Monday, February 27, 2017

Going Amiss at the Abyss

And the Oscar goes to . . .

. . .the memory of the late Senator Joe McCarthy, whom history acknowledges was right about communists in Hollywood.  Yes, the oldies are mostly dead and gone now, but they had children, and some of their children made friends with a zoo full of the most despicable people in the world.

. . .phony diversity.  After last year's hell-raising about the absence of black actors nominated for awards, the worm turned and suddenly, wow, black talent dripped from the walls.  That's a good thing, of course, in the spirit of the awards, but the atmosphere just seemed so forced, so incredibly contrived, as if there were guns pointed to Academy heads and horse heads planted in Academy member beds.

. . .Price-Waterhouse-Hoo-ha, or whatever organizational name they go by now. Don't you folks acquire major dollars for assuring continuity and smooth sailing on the awards stage?  What the hell, you blew it -- since your reputation is shot to pieces now, next year you may as well insert a card in the stack proclaiming some porn movie winner for best film.  Which, by the way, wouldn't necessarily be untrue in Hollywood.

. . .the film, Hillary's America, simultaneously awarded a "worst film of the year" by the "Razzies."  Unfortunately, there's no way the progressive Hollywood dunderheads would ever thank a film for exposing the snakes on Medusa's head, nor would they acknowledge the stupidity and evil of their dream queen, who quite possibly put lives in danger all over the globe, simply by selfishly demanding a private computer server.

. . .crazy people and mental health professionals, seemingly indistinguishable from one another in these unsettled times.

. . .decades of monster movies, for the most part reflecting that it is we humans who are the monsters, scared senseless by depictions and reflections of our own disguised selves on the movie screen.

. . .staged street mob "protests" -- malevolent hives infected with brain rot, frankly -- around the country, reportedly often paid for by progressive interests.  The inclusion of violence on the streets and the shout-down of conservative or controversial speakers on college campuses counts for high drama, but also points out extreme dangers posed by leftists, anarchists, crazies and outsiders who couldn't find a place to dwell comfortably in rational society if they tried.  Street mob growth, like fungal cultures in a Petri dish, hardly qualifies as legitimate protests. 

. . .cities insulated almost to the point of unlawful impermeability by Democrat administrations whose enforcers somehow deluded themselves and powerless constituents with various proclamations assuring that "sanctuary cities" actually exist under the U.S. Constitution.  Oscars in this situation would best be handed out to mayors and other criminal officials who scream the loudest when faced with overdue arrests and loss of funding. 

. . .cops, who strive to show enormous restraint.  None signed up for the abuse encountered every day and every night.

. . .the military, whose honorable members serve for one purpose only, and whose abilities to get the job done have been squelched for far too long by weak leadership and decisions made by self-absorbed folk worried about their personal "legacies."

. . .NY Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo, currently subjecting state residents to all various sleight-of-hand ideas to help them save money, except the money they save will simply be moved from one taxpayer program to another, giving an illusion of saving.  Watch this fool become even more active "for the people" as presidential campaigns appear on the progressive horizon.  Not to exclude Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, also heir to an interesting political background.

. . .Mexico's president, angered for the cameras by the very thought of Trump returning living and expensive bodies to the country from which they crossed our borders illegally.  Whether of Mexican descent or from Central American and other far-off countries, it is Mexico and only Mexico who allowed and, indeed, assisted a plethora of human detritus and its flyspeck anchor baby intercourse activity into the U.S. 

The Democrat Party, since acquiring an abundance of radical elements the same way that magnets attract errant steel filings, serves as its own best undertaker.  With the votes in for Tom Perez as DNC chairman and the bonus selection of Keith Ellison as vice-chairman, we have a funny little feeling that a descent into irrelevance will continue.  For one thing, Perez is an Obama and Hillary favorite, and the decision to keep familiar home fires burning, fueled by the duo who almost double-handedly destroyed Democrat votes for 1200-plus Dem seats all over the country, seems rather misguided.  Ellison's appearance surely adds to the frivolity, as there's no way the GOP and others will not try to make mincemeat out of his extreme views and alleged Muslim Brotherhood connections via C.A.I.R. and the like.  Yet, Perez claims that he wants to make the Democrat Party appealing to the "working man," whom, as we presume from watching Trump assume the presidency, are the very people who aren't going to fall for any of this spoon-fed progressive claptrap, the only substance the Democrats have to offer.

Return of the Never Really Gone:  Hillary and Obama, back again to comment on everything except their own screw-ups.  The Dems are actually drugged out enough to keep those who destroyed their party out in front?  It figures.  Were I a party boss, I'd be nailing up signs on poles begging for blue dog Democrats, because what remains on the radical side won't be helpful.

We must come together and unite the country -- he said, she said, it said:  With hardened factions sprouting up and robotics poised to take over a litany of jobs Americans WILL do but won't be needed for anymore, this is not going to make us warm and fuzzy -- especially toward the robot makers, whose robots will then go on to make robots, with no need for human robot makers anymore.  And on it will go. . .no wonder some can't wait to escape to Martian landscapes in hope of carving out privacy, even without amenities.