Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Howling Beneath a Junkyard Moon

Sweden's fake news:  President Trump's comment about Sweden, though off the cuff and in need of clarification, did focus upon a horror story.  If Trump was wrong about something terrible happening the previous day in Sweden, it was the president of Sweden himself who basically said, feigning outrage, that there's nothing to see here -- substantially lying his ass off.  Could Sweden's prez be that much out of the loop, or is he, more likely, putting a happy face on a culture-murdering Muslim infestation affecting his once proud country? Anybody and everybody, including visiting journalists on the scene, know there are indeed "no go" refugee zones (Islamic refugees mainly, but not exclusively) where police are prohibited (and fearful about) entering.  Rapes by Islamic youth gangs of Sweden's young women are well-documented, and few among the innocent dare to shop or go outside when darkness falls because murder walks the streets.  Yes, let's focus on Sweden, because as Sweden goes, so goes the rest of the world if swift and Herculean actions aren't put into force against the radical Islamic plague.  Sweden's nevertheless socialist leadership apparently continues to wear blinders while innocent citizens and police cower in fear.

Oh, how some love our movie and TV celebrities, especially the star-studded big mouths currently throwing a Donald Trump and Republican-hating tantrum before the cameras.  Maybe the joke here is that these glamorized dog-and-pony show actors and actresses -- not to leave out the usual rock star music icons, of course -- comprise the very elite which their supportive fans despise and rail against.  Lights!  Cameras!  Faction!  Unfortunately, drawing a picture for extreme leftist celebs never seems to help because of their 24 / 7 insulation from the grit of public life.  The Hollywood bunch live lives of utter fantasy, while swooning fans still must pin their daily existence on various obstacles.

Whatever toxic fungus infiltrated the Democrat Party in recent years, causing spellbound followers to do or say things which should rightfully horrify rational minds, any detoxification process would appear doomed.  Maybe a vaccination with the money of, it is said, George Soros and other, um, concerned associates wasn't exactly the solution.  If the best Dems can do to reinvigorate their party of the future is to throw Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer before the news cameras to cry, complain and take a subtle approach to initiate panic in the streets rather than offer solutions, relevance might experience a very difficult curtain call.

Isn't it interesting how the major TV news shows, night after night, begin with a veritable list of concerns putting the Trump administration in a bad or questionable light, yet while Obama was President there's no way this approach was sanctioned?  Obama could do no wrong in the eyes of a complicit media.  No surprise, either, that Saturday Night Live has, through Trump, been gifted with reams of ever-evolving comedy material -- and, to reiterate from previous blog entries, it's a shame Obama's myriad of deficiencies were excused routinely on SNL.  One would almost think SNL and the mainstream media grew from the same roots.  The bright spot:  The Trump admin staff depictions, funny at first, are quickly becoming as stale as month-old bread.

An additional word about the mainstream media which the President might do well to heed:  Author E.A. Poe aside, the fourth estate's advantage in politics is its role as the "conqueror worm," semantically chewing, digesting and then voiding its prey as a predetermined substance.  There is no escape from the press, but when fairness abounds that's not a bad thing.  Tweet away, Mr. Trump, but the media will always be the last step in the digestive process, prior to public opinion.

The Democrats are not merely angry, they're pissed.  I need to use that word because it exemplifies their depths of rage.  And they aren't just immersed in anger -- they despise the very American people who, some twisted minds would suggest, let them down by voting for Trump, soundly rejecting their ideas, intentions which history shows have failed over and over again all over the planet.

Nevertheless, the beat goes on, or, rather, the beat-down goes on, because when street protesters become street mobs erupting in violence, one remembers less than lovingly the era of Obama, when everything the community organizer did or said led up to the current state of affairs in the streets here and abroad, Trump notwithstanding.  Taxpayers paid handsomely for eight years of Obama's nonsense and what did we get?  Math and science high school students ranking somewhere around 25th in the world.  Great job, O.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren:  Should'a let her read Mrs. King's letter, Senator Mitch.  Now she might sprout wings and fly right into the 2020 presidential elections.  After all, what other viable candidates are cooking up as "well done" in leftists' political kitchens lately?

"Illegal" apparently becomes the "N" word when the designation "immigrant" pops up.  Amazing how everybody is just an immigrant to the media, no crime to see folks, move on.  We sympathize with Trump when his enforcement people must deal with lawless crowds and lawyers and judges who appear to condone acts of illegality.  Don't you love the smell of activist judges in the morning?

Quick, put his star on Washington's sidewalk:  Stephen Miller, senior policy advisor to President Trump -- wow, this guy makes K. Conway's retorts look like child's play.  Interviewed by Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, he complimented a taken-aback Wallace at one point, calling Wallace "fabulous."  Hmm. Really -- fabulous?

Trump's no-no-no from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals regarding his temporary immigrant ban:  Intriguing that decisions wielded by this notorious clown court have allegedly been reversed about 87% of the time.  A courtroom presided over by the Marx Brothers could have performed better.

Ashton Kutcher Visits the Senate:  He appears to be in a lather about human trafficking, admirably pointing out its scope and depth around the world.  The real question is, what's going to happen from country to country as robotics take over former human jobs in a big way, thereby freeing masses of aimless people to come up with ways to entertain themselves, or to merely survive?  Somehow, we doubt that all the displaced and unneeded will just sit around, harmlessly watching the flowers grow.  Because robots will be building more robots themselves, leaving even more humans out of the picture, what's a civilization of purposeless folk to do, if not engaging in various crimes -- including human trafficking as a sport?  Just. . . like. . . in. . . the. . . movies.

Otherwise in The Land of Predictable:  Performer Kid Rock may run for the U.S. Senate, did I hear that right?  I guess he leans Republican, as opposed to bat-poop progressive nuts, but it remains a little creepy how celebrities with either too much money or too much time truly believe they can somehow use their entertainment talents as the key to running a nation -- and all the more creepy to sit back and realize how some people easily vote only for a highly recognizable name.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos goes to school -- and gets bullied just like the students, except the muscle is administered by leftist mobs, educated somewhere along the way by the Radical Leftist Thug Academy.  We can't wait to see if kids return to learning about real American history, not America-hating fiction.  And good grief, lose that "new math" poop tied up with "Common Core."  We trust that reading and writing skills will supplant the importance of high school sports?  Or is that my sick fantasy?

President Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe hold a joint news conference in Washington:  I waited and waited, but nobody offered a peep about things way down in Fukushima -- and we do mean way down.  How's the Fukushima fish industry glowing these days?  When will sunken reactor number whatever it was reach the other side of the planet?  How long can the Japanese government hide the truth from its own people, not to mention the rest of the world? Will the next street drug of choice become iodine?  Will Love Potion No. 9 be replaced with Atomic Number 53?

NBC News reported about "ghost guns," essentially guns boxed in pieces that anybody can order on the Internet.  In a couple of hours and with a little know-how, anonymous customers can assemble powerful semi-automatic firearms, as real as the usual store-bought variety, containing no telltale serial numbers.  And to think I was amazed when we learned that 3-D printers could accomplish the instant gun task, though locating the right metal parts to accommodate the finished plastic product might present a bit of a dilemma to some.  But the pieces-in-a-box option, wow, particularly useful for those of nefarious desires who can, it seems, pretty much carry out their activities without leaving definitive evidence.  While the NRA had no immediate comments, Sen. Chuck Schumer suggested that some sort of legislation should be passed.  Then again, if legislators would simply respect the Second Amendment, there might have been no desire for "ghost guns" to fill a hole which, once upon a time, did not exist in the USA.  Convicted felons, say thank you.

Daytime TV:  I generally avoid it, though I marvel at the soaps, chock full of actors and actresses whom, if not for soap land opportunities, might otherwise be lending their names to straight-to-video movies destined to be unseen by almost anybody, or they might be shaking hands in front of corn chip supermarket displays.  Anyway, my channel surfing landed upon The Young and the Restless, which should replace "Restless" with "Listless," and there before me was a mother scolding her literate 15-year-old son (obviously played by somebody far older, and I know this because few 15-year-old boys can speak a series of coherent sentences, let alone be bothered to converse with their parents).  Apparently, she was angered because he used her credit card to view pornography online.  What?  That's the theme on the soaps these days?  Hey lady, that stuff's been going on for at least 10 years, so what's your problem?  In 2017, update that so the soaps show 15-year-old Mo checking out radical Islam sites on the Net.  And -- bonus! -- you don't need mom's credit card!  It's free! Not to mention all those afterlife virgins -- and again I emphasize that your reward after death might actually be a tent-load of 37 elderly reclining virgin men, so be careful what you wish for, kids.

In the News: The Catholic Church offers "sanctuary" for a mother of four somewhere.  Great, let's make that a trend, except the Church gets to pay for the whole bunch from cradle to grave.  After all, the charitable religious folk whose "charity" toward the sanctioned comes big time from taxpayers who have no say in the matter.  This mom allegedly made her way with a phony Social Security number, so by rights should be judged and punished by Social Security recipients.

2/16/2017:  "A Day Without Immigrants."  Oops, once again those brilliant street rodents forgot to display the word, "Illegal."  Must be an oversight.  Otherwise, yawn, yawn, yawn. . .

Immigration "sweeps" by the Trump administration continue:  Good.  Are those like sweepstakes, where you win something?  Not quite sure -- but I think the rest of us actually do win something.  If only so many immigration lawyers hadn't chosen to walk the dark side after college, lawful initiatives could forge full steam ahead.  And let's not forget "anchor babies," whose instant citizenships must be banned forever.  Anchor babies:  Cute, cuddly, hungry, deadly and sucking the life out of a nation whose own youth teeter on the abyss.  Will we smarten up?

Crack the egg:  How to break up the so-called Establishment in Washington?  Composed solidly of Republicans, Democrats and more special interests and lobbyists than one can easily count, Trump as a force of a different color must surely be viewed as a threat to the hive.  Will he possess enough leadership ammo to break up the D.C. cartel and bureaucratic safe houses?

Senator John McCain:  Even military heroes eventually labor under the same 24-hour clock affecting all of us, and the ravages of time dictate when one really should retire and pursue other options.  I believe I just heard the clock strike a new hour.

Islamic roulette:  Just my crazy notions acting up, but I wonder, with the depletion of Middle East oil reserves over time, will North America see an equal increase of Muslims fleeing their economically doomed homeland?  Central American countries alone currently threaten our national viability as the hordes escape northward   Whatever steps the Trump folk develop regarding immigration, they absolutely must prepare to deny access to a never-ending flood of masses with nothing to lose as they keep, particularly, America in their sights.  An influx of destruction by the numbers does NOT a "melting pot" make.

Milo Yiannopoulos:  Oopsie, he dared say something about pedophilia, and zap!  There goes his book deal with Simon and Schuster.  Shouldn't a publisher be attuned to the First Amendment business?  Milo, don'tcha know that in the current atmosphere of hysteria and rage encompassing positively everything that supposedly decent folks would prefer to see young, unwanted boys die in the streets, rather than be taken in by adult men who might just provide them a better life, maybe their only life?  This is nothing new in a world where people face good and bad every day, and sometimes unusual choices are the only options to assure one's survival, whatever form it takes.  Show me a perfect world of nurturing bedtime stories and happy homes and I'll show you the darkest of fiction, and I'm not sure that conquering missionaries traversing the globe are the answer, either, for solving an age-old issue.

AND one last word about the press today:  News reports are one thing, but to focus ad nauseam on videos and photos of children and mothers, mothers and children, children who look like mothers and mothers who look like children in foreign lands begs the question -- why is "the media" in the position of selectively focusing on these particular groups -- with close-ups -- every time they do a story from the Third World?  It's as if they're working for Catholic relief organizations and other "charitable" groups and trying to pep up the old generous American heartstrings to import even more people into the country -- the side-effect being, of course, that said organizations make lots of money off stupid U.S. taxpayers who stay asleep while shelling out welfare benefits forever.  If, instead, world press cameras lingered primarily upon adult faces and panoramic scenes to tell a story, sans the "if we could save just one" (which can lead to hundreds of thousands or millions more at our own peril) message, journalism might triumph over cheesy tear-jerkers.  There appear to be a fair number of media practitioners intent upon blaming America for every international ill, and our punishment is to clog our borders with a quantity of human detritus sufficient to change, if not obliterate, our culture. At what juncture, we often wonder, does the fourth estate lean uncomfortably toward perfidy?  Keeping a free press free and responsible can drive one mad.