Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Return to the Well-Trampled Waiting Room Floor

"Manchester, England, England,
across the Atlantic Sea. . ."

These lyrics, nonsensical to a modern population unfamiliar with the 1968 New York stage musical, "Hair," take us back to less
cluttered times and thoughts of a carefree Manchester, England. 

But less clutter and carefree are no more.

We realize that most of the world's Muslims are fine people, but when it comes to the hardcore Islamists who simply fail to progress with the passing centuries and blindly insist upon submission, conversion, blood, the sword -- and the bomb -- when concentrating upon people who don't follow their religion, we entertain no patience.

We predict that drones carrying explosives will be a favored tactic among the determined in months ahead, a logical assumption requiring no particular insight.  The bag of tricks shared among cowards in hiding remains bountiful.

So now what?  So now nothing.  The show must go on.

In the meantime, our condolences to Manchester and Great Britain.