Tuesday, August 2, 2016

An Inconvenient Muslim

Okay, let's not tarry, for the message is clear:  The Democratic National Committee, during its convention, whored out the memory of a battlefield-dead military officer of the Muslim faith to enhance its stand against Donald Trump.  Yes, just a week before, the Republicans had brought out a Benghazi victim's mother as a little reminder of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama's pathetic leadership resulting in the loss of lives -- though, again, we emphasize that, as far as we know, Trump isn't responsible for incompetence leading to the deaths of American government personnel anywhere on the planet.

While the son of Mr. and Mrs. Khan obviously acquired hero status on that terrible occasion in 2004 when an IED ended his life, we were stunned to learn via an article by Walid Shoebat (shoebat.com) that the father allegedly has a very interesting history.  He is an immigration lawyer intent upon bringing in Muslims, apparently for pay, has connections to the Muslim Brotherhood -- and is a proponent for Sharia Law.  Questions have also come up about whether Hillary Clinton's assistant Huma was the brains behind bringing the parents in to speak at the convention.  Interestingly, attorney Khan just removed his Web page, though a snapshot of it can be found online.

We've little doubt that the DNC knew very well that a firestorm would erupt from the Trump side following stinging comments and accusations by Mr. Khan, and now veterans and Goldstar Mothers from coast to coast are upset with Trump's barrage of, shall we say, poorly considered responses.

Walid Shoebat's roots spring from his own confessed involvement with radical Islam long ago, but he escaped its wreckage and went on to spend his efforts warning the world about Islam's horrors.  Of interest to me is Shoebat's take on young Muslim men who join the military services of the U.S. and other countries, insisting that many of them join mainly in order to bolster Islam among fellow servicemen -- that is, there exists an aggressive agenda to spread Islam's poison throughout every aspect of society, even to the point of using the U.S. Constitution as a weapon against us.

How horrifying that we have a president and Democratic Party more than willing to accommodate Mohammad's Trojan Horse.  We long for eventual arrests and indictments of those on the "inside" who allow, encourage and actively participate in a mostly quiet, but overwhelming political insurrection in the USA.  We have laws.

Zika? Who cares?  The Obama bunch continues to maintain open borders and a policy of letting any and all disease-carrying folk into the country, gifting us with an ever-fresh bouquet of untreated and untreatable tuberculosis, measles, chicken pox, mumps, polio-like symptoms and exotic diseases generally alien to the U.S.  Not to be harsh, but the next time Mr. Obama passes you pregnant ladies on the street, be sure to tell him "thanks a lot" for helping put you and your passenger in spine-chilling jeopardy due to border "issues."

Incidentally -- we love how people are advised to apply insect repellent liberally to ward off mosquito invasions.  Does anybody care that pretty much anything one applies topically gets absorbed through the skin to some degree, leaving it up to internal organs to deal with poisonous consequences way down the road?  This is not rocket science.  How do you think nicotine (and a host of other) skin-applied patches function?  One's designation of "small" or "irrelevant" amounts of a substance probably depend upon the targeted individual's tolerance and genetics.

By the way, my personal repellent preference is flypaper designed to attract and trap stupid politically progressive ideas.

Megalomaniac NY governor Andrew Cuomo can't just stand by and watch the Pokemon Go craze continue without warning that children everywhere are in danger from sex predators, and he pushed legislation to make sure potential offenders can't play the game.  This jerk, who originally campaigned for his job by promising unsuccessfully to ban mandates driving people and business out of the state -- and now has enemies from all sides of politics -- just can't, like most progressives, keep his hands off any "problem," either potential or imagined.  I'm no medical professional, but I'm beginning to think the country needs a stable of psychiatrists to thoroughly examine the politically powerful who hover threateningly in high places.

The Olympic games:  Funny that games organized to reflect mutual respect and friendly competition are, in 2016, in sharp contrast to a world full of hatred, war, uncertainty and increasing panic. Oh -- and what was that news story last week about a corpse discovered floating in a stretch of water where competitors will be required to immerse themselves?  At minimum, we assume the cleanup crew made this little glitch disappear for the moment.

Sharyl Attkisson's syndicated "Full Measure" TV program continues to alert us about government horrors in small doses during each weekly half-hour show.  Put down the can of beer, turn away from Obama's blather and check it out.