Thursday, July 6, 2017

Bill Gates Warns Europe About the Obvious

One of the richest and smartest people in the world seems to have broken a bit from his progressive roots in an attempt to warn Europe of its own pending destruction.

Bill Gates, having already climbed aboard the bandwagon cautioning the world about the potential horrors of artificial intelligence one day becoming a human foe, just gave a speech in Germany, warning Europe that the current "generous" policy of encouraging non-stop migration from Africa can only lead to cultural disaster and the end of Europe as we know it.  It's all numbers, purely numbers.

The story comes from Breitbart, and its importance -- based upon the progressive Gates, who consistently seems to be an open borders proponent for the USA -- cannot be overemphasized.  Is the left coming around, finally realizing the danger we're all in, as a horrific human influx of people who will never assimilate continues to strangle European culture?  As anybody following the African/Islam immigration crisis FOR SEVERAL YEARS NOW knows, these folks are generally not your typical refugees, particularly because Islam is the influence of choice and upbringing among many, and their intent is often to conquer, not fit in with, their host countries.  Most reportedly come with no skills, no talents and no wish to assimilate, but it's not entirely fair to say they arrive with nothing -- indeed, they bring Sharia Law, which entertains no tolerance for sharing power or space with any other religion or form of government.

Yes, I know I'm over-simplifying the circumstances, but the fact is that FOR YEARS observers on the U.S. political right have been just about the only force attempting to warn Europe and Americans about the dangers inherent in the open door policy touted by such folks as the (should be) criminally liable Angela Merkel of Germany, an East Germany throwback socialist who never should have been allowed to wield the power she abuses with regard to unfettered immigration.  Her willing progressive associates in other European nations, of course, have helped bring Europe to the brink, just as the cursed President Obama force-fed the United States a potential Trojan Horse of "refugee" detritus which never should have left Africa and the Middle East (far better and cost-effective it would feasibly would have been to construct refugee camps over there).

If European leaders wake up (a handful did, surely, but their voices have been drowned out by voices of contrary agenda) as Gates has, maybe something of European culture can be salvaged.  But don't bet on it.

The photographed glee expressed by North Korean madman Kim Jong Un when his missiles launch depicts him as the typical "James Bond" poster boy villain.  If NK nukes are to fly, may the first somehow be diverted directly into his place of residence, perhaps causing a quick end to a terrifying beginning.  Without Iranian and Chinese support --and Russia is not blameless -- North Korea would probably not have advanced its nuclear capabilities quite so fast and, if little else, the West will now reserve absolutely no doubt about whom to label our enemies.  Who's going to save the day -- the utterly worthless United Nations?!

This time the Jews may be wrong:  Hitler's WW II menace resulted in a killing spree almost beyond comprehension, and its horrors continue to be acknowledged, as they should be.  I harbor no patience for historical facts being twisted, for my own uncles -- every one -- served during WWII or Korea, so early on I learned what was real.  Unfortunately, many of today's disengaged youth do not.  

However, supportive as we are toward Israel and Jewish organizations, we part company with groups expressing outrage over Louisiana Congressman Clay Higgins' video selfie taken inside the oven area at Auschwitz.  In a world increasingly taught that the Holocaust did not exist, we believe that in 2017 it is certainly high time to reinforce the truth in ways compatible with the times.  Like it or not, personal videos are a matter of fact, and if video experiences of visits to crucial sites can traverse the planet to keep the truth from being buried by lies intended for the very same young people who engage in online activities, maybe it's time for a change in thinking among the Jewish community.