolishness, and that requires arresting and putting on trial any governor, mayor or other public official who refuses to comply with established law.  Further, dare we say it -- those who paid plenty to journey to the U.S. illegally in this instance discovered "social justice" in its worst form.

The Ohio State Fair:  Death takes a ride.  Officials insist that the killer ride which literally fell apart was inspected "several times."  Who performed the inspection -- ISIS?

Speaking of ISIS and its many friends here in the United States, when are the Feds planning to take a pair of giant tweezers to California and extract from yet another mosque the latest Jew-hating imam calling for Jewish deaths all over the planet?  Born in Egypt and now making his home in the USA, this cockroach and his willing buds need to be kicked out of this country before another disaster happens.

Compassion we hate:  The Trump administration, despite the big talk, quickly issued 15,000 H2B visas to foreign workers.  This is how Trump is putting Americans to work?

New kid on the block:  Anthony Scaramucci enters the White House, apparently to shake things and people up as butts either get kicked out or self-kick themselves out the door.  Will he and/or Jeff Sessions be able to apprehend and hold responsible White House "leakers?"  Scaramucci's name reminds me for no reason of a villain named Scaramanga (portrayed by the great Christopher Lee) in the James Bond movie, "The Man With the Golden Gun."  Were the Washington journo crew younger, a few of them might have picked up on that little tidbit and made unfair comical comparisons.  Then (sigh. . .) there's Scaramouch, whom we assume without any self-evidence whatsoever could be the person referenced in the Queen song, "Bohemian Rhapsody." 

TV networks in the doldrums:  Really?  The best these folks can do is present endless documentaries about Princess Diana and, soon, dramatic episodes about the Menendez brothers' murders of their parents?  TV production crews already did Jack the Ripper to "death" and various time travel programs have explored pretty much everything from (useless) history with which millennials are familiar.  We assume they're just about down to producing only shows about the greatness of Obama or miracles performed by Bill and Hillary Clinton.  Pathetic progressive "entertainment" and "news" hacks, one and all.

However, we do congratulate TV networks -- and now radio networks and stations -- in somehow getting together and agreeing that everybody will cut for commercials at the same time.  It's amazing, timed almost down to the second.  We hope program producers remain in good humor when assessing whether their shows fail because nobody can sample them "in between" sponsors, an activity barely possible.

Meanwhile, the media continue going nuts because their lady Queen Hil' didn't (pssst -- and couldn't) win the goodies, and any mention of dirt mucking up her political reputation just drives them deeper into a hating, depressive funk as they attempt to soothe the pain along with their Democrat buds.  And come hell or higher water, the left intends to preserve and keep the name Obamacare on the (un)Affordable Care Act -- The Obama Legacy, you know.  Obama's lies from the outset about keeping one's doctor and saving $2500 didn't quite pan out, but none of this matters in the left's fantasy world, where any scheme can be conjured and certified legit.

For sure, let's give Obama a round of applause for helping Iran reach its current potency level, as it skates across Iraq and other Middle Eastern territories with intentions of the highest radical Islam order.

Nor do we focus upon the left at all times.  The left and right comprise The Establishment in D.C. and we're always aware that these are representatives of the Elite -- the folks who shall have it their way, always and forever, and the rest of us simply don't matter when it comes to the big stuff on either side of the aisle.  We used to have a voice in matters affecting us, long ago.  We may still, but one gets a distinct impression that nobody seems to be listening.

Thanks, Senate Republicans, for lacking the will to make insurers do the insuring at fair rates, competing across state lines.  How many government officials' pockets are waiting to be lined to do the "right" thing?  The Democrats could hardly have a better campaign staff than these do-nothing fools, and I, for one, sure as hell don't want to guarantee another two, four, six,  eight or ??? years of progressive suicide, whether left or right, next election.