Monday, March 6, 2017

An Obligation to Vomit

So you fix yourself a snack and find a comfortable spot on the sofa, soon engrossed deeply in your favorite TV show or motion picture.  Then it happens.  Just as you swallow a big mouthful of something tasty, a character in the show has cause to vomit all over the place.  Time was, you could only hear the sounds, but now proper etiquette demands a dramatic on-screen spray of colorful chunk-style barf.

The vomit phenomenon entertainment aspect isn't all that new, but the frequency now seems ratcheted up -- or is that retched up? -- as each film director appears dedicated to making the viewer more nauseated than the last (the particularly observant among us may also note an increase in staged instances of noses dripping photogenic with snot, as a character cries or frets).

I bring this up -- oops, sorry -- I mention this because obligatory vomit scenes remind me a lot of the sore-loser Democrats looking to hang anybody of another party they can with a story of Russian/Trump/Sessions/GOP intrigue -- a significant part of which has already been discounted, but major media folk don't seem to care about that.

And the political vomiting doesn't stop.  Indeed, we don't see a Trump-Russkie conspiracy at play here, but we sure feel submerged in a concoction engineered by big media players anxious to keep their Democrat Party brethren in the loop and, where possible, in charge.

How curious, too, that radical leftists clinging abundantly to Democrat coattails are exactly the communists alluded to in the Russia story supposedly involving the Trump White House.  A good, long look in the mirror is called for at the DNC.

Practitioners of journalism who tend to lean toward rational observations might wish to take a good look at Senator Schumer of NY, truly a case of poor loser-itis, albeit with a little political theater thrown in, whose reputation is in danger of sliding off the rails, thanks to his non-stop attempts to apparently bring the fledgling Trump administration to its knees.  We won't even mention Pelosi and the others currently enjoying a similar cruise, though it's high comedy to see the Trump people releasing photos and documentation indicating that these famous Democrats have had their own encounters with Putin and events Russian.  Trump's opponents can't afford to allow this political outsider a free-range graze in Washington, where intentions to make Establishment changes via a cabinet of decisive, educated people touting experience rather than leftist agenda run rampant.

The Democrat vomitorium is open 24 / 7 and will remain open as long as the  Dem faithful remain working in high government positions or even quite possibly conducting treasonous activities.  One wonders, once the foolishness involving Jeff Sessions ends, whether he will pursue a litany of bastards who badly require arrest, trial and conviction, and we would certainly hope that the previous President and his shady associates are first on the list.

Funny, too, how the Democrat press is trying its damndest to make VP Mike Pence's use of a private server as Indiana governor on the same level as what Hillary Clinton did, essentially by putting national security and perhaps American lives at risk.  Pence readily noted that his e-mails were properly archived, whereas Hillary's were often "missing."  Etc., etc.  Nice try, but no similarities here.

And now Trump accuses Obama of tapping Trump Tower?  Wow. If this is more than just Trump carelessly blasting from the mouth, we can see a whole world of trouble coming for the Democrats.

What do the Democrats have left in their near-empty can of beans?  The mantra:  Hillary lost because of Trump's Russian contacts. 

The Democrat Party remains angry beyond the boiling point, unable even to comprehend that it is they, not the Tea Party folk, who are all but dead and buried, as they continue to let tax & spend, nonsense and radicals massage their party.

Just wait, we predict as nothin' but human, until next year's elections.  Democrats may need to make a lot of extra room in the retirement suitcase when they lose more state seats than the 1200 or so already claimed in 2016 -- thanks to the not-going-anywhere Obama and the run-aground Clinton machine.  We Independent voters can no longer put up with the progressive bat poop, and while the GOP owns its own limited stock, the Democrats continue to produce and put more on the shelf.  Whatever transpires as days go forward, make no mistake -- these folks remain frantic about next year's elections, and we suspect that's what 90 percent of the current whoop-de-do  is all about.

The slow trickle of former Muslim women coming forth and denouncing radical Islam, or even Islam itself, is great, though these women usually end up with jeopardized lives and a price on their heads (a fatwah) in the name of the joke god A-ha.  Or is that Aha?  Whatever.  Thanks ladies, keep writing those books so the world will eventually realize that it is Sharia-infected men, not you, who rank less than dog poop on the human evolutionary scale. Let them wear the hijabs of confinement as you slowly free yourselves.  If you ladies are ever given a choice for male brains back in the home country, choose a bearded goat.  Goats are pretty smart.

TSA feeler-uppers won't even treat you to dinner first before darned nearly having sex with you at airports.  Under new rules of "clarification" TSA screeners doing the hands-on pat-down need to be a little more intimate with air travelers, placing their hands closer to all the places where one may not want them to go.  Idea:  Why don't they just have sex with all the customers before flights, just to make certain?  Surely, TSA representatives would find more hidden grenades, knives, killer tarantulas, Russian spies and semiautomatic weapons concealed in body cavities by taking this approach.  No sex, no fly, period.

Rise or fall?  ABC-TV's limited series, When we Rise did provide some interesting and accurate history, though too often it just crept along with confusion and mind-screaming boredom for the viewers  The question for director Gus Van Sant is, where was central casting?  As the major characters grew and aged over the years -- VERY  suddenly become older, by the way -- their "adult" selves looked absolutely nothing like their younger selves.  Surely, older actors bearing SOME resemblance to the younger crowd could have been employed, or age makeup might have been used all along the way on the same actors (hey, it worked for Roots and The Diary of Miss Jane Pittman, didn't it?).  As things stood, aging characters who ended up looking like total strangers to the earlier part of the story offered a befuddled result which could have been avoided, especially with Van Sant's reliable and quirky talents of experience involved.

Why UFO Web Sites?  For newer readers, please know that this blog was originally created to deal with UFOs and documents in my files (see the early years).  We also created a site to honor the 1956 motion picture, "U.F.O."  That's why you'll find a number of UFO-related sites in the link list.  How did I then drift off into a political rant?  Blame it on my age -- or maybe it's because the UFOs are flyin', but fewer people are carin'.  The USA and world are experiencing some powerful changes, and I'm not sure when those whom we need to care, and who have the power and money to do anything, will surface.  If you're weeping because Queen Hil' was -- in the minds of some -- going to tell all about UFOs, but couldn't because she lost the presidency, dry your eyes.  Right now, it's more important to attempt to stabilize the world,
which has almost become a UFO itself, in social terms.  UFOs? Still a mystery elephant on the science sofa.  Let's not forget.