Monday, July 11, 2016

Barack Obama's America -- Uncensored

It's mourning in America, and President Obama offers sympathies from Poland -- appropriate, since he often seems to luck out by being anywhere but the  United States when things go to hell.

What did we expect?  You can't be president for almost eight years and spend your TV camera time using camouflaged language to blame white people for every ill suffered by black people since the dawn of time.  You can't assume Office and begin your tenure by knowing nothing about police incidents, yet pronouncing that police "acted stupidly" when a situation involves a white cop and a black citizen.

Any polling organization worth its space should, right now, poll every cop in the United States -- currently running for his or her life -- and ask whether they believe Obama's policies and comments have a bearing on the current violence against law enforcement personnel. 

Masses of black people filling the streets should be crystallizing into the realization that Democrats who have ruled their big city lives with an iron hand for decades are, to put it simply, criminals or no better than.  Yes, Dems, the original Ku Klux Klan supporters and members, the civil rights obstructionists whose efforts were finally squashed in the sixties when it was the Republicans who championed appropriate legislation.  Democrats, who magically absconded with the issue of civil rights and through intensive P.R. magically convinced city folk that their party was the actual trophy holder for black civil rights efforts.  Can there be any doubt in 2016 that LBJ's "Great Society" was a boondoggle costing trillions of dollars, its "benefits" currently obvious as great American cities face collapse after years of corruption and primarily hollow Democratic Party promises that did and do little but assure votes?

Those who prefer to be called African-Americans (if I live long enough, I suppose I can push equal demands to be referenced as a Caucasian-American with my own Congressional White Caucus in D.C.) should be particularly outraged that they have a president who currently allows in as many illegal aliens and refugees as he sees fit, many filled with hatred for all things American, but many destined to take away jobs that would otherwise go to homegrown American minorities.  By all means, vote for more Democrat rule as our Republic starts to grow bananas using the Bill of Rights as fertilizer.

And let's not forget Hillary Clinton, despite her wish for the grieving to feel the love right now, who would logically be doing cartwheels as national attention is momentarily focused upon something other than her incompetence and aura of criminality.  No intent?  Is she not an attorney who knows about laws?  Is she not the smartest woman in the world?  Is she not entitled to be president because, darn it, we had a black (sort of) president and now we MUST follow the liberal list of succession and elect a woman president, or the rhythm of the universe will go haywire?

If Hillary had any honor, she would remove herself from the presidential campaign.  But she does not and she will not.

Anybody who didn't get national security chills after FBI director James Comey's statement regarding Clinton's negligence is either dead or solidly Democrat, incapable of understanding or unwilling to understand the gravity of the evidence against her.  Comey's later questioning by Congress further amazed us, almost sounding like remnants of a "Who's on First" Abbott & Costello comedy routine.

So how many U.S. undercover operatives may have been compromised or murdered due to her acts of personal e-mail server convenience?   Independent voters may very well be the key to Clinton's well-deserved defeat in November, but when one looks at city streets overflowing with perhaps well-intentioned but, frankly, ignorant voters who will continue to drink the Democrat anti-freeze, it's hard to be optimistic.  What the street folk clearly believe now is that if Queen Hill' can get away with lies and crimes, why shouldn't they?

Yes, this is Hillary Clinton, largely responsible with Obama for the "Arab Spring" and all the refugee hell it continues to export to the United States.

And now cops across the country, their departments already scrutinized and regulated to pieces by Obama's Dept. of Justice for Certain People, are on the run, functioning on hair-trigger alert nerves ready to short out while they have to worry big time about being blasted out of existence by scummy little people who amount to absolutely nothing more than the length of their gun barrels.

NOW Barack Obama begins to make weak statements supporting, yet somehow condemning the police?  Between his too-late efforts and the incredibly stupid words of Minnesota governor Marc Dayton -- Democrat -- who openly questioned whether a black man shot dead by a cop in his state would have been shot were he white, it's little wonder that chaos continues:  The chaos that might have been tempered considerably, had Barack Obama done something, anything to promote harmony among the races almost eight years ago -- which, by the way, seemed to be doing reasonable well until Obama disgraced the White House with his pretty much deplorable presence.

We can't leave this topic without mentioning the Black Entertainment Television (BET) awards show a few days ago.  As now reports, the moron actor who spoke out so racist-eloquently and condemned white people and white cops during his acceptance speech proved very influential for the Dallas shooter, who had specifically endorsed the speech's meaning to him with family members.

Meanwhile, situations are heating up globally, as Iran threatens nuclear/EMP destruction in the U.S., the war of words with China regarding its man-made islands is growing -- and Russia, not content with "buzzing" U.S. Navy personnel by air, now allows one of its guards in front of a U.S. embassy to tackle and wrestle to the ground a U.S. diplomat (the sort of thing we'd actually rather see occur in front of the United Nations, inclusive of all diplomats.  Incidentally, have we shut down the Dept. of State yet?  No?  Oh, just curious.  And hopeful.).

Metallic hero:  We applaud every police officer who serves us honorably, and this week we especially wish to take that "extra step" by thanking the police chief of Dallas for unleashing an explosive(s) robot which faithfully blew up one of the most evil, demented mass murderers of the year.  Thanks chief, and thank you robot.  Obviously, sometime in the future -- if we have a future -- robots will simply kill all of us (we get in their way, you know?), but for now I'm techno-thrilled about this particular assemblage of blood and guts being instantly scattered to the wind in order to save lives.  We suspect the robot didn't fare well in the end, but perhaps city officials could say a few words of robo-kindness before dispatching fragments to the scrap yard.

Oh, lookee here:  Spain, when will you learn?  Aren't Papa Hemingway and the sick adventure of terminating cattle in the ring long dead?  After years of bullfighting -- that is, bull torture -- without a matador fatality, a famed 29-year-old bullfighter was gored to death this weekend.  Experiencing one's chest being ripped open is hardly a pleasant way for a guy to make his final exit, but repeatedly stabbing, angering and ultimately killing a bull for public entertainment and riches galore isn't exactly an act of love toward animals, either.  We like to think barbarism disappeared as centuries swept by, but recent ongoing events of terror directed toward both humans and animals remind us otherwise.  There exist places in Spain where this form of animal torment is outlawed, but it's time for this practice to see an end everywhere. 

A final word:  That "red star" everybody agonized over, the one showing up in the Donald Trump campaign?  Some called it anti-Semitism!  Are you kidding?  A star is a star -- and concurrently there's a Macy's TV commercial with a red star running nationally -- so is Macy's being anti-Semitic by incorporating a red star in their advertising?  Nonsense.  This bull crap is whipped up by the Democrats -- apparently desperate for something to throw out and see if it will stick before the elections.