Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Bombshells for Lunch in L.A.

Breaking News:  Yes, Virginia, there is a. . . a politically elite.  FBI director James Comey flawlessly laid out the case against Hillary Clinton and her e-mail controversy, and though he threw in everything but the indictment rational minds anticipated, he did give conservatives a great deal to do battle with.  Calling her "extremely careless," Comey actually painted Hillary as untrustworthy and certainly incompetent as a presidential candidate.  Let's be clear -- if a U.S. Army one-striper sitting at a computer accidentally e-mailed even a tiny bit of classified information and it was discovered, he, she or he/she (Oh yeah? Get over it, moron. . .) would be busted and sent up the river for years.  The elite are the elite are the elite, and Queen Hill' is a member of the club, incapable of truly being held responsible for anything.  Were I Trump's people, I couldn't move quickly enough to extract enough talking points from Comey's announcement to fill up campaign videos for months to come.  Queen Hill' was not indicted, but she wasn't cleared of anything, either.  Guilty is as guilty does, despite one's "intention."

Radio personality and author Glenn Beck can be a little hard to take when he goes "all religion" on us, and we're sure he's lost listeners as well as sponsors at different times due to his outspokenness (he dares to take full advantage of that nasty First Amendment chink fouling up the armor of our pesky American Constitution. . .).  But love him or hate him, the guy knows what's up -- and he apparently hasn't gone unnoticed among some whom you wouldn't think could give a rat's butt regarding anything Beck says or writes.  Indeed, the agenda-prone on the progressive side of the cereal bowl routinely make a life's work out of misquoting and lying about his comments online, sometimes causing him to spend precious minutes explaining why malicious or simply stupid commentary about him doesn't stand up.

Beck was broadcasting from Los Angeles a few days ago, and I happened to catch a portion of one radio show where he briefly mentioned having lunch in L.A. with -- what??? -- Hollywood mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg?  Yes, and I couldn't believe it, either, because each is as politically opposite as one can get.  Katzenberg is probably the biggest money raiser for Hillary Clinton this time around, too.

Nevertheless, Glenn Beck and Katzenberg met amiably, and I nearly swallowed my tongue when, according to Beck, Katzenberg commented that the country is in serious trouble -- and told Beck that he (Beck) had been right about so many predictions he had set forth about events unfolding in recent years.

Though we know there are voices in Hollywood -- mostly silent -- who subscribe to a conservative political cause, every once in a while the liberally progressive side takes a similar stand, cognizant of terrible issues festering and at risk of taking the good things about government down with the bad.  I've no illusions:  Perhaps the best we can hope for is that we, on whatever side politically, can all worry together.

Benghazi deaths live on:  Despite what some would have us believe, the final 800 page report about Benghazi does not launder and dry President Obama or Hillary Clinton into something smelling sweet.  Aside from the obvious -- that Hillary and Obama pretty much finished off the Middle East all by themselves with their stupid actions -- the fact that military personnel were forced to change uniforms four times because Admin reps were following some kind of protocol and didn't want to offend Libya's government as Americans were being slaughtered says everything we need to know.  Then there was the little matter of, just perhaps, not wanting to smear for Obama  upcoming elections at a time when he happily mentioned that terrorists were on the run (they were not, but they were getting bigger in numbers). The next president needs to dismantle the State Dept. without delay.

And so patriotic of Hillary to arrange her FBI interview to coincide with the Independence Day weekend. . .as much of the country's attention focused upon planning for holiday festivities.  Sadly, even pundits who weren't quite wrapped up in getting away for the 4th speculated that Queen Hill' is likely to walk away from her own mess scot-free, just in time to go campaigning with Obama's help.  The "chance" meeting of Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch at an airport, during which the camera and cell phone-carrying press was prohibited, remains an outrage.  Will FBI director Comey be the odd man out for the truth in this pile of poop, or will he become merely the king of nothing at the agency? (The answer lurks at the top of today's entry with breaking news.)

Further evidence of the wussy-fication of America:  We didn't want to believe our eyes when commercial network TV recently aired the somewhat dated Bruce Willis drama, "Mercury Rising," and -- like generally routine instances where naughty words are extracted and flashes of nudity blurred over -- we observed that scenes showing bloody residue due to violent acts are also blurred over, showing a momentary glaze instead of red blood.  What else could we expect, now that "they" are even taking World War II vintage movies and extracting the word, "Japs?" 

A politically correct society will be its own assassin.  Thanks Democrats, this sort of thing is on your hands, and we'll be looking for more turns of the sensitivity vice if you acquire political gold this year by hook or by crook (her).

A rather explicit example of why my current blog subtitle states I'm living it up in a fortress of quicksand:  The online journal, Live Science recently reported how some scientists postulate that clumps from underneath North America's tectonic plate are peeling away and sinking, replacing the empty space with an unstable ooze. The theory attempts to explain, in part, why the Southeastern United States has experienced a cluster of earthquakes recently.  More online.

Meanwhile, science's less honorable side was reflected by Fox News way back on June 1, when Fox spotlighted internal e-mails alleging that certain George Mason University climate professors plotted a petition encouraging the U.S. government to arrest and prosecute climate change skeptics using the RICO Act.  Advised of potential personal consequences, the profs (and there was big government money involved here as well) backed off -- but, as we mentioned here several blog entries ago, a number of rat-bastard state attorneys-general (mainly Democrats, surprise. . .) signed on to the prosecution idea -- and we can only hope, if they pursue this nonsense, that they are instead the ones held responsible under the RICO Act, intended originally to counter gang and conspiracy activity.  Big government is hazardous to our health, and it's high time that its practitioners experienced the heat.