Monday, May 22, 2017

The Agenda in Living Digital Color

Sunday's Sixty Minutes on CBS-TV re-explored the issue of illegal aliens, and we offer no thanks to them for helping push the agenda.  How difficult is it for the media to accept that there must exist great penalties -- deportation high among them -- for sneaking into the United States?  The current media love theme appears to emphasize women who cross the border, make babies (where's daddy?) and then scream and cry like hell when their presence is discovered and they face the old heave-ho.

We hope Trump and his team continue to take border violations seriously -- a distinct departure from the naked disregard about illegals exhibited by the Obama administration, whose operatives should still be held criminally responsible, in our opinion.  Unfortunately, we already observe rips in the fabric of established law in the name of "compassion" for illegal persons who either play dumb or melt into a puddle of teardrops in the presence of media cameras and microphones.  As far as big media and the industrial interests they cater to are concerned, the nation's invaders are good as gold. Real Americans outraged over footing the bill for illegals via taxes, on the other hand -- not to mention the vicious drug crime element --  are expected to just shut up and take it.

Trump and Russia:  So far, seems to me the main Russia connection is the one involving Hillary's e-mails.  The Democrats seem terribly lonesome for a bone to chew, so I guess chewing the opposing party provides something with marrow.  Apparently a very, very long chewing process, by the way.

The Nutcracker:  Looks as though the President really is serious about expanding employment opportunities, having singled out former FBI director James Comey.  I wonder, does the position of "nut job" pay well?   And now much can one get paid on a "witch hunt?"   Hey, a job is a job. . .