Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Glue Gun Follies of 2017

Black Lives Matter Department, Hamilton NY:  Shouldn't we expect more out of an institution of higher learning which shares its name with a toothpaste?

Last week, Colgate University received a warning from a student allegedly witnessing a black man with a gun in his hand crossing campus.  Security personnel immediately dispatched an electronic order for everybody to lock down and remain inside as an urgent investigation began.

Subsequently, campus security and local police determined the supposed perpetrator with bad intentions was actually a black Colgate art student carrying a glue gun.

In more thoughtful times, when both common sense and a societal ability to dismiss things with laughter would have ended this event, the "gun" incident might have been forgotten so that campus life could go on to live another day.  But. . .no.

Instead, student activists (that is, in my opinion, a fungating cauldron of Democrats, communists, anarchists and fascists) took to the yards and, along with Colgate's apparently gelatin-like president, demanded action for "profiling" the suspect.  What it seems to come down to is that the campus chief of security was suspended while further investigation into "profiling" continued.

Evidently, the problem, as always, boiled down to diversity, as defined by those who use the very word to club others who aren't covered by said diversity into submission.  Yes, believe it or not -- and you really must believe it -- upset members of the student population and the president himself, appearing very much like a hair-trigger decision-maker who bends with specific racial winds, initiated the suspension action because one shall never dare issue descriptions of suspects using race or color.  Do I have that right?  I think so.  It's so demeaning to actually describe in detail any potential evil an innocent population might face, and to even entertain the thought of using a word denoting color to give law enforcement personnel a reason to do their work is so-o-o-o-o outrageous.

Here's my advice for the university president and radical or snowflake student activists:  Next time this happens, issue and accept no warnings.  Just continue with your lives as usual, as if nothing is happening.  Ignore it and it will go away.  Might end up with dozens of students dead in the streets or in their classrooms, but hey!  Small price to pay when one embraces one-sided "diversity" to conquer that nasty entity called profiling.

This idiocy is precisely how gun-free zones become a safe playground for those intent upon causing harm or death in quantity.  Next time, it may not be as simple as a misidentified glue gun -- but if security folk aren't even allowed to mention race or color in a lock-down warning message, it won't much matter, will it?  Never forget: Diversity in the wrong hands and minds can kill as efficiently as bullets.

The zombification of Obamacare:  Yep, this is what happens when Republicans kick conservative elements to the curb.  Less government and more insurance company responsibility should have been insisted upon.  Very little here echoes free market standards, and in the end get-along Republicans came out looking like worshippers at the Obama altar.  Maybe I shouldn't be so hard on the GOP, but they surely gave Democrats something to raise hell about when this thing reaches the U.S. Senate.  Events might go a tad better if senators' fists pound on desks, demanding the insurance industry competes across state lines, and do it as if their very corporations are on the line.  It's obviously no secret that lobbyists continue to pull puppet strings on this stage, a real fat shame for the American taxpayer who still ends up unfairly funding and has no voice in the health care quagmire.

Profiles in carnage of the spirit:  Democrats must really be anxious to whip up Obama's ill-fated legacy of crap into something incredible for his presidential library.  First, he gets a Nobel Peace Prize before even doing anything as he's elected President -- and now the Kennedy family, through magic or sleight-of-hand, or some fantasy process of which I'm unfamiliar, have bestowed upon Obama a Profiles in Courage Award. Perhaps I'm confused, but I simply had no clue that a former President could be honored and cherished for weakening a nation's influence internationally; for importing people intent upon killing fellow Americans with no questions asked; for causing the deaths of military personnel through the enforcement of milksop standards on the battlefield; for screwing the best health care system in the world; for causing racial tension almost to the breaking point via an absurd Dept. of Justice; for implementing elaborate systems to spy on all Americans, even as his White House administration became the most secretive ever -- in total opposition to promises made; and for killing off much of NASA, a decision which probably would have won him a kick in the butt from President John F. Kennedy himself.  No matter, got to scrub the truth out with bleach and make that Chicago library spotless.  It is hoped, nevertheless, that historians of repute will ignore the paint job and waiting political hand grenades shouting "racist!" and instead explore the unyielding blemishes underneath.

Of course, if those on the right can proceed with obliteration of the very memory of Obama's participation in the self-strangling Affordable Care Act, thus making B.O. irrelevant and soon forgotten, despite his own renewed efforts last week, that library won't have much to brag about, though we suspect there will be at least one public area dedicated to leftist community organizers everywhere.

Delta Airlines' homey atmosphere:  Personally, I still believe Dr. Doom, who exited a United Airlines flight in a rather dramatic way, was adult and educated enough to put his two feet on the floor and leave like a man, instead of insisting upon drag-and-drop-and bleed, all the while screaming like a wounded forest animal -- because he could have safely hooked up with more attorneys than United Airlines could buy afterwards.

However, Delta Airlines took the (toilet) cake for their people's display on a flight where it was demanded that a family remove their young kid from a seat and hold him on their laps during travel so an overbooked passenger could have the seat they already paid for -- and going so far as to threaten the parents with arrest and warnings that their children would be put in foster care if they failed to cooperate!  Hey, pssst, parents:  Maybe this is one case where you should have waited for 'em to drag you off the plane so you, too, could become lottery-style wealthy just like Dr. Doom via the generosity of United Airlines (and never forget to scream and bleed during the process).  Flying -- it's still the safest way to go.  So they say.

North Korea update:  Kim, still paranoid and hair style-deprived, smart as a kooky, not a cookie.  Probably wondering if he has any other siblings or relatives to kill with a nerve agent or hungry dogs.  Reports that he planned to show off his talents, not as a murderer, but as a hand-puppet comedian turned out to be false.  Blames America for an unsuccessful invisible assassination attempt which may or may not have substance -- but many fondly wish for future success during a pursuit of any such venture.

FBI Director fired by Trump:  Surprise of the day today.  Oh well, goodbye Mr. Comey.  In some ways, you're a national hero.  We repeat -- surely, a grateful nation appreciates what you did for us by helping in large or small steps to trip up Queen Hil' as she determinedly thought she was making her way to the nation-sacrificial altar.  You're definitely still my choice for a new Cabinet position:  Secretary of Mission Accomplished.