Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Bits and Pieces for May 2017

Well, if there's no cockroach in this slice of pie, maybe the best thing to do is to check the next piece, and then the next -- and check until the whole damned pie isn't even recognizable.  Too bad, because that looked like an exquisitely tasty pie at first.  What to do?  Locate more pies and continue the roach search.

While overzealous members of society are out there demanding that President Trump be removed from Office because they desperately hope he qualifies as insane, surely rational minds have noticed the non-stop media frenzy dedicated to finding progressively more damning evidence to build a case against he and his administration.  A flawed media, however, stands particularly flawed because its members began this trek long before Trump even entered the White House as prez.  The agenda to protect both the press's nourishing political roots and the Democrat Party via a methodical takedown of a sitting President has rarely been more obvious in recent times.

News reporting has been replaced by obsession, and that's a hell of a way to run a media operation.  No matter what "evidence" of misbehavior comes to light -- and then falls flat on its face -- the press demands more and more, choosing sensational rumor and hearsay over established fact leading to criminal behavior.  Bigger and better, the search continues, even when based upon ribbons of sand.  Maybe they need more pies.

Forget about heroin and forget about cocaine.  The media drug of choice has morphed into manic speculation and tatters of often questionable details regarding Trump and his family.  Should the Washington journalist mob grab something substantially noteworthy at last, it will only mean that even a stopped clock is correct twice a day.  What? Well, if it's true that a million monkeys with a million typewriters will eventually write a great novel, given enough time, a million media members with nothing but time on their hands will eventually find something of interest.  As we've seen, some fragments of the media -- or of A media -- are already pretty good at creating a story.  What news sources and "Russia did it with Trump's help" screamers are going to have egg all over their faces if the truth settles out and we discover there's very little out there to suggest impeachment or crazy in the White House?

Do we ultimately wish to make Russia a bitter enemy?  Kushner?  I think his major sin for the media is that he dares to be a member of Trump's family.

For the record, we seem to recall that President John F. Kennedy did a "back channel" communication with the-then Soviet government regarding the Cuban missile crisis.  And of course, as some insist today, JFK wouldn't be progressive enough to even qualify as a Democrat in 2017.

Of remarkable absence, however, remains the mainstream media's resounding failure to take Barack Obama to task for anything he perpetrated upon the American people, perhaps fearful that their paper hero might enjoy the potential in court to warm a prison seat after all.  Now that we've apparently had confirmation that he KNOWINGLY allowed brutal MS-13 gang members into the U.S. indiscriminately -- now dispersed throughout the country -- we ask, what's a better occasion to haul the former President before judge and jury?  The man did take an oath, you know.

We don't know what influence Putin had on the elections (other than nothing), but the press cared nothing about Obama's blatant attempt to interfere in Israel's elections last time around.  Didn't he actually send people to assist?  A prison cell waits eternally.

Trump's trip:  Even skeptics might agree that his journey out of the U.S. was a success.  We do hope he rejects the Paris human-caused climate change accord, which we still believe is based upon unsettled science.  Surely, "cool" minds look upon that scam as an economic disaster for the United States. 

Germany's Angela Merkel, evidently upset with the meeting she had with Trump, can simply go to hell.  She has already inundated Germany with terrorists, should be in prison for that alone, and we wouldn't be surprised if she longs for the days when she might rule the old East Germany with a fist of steel.

British Airways experiences the future:  So. . .BA says the system went bonkers because of (1) a power failure and (2) older computer equipment in need of an upgrade?  Hmm.  If computers periodically require a new fix, doesn't that insure a wave of breakdowns far into the future?  I'm not sure I would like to be on the way to another planet, millions of miles away from Earth, when a blue screen of death or something worse materializes.  Or dematerializes.  Flying?  No wonder it's still the safest way to go -- you're grounded.

60 Minutes touches upon The Forbidden:  The iconic news program's interview with wealthy space enthusiast and real estate developer Robert Bigelow entered "wow" territory" this week, when Lara Logan actually broached Bigelow's interest in UFOs.  Bigelow himself later disclosed that the show cut out some of his comments, but they did leave in enough to portray his sobriety regarding UFOs.  My complaint -- Lara Logan seemed a tad smug about the UFO issue, at least by facial expression.  But, after all, this was 60 Minutes and the program's UFO reportage until now, if I'm correct, totals zero minutes.  Sometimes, we appreciatively take what we can get.

Head shot:  Kathy Griffin's attempt at comedy by holding a mock-up of Trump's severed head was doomed to fail from the start -- but it did serve as a rather extreme way to show what the political left is all about.  If they can't have their way, it's their custom to go for the jugular -- and the head.