Friday, July 29, 2016

Return of the Brain-Eating DNC Body Snatchers

Yeah, I'm aware that some of you check in here because you're quite taken with the car wreck syndrome -- where you drive by an automobile accident and you don't want to look, but you just have to, because maybe there's a human head or sexual organ or some other ghastly attraction smashed on the roadside.  That's okay, I welcome one and all, whether you find my entries, um, interesting, pathetic, irrelevant, just old and stale like a moldy French pastry, or brilliant in the same way that a bedbug is brilliant.

How does one begin to address the big Hillary hoedown in Philadelphia?  Hmm.  Oh wait, I know:  Hi Bernie Sanders supporters!  Wow, you folks didn't just get "Berned," you got "learned," and your schoolmarm was the Democratic Party. As those talked-to-death Wikileaks DNC e-mails clearly demonstrate, you poor bastards didn't stand a chance anywhere in the known universe.  Were I you, I'd be demanding refunds of every donated penny, followed by a class action lawsuit against the DNC, organized by a bunch of TV lawyers (maybe the ones getting wealthy off asbestos lawsuits).

Don't make us laugh:  When Donald Trump commented that perhaps Russia could locate Hillary Clinton's missing e-mails numbering some 30,000, I instantly recognized his attempt at humor, and particularly the rather obvious fact that he said what he said to urinate-off the more or less working press seated before him -- and his minimal effort worked like a charm.  The media and its fellows-in-arms the Democratic Party, went nuts, tweeting and otherwise blasting words of horror over what they perceived as Trump inviting Russia to hack U.S. information.  He was not.

First of all, considering the massive volume of DNC e-mails leaked via Wikileaks, isn't it already apparent that the Russians, Chinese and/or other international nasty players most certainly possess everything from Queen Hil'?  So let's get back to the content, shall we?

Second, this was the quintessential example of how a sense of humor doesn't exactly entice certain Democrats.  That is, their Demo buds staffing late night talk shows and other venues who delight at ridiculing people on the political right with all manner of jokes simply cannot entertain the laughter when the joke reflects back on them. 

If, as some suggest, Donald Trump has troubling connections to Russia, that will come out quick as a bunny once the attack dogs of media sniff out a potential story -- and, of course, the sniffing about is well under way.  Should Trump emerge unscathed, he'll likely continue media irritation by making its members swallow their own medicine.  But caution:  The leftists won't understand humor aimed their way, they'll merely be upset.

A word about Putin:  Ex-KGB, future KGB, murderer, spy, thug, varmint, dangerously lonely for the old USSR empire and too smart for Obama's or Hillary's own good.  Trump?  The unknown quantity.

Hillary and Bill:  Bill Clinton's speech portrayed Bill as a doddering old geezer who has clearly lost the charm.  His time has come and gone, and together he and Queen Hil' come off as a very questionable advertisement for the senior set.  He also seems to have left out a few details about the life he and the queen share, the part involving a few ladies from the past.  As I watched him speak, I wished I was in the audience, shouting, "Lock her up!  Lock her up!"  Why must we worship liars, frauds and elitists who deserve, not the presidency, but a prison cell?  How do you wake up a nation of pod people and make them heed multiple hazards just ahead?

And where was Billy Idol, perfectly qualified to sing "White Wedding" as Hillary Clinton entered the stage attired in a virgin-white pantsuit?  If this was her attempt to reflect political purity, I'm not sure it worked, though she definitely looked as though she belonged on an ice cream truck, peddling tangible treats to kids instead of selling cold, progressive nonsense to alleged adults. 

Notably absent from her blather session was talk of reforming the Internal Revenue Service and simplifying tax returns, nor, predictably, did she condemn "sanctuary cities," which we prefer to address more rationally as "stink-tuary" cities.  Further, though she attacked Wall Street -- nevertheless, her old buddies who should rightfully be wearing "I'm With Her" buttons -- and even though we occasionally dozed off to a better place while watching Queen Hil', we detected no similar war of words regarding garden-variety D.C. lobbyists.  Of course not.

She also muttered something I cannot quite recall regarding speaking out, and there was an implication somewhere in her words which put me on guard about whether she wanted to ban "hate speech" in some manner.  Oh well, maybe after she's through with the Second Amendment. . .

Hillary, wearing white, reminded me of television's early days, when an evening televised play (I don't remember the title, I was a child, but this was the era of "live" TV) was presented about a face-off between the devil and God, each in human form.  Viewers assumed that the man wearing white was God and he, wearing black, the devil -- but in the climax we discover things were the other way around.  So -- Hillary in white.  No, that's all I had to say.

THANK GOD, four nights of pod-people hell were broken up by the re-entry of what was reported to be burning Chinese space junk, momentarily diverting the press so people could concentrate briefly upon shiny objects in the sky before drifting back to shiny lies and fantasies.

Right before our eyes, Democratic zombie after zombie came forward during slickly-produced sessions, including NY megalomaniac governor and hopeless presidential wannabe Andrew Cuomo, speaking of plans and ideas to improve the U.S. Constitution by progressively  shortening the space it occupies.  Cuomo especially sprinted in recent years to burden New Yorkers with progressive demon legislation so he could savor moments such as this, and even as he invites the audience to look to New York for the results of progressive government, people and businesses continue to abandon the state in impressive numbers.  How do folks not see that every promised gift offered by Democrat hands diminishes a freedom we've cherished and all but taken for granted?  And so many mentions of Trump for four days and nights -- I think they fear his possible ascension to the White House.

Maybe to hell with Hillary and Trump, but in the voting booth remember the importance of Supreme Court nominees.  We may have less influence than ever in a gamed political system, but our ability to influence the courts is something, at least for now.  Later?  Who knows, maybe the day will come when arrests of the Washington corrupt can be made and legal action taken, if a fair majority of attorneys in this country get such an act together.  Looking forward.

Unfortunately, politically speaking, and to paraphrase from Carl Sagan -- currently, we are the stuff of which puppets are made.