Monday, February 6, 2017

And the Winner is. . .

Cruising at something far more than "warp speed," imagine an extraterrestrial scout ship arriving and then hovering above New York City just in time to witness the horror of 9/11.  Believing us murderous, destructive savages, the crew depart immediately, wanting nothing to do with what appears for all the universe as a brutal species.

Yet, the concept of time means little to such an advanced space-faring civilization, so they wait a few years, hoping to witness something rational upon their return to Earth.

Instead, they discover something even more ominous -- a bowl-like structure containing thousands of apparent captives forced to watch strangely-attired, animated entities running and jumping on one another during instances of brief frenzy.  This display of pure insanity, exceeding the limits and concepts of all intellectual extraterrestrial boundaries, forces our alien visitors to retreat back to the depths of the known or unknown universe, perhaps never to return.

We are reminded of Stephen Hawking's warning that we humans should not send signals into space, attempting to contact inhabited planets, because their residents may, in turn, do us harm.  Yet, what of ancient civilizations sending out their own signals announcing a distant presence?  Would they not someday be jeopardized themselves by an Earth-based expedition composed simply of us and what we appear to be?  Let us not give ourselves too much credit.

President Donald Trump does, by nature, say stupid things, his words often   spewing forth like semantic bulls in a lexicon china shop.  We just dispensed with, by comparison, eight years of a world-class orator, a politician every step of the way, who expertly spoke volumes of pure, unadulterated bull crap and much of America fell for it lovingly.

We hope Trump continues to speak out boldly about all the right things, but despite whatever positive steps he takes in the Oval Office, we wish he would choose some words a little more carefully.  For instance, his finest moment surely did not come when he questioned last weekend whether America, among the world's killers, may not be innocent.  Trump's enemies will rejoice, of course, but when I consider our innocence or lack of it I have to consider such instances as the military's drug experiments on its own people without their knowledge, that sort of thing.  Yes, we have our sore points, but in comparison with the homicidal thug Putin, we can't hold a candle to his expanding reputation and bodies buried.

Nor are we partying currently with a GOP slobber fest.  The @#$#@%$# Republicans sat there for eight years and gave Barack Obama pretty much everything he wanted, and for that we eternally condemn their willing participants, all of whom should no longer be in office.  Once again, we watch them pulling the apron strings tighter, pushing conservative values and Tea Party Americans aside as The Usual Suspects in the GOP attempt to have their way.  Concurrently, ain't it funny how the Democrats suddenly discovered that the USA has a Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence?  Maybe it just took the exit of a Marxist President -- and, unfortunately, a proliferation of mobs cloaked in dark garb who learned how to use American values against the rest of us by hook or by crook -- or by explosives. 

Additionally, celebrity morons who lord over us and pretend to be relevant just because their names appear on a marquee, lecturing to us brainlessly about any manner of topics, betray only themselves.  Good God, how stupid many of these folks truly are when they aren't reading from a script.

Only 109 refugees detained temporarily, and look how the press and other socialist loudmouths have emptied their ammo on Trump, who only appears to be concerned about national security. Yet, should a mass murder orchestrated by the usual radical Islam joy boys occur in the USA tomorrow, the same cretins will attack the Trump admin for not "doing something" to prevent it.

Give me that old-time religion, but don't give me the Catholic Church and officials of other denominations who stuff every "refugee" they can into this country so they can make Big Money at our expense -- and figures seem to indicate that a single immigrant delivered per the Church can eventually cost up to six figures just to make them comfy.  How are these churchy folk not human traffickers in their own way?  It's interesting merely to ponder that many of the world's "refugees" are products of one religion fighting with another.  One can believe in God or believe in anything one desires, but once religions become organized the game changes and the predatory  blood-sucking begins.  Just look at history.  Human suffering?  Thank religious components for a lot of it -- and now the USA is expected to take in every unfortunate on the planet until we wallow in our own destruction, courtesy of The Church and other enemies.

Yes, we provide a dumping ground for the world, and don't we love how TV news shows sprinkle immigration stories with close-ups of kids' faces to immerse us in feelings of guilt?  The United States cannot accommodate every human tragedy on the planet, but organized and financially lucrative religious organizations will continue pushing that game while our mass stupidity as a society overwhelms reason.

Saturday Night Live:  Funny at last!  Steve Bannon portrayed as Death itself and Sean Spicer's image reflected by Melissa McCarthy worked well.  You don't need to be hanging on a political hook to appreciate good humor and satirical references.  The downside -- much of the rest of SNL, true to form, sucked out loud, as if just filler to pass time.

A friendly reminder:  Please, please, somebody, please arrest, try and convict Obama.  Don't let the perpetrator-in-chief escape (not social) justice, and don't forget Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch and a stable of other helpers.  Is this not still America, oaths and agreements betrayed?

Former Sen. Harry Reid's "nuclear option:"  This freaked-out old dolt who somehow enhanced himself tremendously during his years of, um, public service gave Trump a weapon hotter than a sunken Fukushima nuclear reactor, and when push comes to hard shoving with Supreme Court nominations, Prez Trump should use it if necessary.  As if Democrat office-holders in the future won't? Thanks Harry, this is the result of your meddling with established procedures.

Full Measure this week with Sharyl Attkisson was, as always, the greatest half hour of revelations on TV.  Her focus upon the erectile dysfunction drug Viagra allegedly causing blindness -- maybe a great deal of vision loss -- in men provided an important alert for males who tend not to "see" beyond their cherished organs at opportune times, anyway.  It's also one more example of a pharmaceutical industry gone mad and a preponderance of humans willing to swallow any damned thing out of a container adorned with a pleasingly authoritative label.

The program's headline presentation regarding Citi Group and the crimes perpetrated on us all by large banks -- whose officers remain un-indicted to this very day, thanks in no small part to government sweep-away options -- is disgusting.  Maybe Trump's comment about America's innocence should have mentioned the criminality of banking crimes covered up by government efforts, the effects of which "killed" the American dream for thousands.

Isn't it peculiar how anything, even over-the-counter products, go up, up, up in price just because they dwell in the medical realm?  Put the word, medical on anything and you may as well hold the consumer up at the point of a gun.  Not everything is more costly to manufacture simply because it advertises bodily uses.  Of course, the same applies for both humans and veterinary use.