Thursday, May 25, 2017

Painting Thin Air With a New Brush

I was thinking back to, when was it, the mid-eighties when (deceased) actor Dennis Weaver, who played Chester in TV's "Gunsmoke" and later went on to success as "McCloud" in a TV series of the same title, did something unique to the Hollywood crowd.  Weaver, along with his son, initiated a phone number for UFO witnesses to report their sightings.  Whatever year this was, -- and I'm, as usual, writing this without benefit of the Internet -- I believe it coincided with abundant UFO reporting in the U.S. and abroad.

It wasn't uncommon for TV and movie celebrities to come forth with alleged UFO experiences, and the trend certainly continues today, but at the time I think a lot of folks were surprised to learn that Dennis Weaver's interest in the phenomenon would burst forth with such boldness, a personal concern which drove he and his son to ponying up the money for a telephone access line (and, mind you, we're talking about an era when anything relating to long distance phone calls was outrageously expensive).  I think, too, that callers to a special message hotline needed to pay something to help defer costs.

Frankly, I don't know what transpired with the Weavers' valiant effort as years progressed, but I only bring this up to emphasize that celebrities, like other people, have their UFO stories to tell, too -- and sometimes they do more than just make mention of an odd incident.

Which brings us to Tom DeLonge, the co-founder of the famous rock group Blink 182.  You can read elsewhere about his long-term interest in UFOs, but apparently he plans to do something about it, and his project will be mighty costly.  Involving scientists, military and other knowledgeables with whom he stays in touch, DeLonge has big plans for getting The Truth out to the public.

Among his contacts over time included John, The Great God Podesta, a Bill and Hillary Clinton buddy whose own UFO interest is already legend.

We wish these folks the best, but I must say, if you have followed the UFO chameleon as long as I, you'll surely recall one disappointing climax of non-UFO intrigue after another.

Nevertheless, Tom DeLonge, if I might make a request?  Please, hurry up and get everything out there at last, because many of us who have stuck by the UFO issue as writers, researchers and investigators for decades are already dead, with more on the way out.  We just wanna know, if it's not too much trouble.